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Alphinaud Leveilleur

Alphinaud Endwalker Render.jpg

Commander of the Crystal Braves
Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Alisaie (Twin Sister)
Louisoix (Paternal Grandfather)
Fourchenault (Father)
Ameliance (Mother)
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Shinnosuke Tachibana
Voiced by (EN)
Colin Ryan
Sam Riegel (ARR)
Voiced by (FR)
Sébastien Desjours
Voiced by (DE)
Markus Haase

"Whenever the realm is threatened, be it by primal, Ascian, Garlean or any other, we take up arms in her defense, that all in Eorzea may live to see a brighter tomorrow."

— In-game description

Alphinaud Leveilleur is an Elezen.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
By the Lights of Ishgard Main Scenario quest 40 Alphinaud
Blood for Blood Main Scenario quest 40 Alphinaud
In Pursuit of the Past Main Scenario quest 41 Alphinaud
Reclamation Main Scenario quest 44 Alphinaud
All Due Respect Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Desperate Times Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Stories We Tell Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Recruiting the Realm Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Coming to Terms Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
The Intercession of Saints Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Strength in Unity Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
For the Greater Good Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Tendrils of Intrigue Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Eyes Unclouded Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Let Us Cling Together Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Aether on Demand Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Defenders for Ishgard Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
The Wyrm's Roar Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Committed to the Cause Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Coming to Ishgard Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Taking in the Sights Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Flame General Affairs Main Scenario quest 51 Alphinaud
To Siege or Not to Siege Main Scenario quest 51 Alphinaud
Alphinaud's Way Main Scenario quest 51 Alphinaud
In Search of Iceheart Main Scenario quest 51 Alphinaud
Sounding Out the Amphitheatre Main Scenario quest 51 Alphinaud
Camp of the Convictors Main Scenario quest 51 Alphinaud
The Nonmind Main Scenario quest 52 Alphinaud
Breaking into Hives Main Scenario quest 53 Alphinaud
Mourn in Passing Main Scenario quest 53 Alphinaud
Beyond the Clouds Main Scenario quest 53 Alphinaud
Mountaintop Diplomacy Main Scenario quest 54 Alphinaud
The Wyrm's Lair Main Scenario quest 54 Alphinaud
Awakening in Ul'dah Main Scenario quest 54 Alphinaud
A Brave Resolution Main Scenario quest 54 Alphinaud
Ready to Fly Main Scenario quest 55 Alphinaud
Ill-weather Friends Main Scenario quest 56 Alphinaud
The Spice of Life Main Scenario quest 56 Alphinaud
Fire and Blood Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
The Sins of Antiquity Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
Into the Blue Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
Familiar Faces Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
Black and the White Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
Bolt, Chain, and Island Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
A Difference of Opinion Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
An Engineering Enterprise Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
Lost in the Lifestream Main Scenario quest 57 Alphinaud
Hour of Departure Main Scenario quest 59 Alphinaud
The First Flight of the Excelsior Main Scenario quest 59 Alphinaud
An Uncertain Future Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Breaking the Cycle Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Another Time, Another Place Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
A Little Slow, a Little Late Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Dreams of the Lost Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
The Word of the Mother Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
This War of Ours Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Causes and Costs Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
An Ally for Ishgard Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Winning Over the Wyrm Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Heroes of the Hour Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Shadows of the First Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Two Sides of a Coin Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Beneath a Star-filled Sky Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
When We Were Free Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
One Life for One World Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
An Ending to Mark a New Beginning Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Louisoix's Finest Student Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
The Greater Obeisance Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
The Far Edge of Fate Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Beyond the Great Wall Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
A Haven for the Bold Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Crossing the Velodyna Main Scenario quest 61 Alphinaud
Tales from the Far East Main Scenario quest 61 Alphinaud
The Man from Ul'dah Main Scenario quest 61 Alphinaud
A Good Samurai Is Hard to Find Main Scenario quest 61 Alphinaud
The Room Where It Happened Main Scenario quest 67 Alphinaud
Seeds of Despair Main Scenario quest 67 Alphinaud
The World Turned Upside Down Main Scenario quest 67 Alphinaud
A Swift and Secret Departure Main Scenario quest 67 Alphinaud
While You Were Away Main Scenario quest 67 Alphinaud
The Lure of the Dream Main Scenario quest 67 Alphinaud
The First of Many Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
The Road Home Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
For the Living and the Dead Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
With Tired Hands We Toil Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
The Price of Freedom Main Scenario quest 69 Alphinaud
The Key to Victory Main Scenario quest 69 Alphinaud
The Legacy of Our Fathers Main Scenario quest 69 Alphinaud
The Darkness Below Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
The Mad King's Trove Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
A Sultana's Strings Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
A Blissful Arrival Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
The Sword in the Store Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
Gosetsu and Tsuyu Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
Open Arms, Closed Gate Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
A Fickle Existence Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
City of Final Pleasures Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
Free to Sightsee Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
A Blessed Instrument Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
Emergent Splendor Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
The Ladder Main Scenario quest 78 Alphinaud
That None Shall Ever Again Main Scenario quest 78 Alphinaud
A Greater Purpose Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
A Welcome Guest Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
A Notable Absence Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
For the People Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Seeking Counsel Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Journey Continues Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Admiral's Resolve Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Search for Sicard Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
On Rough Seas Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Futures Rewritten Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Here Be Dragons Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
When the Dust Settles Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
On Official Business Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Next Ship to Sail Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Deeper into the Maze Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
The Color of Joy Main Scenario quest 81 Alphinaud
A Way Forward Main Scenario quest 82 Alphinaud
That We Might Live Main Scenario quest 85 Alphinaud
No Job Too Small Main Scenario quest 88 Alphinaud
A §trαnge New World Main Scenario quest 89 Alphinaud
Roads Pαved││Sacri┣ice Main Scenario quest 89 Alphinaud
Forge Ahead Main Scenario quest 90 Alphinaud
Endwalker Main Scenario quest 90 Alphinaud
Kindled Spirit Main Scenario quest 90 Alphinaud
King of the Mountain Main Scenario quest 90 Alphinaud

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Influencing Inquisitors Main Scenario quest 40 Cid
The Steps of Faith Main Scenario quest 50 Marcelain
Heavensward Main Scenario quest 60 Guidance Node
The Man Within Main Scenario quest 60 House Fortemps Knight
Litany of Peace Main Scenario quest 60 Aymeric
A Land on Fire Sidequest 50 Neophyte Adventurer

Additional Information

Son of House Leveilleur, it was at the tender age of eleven that Alphinaud and his twin sister, Alisaie, were accepted into the prestigious Studium. There, he specialized in the study of arcane entities, history and natural history, and pursued advanced studies in the magical arts and aetherology. Upon graduating at sixteen, the Sharlayan age of adulthood, he resolved to sail for Eorzea in spite of his father's objections. Alphinaud has since worked to see his grandfather's wishes made reality. It is why he joined the Scions, and later why he founded the Crystal Braves. His path would set him upon a journey deep into the heart of the Dragonsong War, where his experiences and encounters would see him grow and mature as a person.
To say Alphinaud is a man of many talents is an understatement. In addition to his scholastic feats, he is also a talented artist, his specialty being portraits. One will not, however, see him taking up his brush and pallet for Krile Baldesion—a young woman for which he bears some annoyance due to her peculiar tendency to know too much.

Adelphoi: Alphinaud's grimoire is one of a set Louisoix crafted for his grandchildren. Alone, it enables an arcanist to channel his magicks with ease, allowing for complex incantations. When wielded in tandem with Alisaie's grimoire, however, new arcane geometries appear, and its true power is made manifest.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 1, page 192


Alphinaud came to Eorzea with his sister in order to see the land their grandfather had given his life to save. A young, arrogant and headstrong boy, he sought to make use of the most influential people in Eorzea to see his plans come to fruition. Initially the pair journeyed together, however after a disagreement with which path they should take in regards to handling the Garlean Empire, the two parted ways, both resolving to do things their own way. Alphinaud ended up meeting with Minfilia, the leader of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, and joined their cause. It was there that he met the Warrior of Light.

Alphinaud joined the Warrior of Light on several missions for the Scions until The Waking Sands were raided and several members were either killed or kidnapped. Around the same time the Ixal had begun raiding crystal shipments and managed to summon Garuda, their Primal god. With the Scions captured and a Primal threatening the land, they had little choice but to begin searching for a method to handle both problems. Believing in the Scions to hold out, they targeted the Primal first. He and the Warrior of Light sought out Cid nan Garlond with the intent of using his Airship to mount a rescue. Instead, they found that not only did Cid not have his airship, but he was suffering from amnesia following the events of the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Alphinaud worked with him to restore his memories.

Once Cid was part of the team, they sought to find his airship. Eventually they discovered it had come to rest in the Dravanian infested fallen stronghold of The Stone Vigil. After clearing the fortress out and reclaiming The Enterprise, the group made for where Garuda was summoned. Though they were successful in handling the Primal, the Empire showed up soon after, and demonstrated their new weapon, The Ultima Weapon, and how it was able to absorb the aether of any Primal and use its powers for its own.

Alphinaud relayed this new development to the leaders of the city-states, imploring them out of inaction to fight against the Empire. They agreed, and began planning Operation Archon, the first step of which involved breaching the Castrum where the Scions were being held and freeing them. Upon saving the Scions, Gaius van Baelsar declared his intent to again march on Eorzea and take the land from them.

Following much careful planning, Operation Archon was a success, with Castrum Meridianum and The Ultima Weapon being destroyed and the high-ranking members of the Legatus being defeated, Eorzea struck a blow to the Empire. Following this, the Scions began to see quite an increase in popularity and people seeking to use them for their resources. Alphinaud suggested that the headquarters be moved to an area outside of a city's jurisdiction and take a more neutral stance in Mor Dhona.

Around this time, the Warrior of Light had joined Alisaie in investigating The Coils of Bahamut and had begun unraveling the truth of what transpired at the end of the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Alphinaud joined the pair at the deepest depths of the Coil, where they found the spirit of Louisoix Leveilleur, and he demonstrated the power he had obtained, transforming himself into the Phoenix and attacking the Warrior of Light. Upon defeating him, he was freed of the tempering of Bahamut and shared with them how he saved the realm by using the power of the prayers of the people of Eorzea. He blessed his grandchildren with the last vestiges of his power, giving them the ability to call upon Phoenix. Alphinaud worked with his sister to send the Warrior of Light into the heart of the great wyrm so it may finally be defeated. With Bahamut finally defeated, Alphinaud had laid his grandfather to rest.

When Yugiri showed up in the harbor of Vesper Bay with the Doman Refugees, Alphinaud arranged a meeting with the Sultana and The Syndicate. Unfortunately, the Syndicate ruled against bringing the Doman Refugees into the city. Alphinaud suggested that they relocate to Revenant's Toll, where they were offered food and shelter in exchange for frontier work. Yugiri thanked the Scions for their help, and swore herself to them and their cause.

Following the riots instigated by Teledji Adeledji in Ul'dah, Alphinaud recognized the problems facing organizations such as the Immortal Flames, and sought to found his own organization that answered only to the Scions. He sought out various conscripts and sellswords, either at the recommendation of others or who showed high promise. With this group of individuals, he formed the Crystal Braves, with Ilberd Feare as their captain. With his future assured with the Warrior of Light on his side and his small army under his control, Alphinaud believed he was prepared to make real change in Eorzea.

Hood up during Main Scenario QuestThe Parting Glass

This belief would come crashing down around him as he and his fellow Scions would be framed for regicide for the death of Nanamo Ul Namo. As it would turn out, almost the entirety of the Crystal Braves had been secretly bought out by Teledji Adeledji and The Monetarists with the promise of unlimited coin to fund the reclamation of Ala Mhigo, where most of the sellswords and refugees were from. The Braves attempted to capture the Scions, with only the Warrior of Light, Alphinaud and Tataru Taru escaping completely unscathed.

Alphinaud was shaken by the immense betrayal, but also by his own foolishness and arrogance, believing he would be able to manipulate others and make change by himself. He swore to learn and grow and work hard to right his wrongs and help Eorzea as best he could.

Alphinaud and the party were taken to the Coerthas Western Highlands, where they met with Haurchefant at Camp Dragonhead. Sympathetic to their plight and grateful for their help at the Steps of Faith, he offered them sanctuary within House Fortemps, thereby allowing them passage into Ishgard where they could be free to search for their missing friends and figure out a way to clear their names.

Shortly after arriving in the city proper, Alphinaud and Tataru were arrested at the Forgotten Knight after they were overheard asking "suspicious" questions and were believed to be consorting with heretics. At the suggestion of Haurchefant, they sought a trial by combat, in which Alphinaud fought against the Temple Knights at the side of the Warrior of Light. Following their victory, they were cleared of all charges, and the Warrior of Light was invited to appear before Archbishop Thordan VII

After the Warrior of Light revealed that Thordan had been consorting with the Ascians, he pondered whether they could actually count him as an ally, or if he had already been twisted by the Ascian's machinations. He also learned that Raubahn had been taken to Halatali and was going to be executed without trial by the Crystal Braves, as Ilberd viewed his old friend as a traitor to Ala Mhigo. Alphinaud and the Warrior of Light charged Halatali and fought off the Braves, freeing Raubahn in the process. When it was revealed that the Sultana yet lived and their names were cleared, Alphinaud decided to disband the Crystal Braves.

Upon learning that Nidhogg and his Horde were planning to make a move against Ishgard, Alphinaud persuaded Aymeric de Borel not to immediately launch an attack, in the hopes that he and the Warrior of Light might parley with the Dragons and end the war peacefully. Joined by Estinien Wyrmblood, the trio set off and sought out Lady Iceheart, who had spoken to the Dragons before. After fighting their way up Sohm Al and defeating Tioman, Nidhogg's faithful, they reached the summit of the mountain, where they met with Hraesvelgr and learned the truth of the Dragonsong War. With this information, Alphinaud surmised that there would be no other way to end the war outside of laying Nidhogg low.

After returning to Ishgard and relaying their new info to Aymeric, he headed to The Vault to confront Thordan. After learning that he had been arrested for being a "heretic", Alphinaud helped storm the citadel to rescue him, while the Warrior of Light made for the top to stop Thordan from escaping. Unfortunately, Thordan did escape, making for The Sea of Clouds to search for the key to Azys Lla.

After rescuing Y'shtola from the Lifestream, Alphinaud' accompanied her and the others to meet Matoya to learn what they could from her and how to access Azys Lla. They learn of the location of the key and head off to reclaim it from Bismarck, the Primal of the Vanu Vanu. Though they were successful in defeating the Primal and reclaiming the key, Thordan appeared and stole the key from them, leaving the group at square one. Alphinaud suggested speaking with Matoya again, who suggested the use of an Aetheric ram to forcibly break the barrier around the floating island.

After arriving in Azys Lla, Alphinaud worked with the others to discover the secrets of the Allagan research center until they were attacked by the VIIth Imperial Legion. While the Warrior of Light made for The Aetherochemical Research Facility, Alphinaud stayed behind with the others to hold of the Imperial forces.

Following the defeat of King Thordan and the Ascians, Alphinaud turned his attention to finding the rest of his comrades, the Scions and freeing Estinien from the grasp of Nidhogg's Shade. He swore that he would save Estinien, even at the cost of his own life, should it come to that. After the failure of the peace talks thanks to Nidhogg attacking the Dragon there and declaring war on the Ishgardians, Alphinaud joined Aymeric and the Warrior of Light in requesting aid from Hraesvelgr. Initially unwilling to help, Alphinaud convinced him, agreeing that if they passed his trial he would help them. All three were proven to be strong enough to engage with Nidhogg in combat.

Following the defeat of Nidhogg, Estinien managed to regain control of his body long enough to ask the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud to mercy kill him. Instead, the two ran to him, prising the Eyes from his armor and casting them into the swirling abyss under The Steps of Faith. With the end of the Dragonsong War truly brought about, Alphinaud joined the rest of the Scions in working to stop the Ascians once again.

Alphinaud was later reunited with his sister, who had suffered grievous injuries at the hands of the Warriors of Darkness. He learned from her that the Warriors were antagonizing Beast Tribes into summoning their Primals, then slaying them. They were last seen heading to Xelphatol to slay Garuda, but luckily were stopped by him and the Warrior of Light. There they revealed that they were from another world and intended to save their own, they escaped.

Alphinaud and the Scions would pursue the Warriors of Darkness, eventually meeting with them in the Bowl of Embers, where the Warriors of Darkness planned to slay the Warrior of Light in order to throw the Source out of balance, thereby saving their own world. Alphinaud fought alongside the Warrior and the other Scions, but couldn't put the Warriors of Darkness down permanently. When things looked bleak and the Scions were trapped, Urianger revealed that he had orchestrated events and was working as a double agent, feigning his betrayal so he could bring the Warriors and the Scions together. When the Warriors used their crystals, he urged the Warrior of Light to use theirs as well. There was a bright light, and everyone present was brought before The Mothercrystal, where Minfilia appeared as The Voice of the Mother. Alphinaud and the others got to say their final goodbyes as she left for The First, taking the Warriors of Darkness with her.

Some time later, when an injured M'naago appeared at the Rising Stones to warn that The Griffin was planning to make moves against the Garlean Empire at Baelsar's Wall, Alphinaud reached out to the other members of the Eorzean Alliance to warn them and set up reinforcements at the Wall to prevent the fighting from spilling out into the Black Shroud. Once the battle had begun, it became apparent that members of the Ala Mhigan Resistance had taken uniforms of the Grand Companies and were planning a false flag operation to pull the Eorzean Alliance into the battle for liberation, which was only enforced by the presence of the real Grand Company soldiers standing by.

At the top of the wall, the group confronted Ilberd, the true Griffin, and defeated him. He sacrificed himself to summon the Primal Shinryu, and Papalymo sacrificed himself to temporarily stop it. Alphinaud and the others could only look on in horror and watch the events unfold.

Following the events at the top of the Wall, Alphinaud sought another meeting with the Eorzean Alliance while they tried to figure out a solution to handle the Primal hovering in the sky over the Black Shroud. The meeting was interrupted by Nero tol Scaeva, who suggested the use of the Allagan anti-Primal weapon, Omega. Alphinaud joined the party at Carteneau Flats where the weapon was buried, and held off the Imperial troops long enough to allow Nero to launch Omega. In the following battle between the weapon and the Primal, Alphinaud and the others could only watch as the combatants tore across the sky in battle, with both eventually disappearing.

Alphinaud joined the Scions and Raubahn and met with the Ala Mhigan Resistance to help them in any way they could. After a few successful missions routing the Garleans and recruiting more members to their cause, Alphinaud and the others were ambushed at Rhalgr's Reach by Zenos yae Galvus, the XIIth Imperial Legion, and The Skulls. Though they fought valiantly, most of the Resistance was wiped out. Even the Warrior of Light couldn't stand against Zenos' raw power.

After seeing the damage that Zenos and his Legion were capable of dealing, Alphinaud suggested that they divide his focus across two battlefields. He devised a plan to liberate both Doma and Ala Mhigo at the same time, forcing the military to have to try to fight multiple large scale armies, hopefully leading to victories on both fronts. With that, he, the Warrior of Light, the Scions and Lyse Hext cross the sea to Kugane, with the goal of reaching Doma. After gathering information on the location of Gosetsu and Yugiri, and securing a means to cross the Ruby Sea, Alphinaud and Tataru volunteered to stay behind in Kugane to gather information and devise a plan to retake Doma Castle.

When the Warrior of Light and Lyse had rallied enough people to fight against the Empire, he took part in the battle to liberate the Castle and helped drive the Empire out. Following these events and the capture of Krile, Alphinaud helped create a plan of action to rescue her. Once she was safely brought back to the Resistance headquarters, she explained that they were experimenting on her to learn about her Echo and how they might reproduce its power.

Alphinaud served as the Liberation Front's tactician, helping guide them to victory time and again against the Empire and retaking their bases. However, at the battle for Castrum Abania, Fordola ordered their canons fire on the Castrum, killing many of the combatants, both Resistance and Imperial alike. In the confrontation with Fordola, she revealed that she had become a Resonant, a person with the power of a manufactured Echo. She wounded Alisaie and fled, issuing a challenge from Zenos himself to battle him for the future of Ala Mhigo.

Alphinaud redoubled his efforts after this, aiding in the development of the plan to take back Ala Mhigo, and helped convert the Lupin from fighting for the Garlean Empire to fighting for the Resistance. He took part in the battle for Ala Mhigo, and was present when Zenos was defeated.

Following the freeing of Ala Mhigo, he was present at the celebration where Lyse left the Scions in order to continue leading the Ala Mhigan people. When the Resistance became the official military, they required funds. Alphinaud assisted the Warrior of Light in exploring the Drowned City of Skalla and recovering the lost treasures therein.

When rumor began circulating that Zenos' was still alive and had been seen around the capital of Garlemald. Alphinaud suspected the involvement of Ascians, and went with the Scions to exhume the prince's body, but found the grave already empty. Working with the Populares, a group within the Empire that sympathized with those outside it and sought to find an alternative to war, he set out to discover what he could. However, along the way, his ship was shot out of the sky by the Imperial Army.

Surviving the crash, he battled against the Empire until a man who went by The Shadowhunter appeared with his band of fighters and saved him. After a brief conversation in which the man indicated he had dealt with the Scions before, and that he was not an enemy, Alphinaud joined them. The Shadowhunter told him of his mission of destroying the Ascians, but did not share how he knew of them, only that he had killed several.

On the way to Garlemald, the group found an outpost full of dead soldiers with no clear cause of death. The Shadowhunter revealed the weapon the Empire used: Black Rose, an aetherochemical weapon that completely stopped the movement of aether in the body, killing its victim. Upon arriving in Garlemald, Alphinaud helped destroy the supply of Black Rose being held at a facility. It was also in this facility that they found several clones of the previous Emperor, Solus zos Galvus. Some time later, Alphinaud collapsed, comatose, falling victim to the summoning spell of the Crystal Exarch. The Shadowhunter, later revealed to be Gaius van Baelsar, returned his body to Alisaie and the Warrior of Light.

Though his body remained on the Source, Alphinaud's spirit had been taken to Norvrandt, the last remaining landmass on the First. Because time works differently there, Alphinaud lived on the First for over a year before the Warrior of Light arrived. He learned of the plight of the people left and the Sin Eaters. He made his way to Eulmore, where he learned of Vauthry and the way the people there lived. When the Warrior of Light arrived, the two redoubled their efforts to learn what they could of Vauthry and the location of the Lightwarden. He gained entrance to the city working for the Chai's as an artist, so he could learn what he could about Kholusia's Lightwarden, but to little avail.

They learned that Vauthry did not fear the Sin Eaters but instead embraced them, and was actually able to control them. When Alphinaud challenged Vauthry's actions in regards to Kai-Shirr, and further insulted him by calling him "a horror", he left the city to regroup with the other Scions and seek the guidance of the Crystal Exarch.

Alphinaud worked with the Warrior of Light and the other Scions to defeat the Lightwarden Titania at Il Mheg, then eventually returned to Kholusia at the behest of the Crystal Exarch to learn more of where the Lightwarden may be there.

When Vauthry sent the Sin Eaters to attack The Crystarium for opposing him, Alphinaud fought against them in the battle that ensued. He helped the Scions locate and destroy the Lightwarden of Amh Araeng. When the Lightwarden of Kholusia was revealed to be none other than Vauthry himself, Alphinaud battled against him, and aided in devising the plan to pursue him to the top of Mt. Gulg.

When Vauthry was defeated and the Warrior of Light began to convert into a Lightwarden, Alphinaud was there and encouraged them to fight the transformation. He went with them and the Scions to The Tempest to confront Emet-Selch and prevent him from destroying the First and causing the Rejoining to the Source. He battled alongside his fellow Scions and helped bring Emet-Selch's schemes to an end with the use of White Auracite'.

Alphinaud assisted in seeking out Beq Lugg, a Nu Mou who was extremely well-versed in matters of aether and the soul. He challenged Alphinaud and the others to a series of tests at The Grand Cosmos, which they passed. Beq Lugg returned to the Crystarium, where he worked with the Crystal Exarch to create a method to return the Scions' souls to the Source.

During this time, Alphinaud returned to Eulmore to help Chai-Nuzz gather information from the people on what they expected of a leader. With Alphinaud's help, he gained the confidence to lead the Eulmorrans effectively, and accepted his role as mayor.

During this time, Elidibus was busy working behind the scenes to restore the name of the Warriors of Light to good standing in the eyes of the people. In the body of Ardbert, he gave a speech at the Crystarium that would awaken some of the people to the Echo and restore faith in the concept of "the Warrior of Light", and used that power to become a Primal version of the Warrior of Light. Alphinaud joined the Warrior of Light and helped him fight a path through the "shades" of Warriors of Light from other worlds, and gained access to the Crystal Tower.

After Elidibus was defeated, and the Scions returned to the Source, Alphinaud and the other Scions were faced with the threat of Fandaniel and the Telophoroi. Explaining that unlike his predecessors, he would rather see the world burn and all life ended. To that end, he intended to bring about the Final Days, summoning several strange Towers all across the world that would Temper any who came to close into slaves for the Garlean Empire. He also began summoning Lunar Primals to attack, often being joined by Lunar Bahamut.

After the Scions and the Eorzean Alliance begin mending the divide between the people of Eorzea and the Beast Tribes, Fandaniel attacked the ancestral home of the Amalj'aa, Paglth'an. Alphinaud joined the others and fought against the Tempered there and helped defeat Lunar Bahamut.

Some time later, Alphinaud suggested seeking the aid of Sharlayan. His father, Fourchenault Leveilleur was sent as emissary. He denied them not only the help of Sharlayan, but also denounced the actions and decisions of his children, excommunicating them from the family. Although this hurt, Alphinaud noted that it was odd that they would bother sending anyone at all, let alone their father. He and his sister reasoned that he may be saying and doing things to protect them, and decided they should look further into the matter. He and the other Scions decided that if they were to forestall the Final Days, they would have to travel to Sharlayan and learn for themselves what, if anything, the Sharlayans were hiding, as well as whether or not their massive accumulation of knowledge held anything that could pertain to the Final Days or Hydaelyn. Through Krile, they made the necessary connections to secure themselves passage to Sharlayan.

upon arriving in Sharlayan under the guise of restoring the Students of Baldesion, Alphinaud learned that the fact that his father had disowned them had not escaped the notice of most of the people on the island. While this did draw unwanted attention to them, they did their best to not let it interfere with their mission. Alphinaud, Y'shtola, G'raha Tia and Alisaie searched through various tomes at the Studium library for their part, while the others made for Thavnair to speak to the Hannish Alchemists there.

When Fourchenault discovered what his children were doing, he confronted Alphinaud, saying that his actions were "hindering" the goals of The Forum. They were brought before The Forum for questioning, but Alphinaud and the other Scions stood their ground, stating that despite the stance the nation had taken, they could not stand idly by. Eventually, they were released, thanks to the efforts of Montichaigne, a member of The Forum. They were allowed to remain in Sharlayan, but were forbidden from continuing to research within the city proper.

Later, Alphinaud, Alisae and the Warrior of Light were invited to Leveilleur Manor, where the twins' mother, Ameliance Leveilleur told her children that she supported them and that the best course of action would be to see their ideals through. She gives Alphinaud Fourchenault's old Sage gear, with the hopes that he would find some common ground with his father.

When the Warding Scales had been developed and put to the test, Alphinaud joined in the march against The Tower of Zot to rescue Nidhana and the others being held captive there to power the tower. He aided in the battles against the Magus Sisters, and determined that destroying the core at the top of the tower should prevent it from functioning. Indeed, when Estinien destroyed it, the tower vanished completely, setting everyone inside free.

With the success at The Tower of Zot, and the Warding Scales being mass developed, the Eorzean Alliance decided to take the battle directly to Garlemald, to destroy the tower there and offer humanitarian aid to any citizen trapped there. Joining the Ala Mhigan contingent, Alpinaud took part in defending the caravan from the Tempered Garlean soldiers, helping to clear the path to a small abandoned outpost, which they named Camp Broken Glass.

When a young woman was spotted on the outskirts of the camp, Alphinaud, Alisaie and the Warrior of Light followed her where they discovered a small group of civilians. Being untrustful of the Eorzeans, the group continually lie and hide things from the group until the Warrior of Light and Alisaie leave the camp to try to help secure Ceruleum for the civilians. Upon returning, they find Alphinaud standing over unconscious civilians who had attacked him so the young woman and her very ill sister she had been hiding could escape. Alphinaud and the group track them down, but find them dead near the entrance of a cave. Realizing his folly in trying to explain to Garleans that he and the people they had been taught to hate weren't there to destroy them, and that these actions may have indirectly led to the girls' death, he brings their bodies back and buried them.

Returning to Camp Broken Glass, they explained what they learned, and the group realize that the radio may have acted as a crude form of a Warding Scale, which explained how some of the civilians remained Untempered. When Cirina Mol tells the group that they captured a Garlean attempting to steal their supplies, they meet with the young man, named Jullus from the Ist Legion. He showed his extreme disgust at the Eorzeans, and begrudgingly took their offer of supplies under the condition that only three may escort him. The twins and the Warrior of Light volunteer, and they are taken back to Tertium, a small underground train station.

Alphinaud, Alisaie and the Warrior of Light meet with the Garleans and their leader, Quintus van Cinna and attempt to convince them to come to the camp and they will be helped. Qintus explained that he was planning to attack the capitol, and is simply waiting for reinforcements. He takes the twins as political prisoners and says he will hold them there as prisoners. He forces them and the Warrior of Light to search for Ceruleum, not for the heaters but for the warmachina for their invasion of the capitol. Jullus also revealed that the twins would be forced to stay with the Garleans until the Eorzeans relinquished their supplies and left Garlean soil. Though he protested that they were only trying to help and that the people wouldn't last much longer, Alphinaud's pleas fell on deaf ears. The twins were taken away and the Warrior of Light was sent back to camp.

Later, after Estinien attacked Tertium and freed the twins, it was revealed that the reinforcements had actually surrendered to the Eorzean Alliance and asked for help. Quintus, as a last act, set his people free to choose what they wanted to do, and took his own life out of pride. The Garleans were welcomed into Camp Broken Glass and treated not as prisoners, but as people. It seemed that things were finally improving on all sides, but when a loud roar erupted from the tower in the city, any person not holding a Warding Scale began to suffer a Tempering.

Following the events of the Warrior of Light being captured and having their body possessed by Zenos and their soul trapped within a dead Garlean and getting their body back, the Scions and the Eorzean Alliance mount an assault on The Tower of Babil. Alphinaud joined the Warrior of Light and the other Scions in scaling the tower and destroying the Primal Anima, borne from the desire of the Garlean people to be saved by Emperor Varis. With the destruction of Anima, the towers no longer functioned and began disappearing.

At the very top of the tower, Fandaniel reveals the towers true purpose: Using the power from all the other towers, it would fire a beam at the moon where Zodiark was imprisoned to destroy the ward sealing him there, freeing him to wreak havoc on the world. Thanks to the efforts of the Warrior of Light and the Scions, the tower wasn't strong enough to destroy the ward, prompting Fandaniel and Zenos to move to the moon to handle the wards themselves. Alphinaud and Alisaie stayed behind to handle the crisis back at camp, while the Warrior of Light, and later the other Scions, they explain that the Final Days are now upon them and they must now fight to prevent them. They learn that The Forum had been in contact with the Loporrits and had been preparing to vacate the entire world to the moon where the Loporrits had a vessel waiting to take them to another world.

After battling against the Blasphemies that appeared with the Final Days, the Warrior of Light returned to the First to speak with what was left of Elidibus to ask about the Final Days, which leads to a series of events in which the Warrior of Light returned to a time before the world was Unsundered. Upon returning and explaining everything they had learned, Alphinaud and the Scions convinced his father and The Forum to allow them to use The Ragnarok to chase Meteion to the edge of existence in Ultima Thule.

Following arriving at Ultima Thule, the Scions were slowly dwindled down one by one, sacrificing themselves so their comrades may progress. Beneath the nest of Meteion, with no way forward, Alphinaud and Alisaie sacrifice their lives so the Warrior of Light may finish the job and save the world.

Shortly afterwards, the Warrior of Light, using the power of Azem, brings his friends back to life, Alphinaud included. Alphinaud and the other Scions join the Warrior of Light, traversing through The Dead Ends to reach The Endsinger, Meteion's final form. Overwhelmingly powerful thanks to her control over Dynamis, Alphinaud and the other Scions are soon overwhelmed. To save their friends, the Warrior of Light activated their transporter beacon, pulling the Scions back to The Ragnarok, where they had to wait, hoping for the Warrior of Light to return. When the Warrior did return, Alphinaud wept tears of joy, thankful that he had not lost his friend after all.

Following their return and subsequent "disbanding", the Scions and the Warrior of Light went their separate ways. Alphinaud and Alisaie returned to Garlemald to continue offering humanitarian aid to the civilians who will take it.