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Count Edmont de Fortemps, the previous head of House Fortemps

"Each of us must play our part in building a brighter future for Ishgard-we who profess to rule most of all."

— Artoriel de Fortemps

Fortemps emblem.png

House Fortemps is one of the four High Houses of Ishgard, the four most powerful houses in the city-state. The Fortemps Trace their lineage back to the knight Flavien de Fortemps, one of the knights twelve of the original King Thordan.


The sigil of House Fortemps is a red unicorn on a black field, which relates to the legend that it was a unicorn that first led the Elezens to Coerthas to where Camp Dragonhead now stands. Ever since, House Fortemps acts as the gatekeepers to Ishgard. This has afforded them the opportunity to become the most familiar with outsiders of the four houses, leading them to handle matters of diplomacy.

Notable Members

  • Count Edmont de Fortemps: The previous patriarch of House Fortemps, Edmont was active in Ishgardian politics. Considered by his peers to be rather conservative. Edmont always tried to push the members of the Holy See to welcome outsiders into the city in times of need, and often employed Adventurers and mercenaries from outside the city.
Under the recommendation of Haurchefant, he invited the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and the Warrior of Light into his house. While this was a controversial move at the time due to the outcome of the banquet held by the Sultana, it turned out to be an extremely wise one. After witnessing the deeds of the Scions and the Warrior of Light, he penned a memoir titled Heavensward, detailing the events of the Dragonsong War and their involvement in bringing the truth of the war to light, and the war to a close.
  • Artoirel de Fortemps: Eldest son to House Fortemps, he has been aware of his parents expectations since he was a child, and sought to reach their expectations in every aspect. He became a strong knight and a gentleman in his own right. Despite being highborn, he stood on the front lines and repelled the Garlean forces that marched on Ishgard on the eve of the Seventh Umbral Calamity.
Even after his mother grew ill and passed away, his opinion of his half brother never changed, and even grew worse if anything, as he viewed Haurchefant as a rival.
  • Haurchefant Greystone: Born of the Count's sole indiscretion, Haurchefant was raised beside Edmont's trueborn sons. His mother protested this, driving him to deny giving Haurchefant the family name. In keeping with Ishgardian tradition, he was given the name "Greystone", like all illegitimate children who are "cast by the wayside as pebbles". Haurchefant dreamed of becoming a knight, and learned chivalry from his father while studying swordplay. In his seventeenth year, he rescued a son of House Haillenarte from a group of bandits, and was granted knighthood.
  • Emmanellain de Fortemps: The second son of House Fortemps. Rather flamboyant, he has earned himself a less than favorable reputation amongst high society as "frivolous and impulsive", as he attends every occasion for libations as a chance to catch the faintest whisper of gossip. His behavior belies a kind heart and earnest soul, as evident of his relationship with his steward, Honoroit, who he taught his letters and sums so that the boy may have a means of rising above his station.


House Fortemps traces its lineage to Flavien de Fortemps, a member of King Thordan’s knights twelve and one of Ishgard’s founding fathers. Their sigil, a red unicorn on a black field, is derived from a legend that it was a horned stallion which guided the Elezen to Coerthas. It is said that the unicorn led them to where Camp Dragonhead now stands, and ever since, the sons of House Fortemps have served there as the gatekeepers of Ishgard. Consequently, this has ensured that of the four High Houses, House Fortemps is the most accustomed to treating with outsiders, leading them to often be called upon in matters of diplomacy. Unlike other Ishgardian fortresses, Camp Dragonhead has an intercessory set aside for the dedicated purpose of receiving foreign dignitaries and ambassadors. [1]

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