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Camp of the Convictors

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Camp of the Convictors

Alphinaud is eager to gather information on the heretics.

— In-game description



  • Alphinaud asks that you aid him in questioning the Convictors. Make your way around the camp, and learn what you can of the heretic presence in the area.
  • To your frustration, none of the Convictors seem to know anything about Lady Iceheart or her followers. Try questioning the soldier Pierriquet.
  • After fruitlessly interrogating dragonslayers of all descriptions, the lowborn soldier, Pierriquet, finally provides you with a valuable piece of information. According to him, heretics in the western highlands are summoned with purple-hued signal smoke. Perhaps your quarry can be made to come to you...


Boorish Banneret (#1): Ah, 'tis colder than Lady Iceheart's frost-rimed...uh, soul! Greetings, milord/milady! A fine day, is it not?

Boorish Banneret (#2): Nay, I know of no heretics. Do you honestly expect me to keep track of every Raitmeaux, Vairemont, and Bertennant that wanders in and out of camp?

Boorish Bowman: Hm? Are there any heretics in the area? I have not the faintest idea. Why, a heretic could pass under my very nose and I should be none the wiser.

Boorish Bowman: I hunt dragons, my dear fellow/[GENDER]! The big ones! Forever do I scan the skies for signs of my prey─I care not for the miserable creatures that scurry upon the ground!

Estinien is standing in front of the Convictor camp's Merchant & Mender. The Merchant & Mender is shivering and desperately trying to heat his mittens with his breath. Estinien turns to you and makes a shrugging gesture.

Estinien: ...I may have erred in seeking the wisdom of these whelps.

Luciae: Looking for heretics, you say? Hmph. Why don't you go and bother Pierriquet or someone?

Luciae: I've enough trouble keeping these preening fops fed and clothed as it is. 'Tis no business of mine what folk do with themselves out there in the wilds.

[Unvoiced cutscene START]

Pierriquet: Summat I can help you with, milord?

Pierriquet: Heretics, is it? Well, I've never seen one meself...but that ain't to say I haven't heard a thing or two.

Alphinaud: We would be grateful for any information you can share with us. The gods know we've gleaned precious little from talking to the rest of these...people.

Pierriquet: If it please milord, I'm Pierriquet─a soldier by trade, though not much of one, if I'm honest. It weren't for the love of stabbing folk that I took up the spear, see.

Pierriquet: No, it was by order of Ser Jantellot's father. Still, as long as they keep paying me wages, I ain't fussy as to what they have me do.

Pierriquet: Not everyone's as patient as me, though. Plenty of lowborn lads who get pressed into service start grumbling before they've seen their second battle.

Pierriquet: And once they've got to thinking how unfair it all is, it don't take much for the heretics to turn their heads. From what I hear, the simple promise of freedom tends to do it.

Alphinaud: That may explain how Lady Iceheart was able to expand her following so swiftly.

Pierriquet: Sad to say, some mates of mine gobbled down the heretics' tripe and asked for seconds─told me they were off to the western highlands to light a signal fire. That's how you let the heretics know you're serious about joining their ranks, apparently. Send up some purple smoke, and the bastards come to you.

Estinien: ...Is that so? Why then...I am minded to start a fire.

Pierriquet: Milord must be a warrior of some renown to keep company with the likes of the Azure Dragoon. Me? I'd be lucky to last three heartbeats with some of them big, nasty Dravanians...

[Unvoiced cutscene END]

Alphinaud: I am not familiar with the building of signal fires, but how difficult could it possibly be...?

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