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The World Turned Upside Down

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The World Turned Upside Down

Quest giver
Yanxia (X:13.6, Y:12.3)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario

Experience 224,100
Gil 1,424
Previous quest
The Die Is Cast
Next quest
A Swift and Secret Departure
The Perfect Woman
Child Labor
In the Line of Duty
The Weight of a Dream

Alphinaud is at a loss for words.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Alphinaud is at a loss for words.
  • The castle has fallen, and the imperial occupation of Doma is at an end. But what of Gosetsu? Is there truly no hope? Alphinaud is unwilling to assume the worst, and so Soroban agrees to search the crumbling ruin. Alas, when he returns, he tells you that naught remained of the keep for him to search. Though he found no body, it seems all but impossible that the samurai survived...
  • Difficult though it is, you and your comrades must look to the future. Gosetsu would accept no less. The Domans who fought valiantly for their freedom are gathered in the enclave, and wait to receive their lord.
  • Hien was raised to rule, and so the language of leadership comes naturally to him. But when faced with the prospect of addressing his countrymen in the wake of their victory, he hesitates, until you spur him to rise to the occasion with your characteristic wit. As you and the other Scions look on, he implores his countrymen not to grow complacent, for the true challenge lies in the days ahead, when they must come together to rebuild their broken nation. Judging from the faces of the gathered men and women, you have little reason to doubt that they will.
  • Truly, there is no rest for the righteous, as the Scions can ill afford to remain in Doma and enjoy their victory. Gyr Abania still suffers under the rule of Zenos yae Galvus, and it is imperative that you return to the West with all possible haste.
  • Rasho and Tansui understand the urgency of your cause, and agree to take you to Kugane, where you might secure passage to Limsa Lominsa aboard a larger ship. A generous gesture, no doubt, but one that will give the captain an excellent excuse to slip away from the festivities...
  • On the docks of Kugane, you prepare to part ways with your Confederate allies. For an instant, Rasho lets slip his mask and thanks you earnestly for your deeds in service to Doma. And then, just like that, the mask is back in place, for some stories are destined to remain untold.



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