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The Room Where It Happened

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The Room Where It Happened

The Room Where It Happened.png
Quest giver
Yanxia (X:24.9, Y:13.1)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 107,000
Gil 1,203
Previous quest
The Hour of Reckoning
Next quest
How Tataru Got Her Groove Back

Alphinaud has devised a cunning strategy to reclaim Doma Castle.

— In-game description



  • Alphinaud has devised a cunning strategy to reclaim Doma Castle.
  • In anticipation of Lord Hien's return, Alphinaud has developed a comprehensive strategy to retake Doma Castle. After Lyse and the Doman irregulars carry out a series of diversionary attacks, the Xaela will launch a surprise attack on the castle's airborne defenses. The twins and the shinobi will then disable the magitek field generators within the Dairyu Moon Gates, allowing the Confederate and Kojin naval forces to bombard the castle and secure the Doman Enclave. Finally, Lord Hien's main host will advance upon the castle and deal with the imperial forces within. Though Lord Hien seems satisfied with the plan, his hesitation does not go unnoticed...
  • Many tasks must be completed in advance of the attack, and Lord Hien would be glad of any assistance you can provide. As he has but recently returned, however, he knows not what these specific tasks are─but Alphinaud Leveilleur surely does.
  • Alphinaud lacks confidence in his ability to disable the field generators, and so he has turned to Cid nan Garlond, the foremost authority in the field of magitek. By way of Tataru in Kugane he has requested documentation on the devices in question. Given the importance of this information, he would be most grateful if you were to go to Kugane and collect it in person.
  • You are shocked to find Tataru a woman transformed, having taken after Hancock and dressed herself in the latest Hingan fashions. Flowing silks notwithstanding, she appears to have retained her classical charms─and hopefully the documentation you seek...