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Disambig icon.png This article is about the Main Scenario Quest. For the expansion, see Endwalker.

The Scions of the Seventh Dawn stand ready for the finale.

— In-game description




Tactics for the duel with Aggressive difficulty r6.png Zenos viator Galvus

Phase 1

You will start the fight with 6 stacks of Spark of hope icon1.png Spark of Hope. These function as "extra lives", healing you to full if you take damage that would otherwise defeat you. Important mechanics include:

  • Tidal Wave: You will get knocked into AoE on one side of the room, resulting in stunning. Water puddles (circles) will be left behind for the next mechanics.
    • Judgment Bolt: Room-wide AoE. Do NOT stand in the puddles.
    • Hellfire: Room-wide AoE. Stand in the puddles to mitigate damage.
  • Akh Morn: Chain of targeted hits. Mitigate or heal through it.
  • Come Hither: Summons Zenos's Avatar, which will cast another mechanic.
  • Star beyond Stars: Multiple AoEs covering the whole room. Watch the order in which the telegraphs appear and dodge them.
    • The Edge Unbound (Cast by Zenos's Avatar): Circle AoE on the avatar. Move away.
  • Wyrm's Tongue (No cast bar): Cone attack. Stand aside when he says "Mine for the taking!". If you wait until the visual telegraph appears, you will not have enough time to get out.
  • Nine Nights (No cast bar): 3x3 circle AoEs. Watch the order in which the telegraphs appear and dodge them.
  • Veil Asunder (No cast bar): Targeted Circle AoE. Run when he says "A test of your reflexes!". If you wait until the visual telegraph appears, you will not have enough time to get out.
  • Exaflare: Moving AoEs from 2 sides of the room to the other, and a donut AoE. Dodge them. I recommend standing on one side of the room, between 2 of the moving AoEs, then stepping aside to dodge the other wave.
  • Diamond Dust: Freezes the floor, making it slippery. This will affect handling of other mechanics.
  • Dead Gaze (Cast by Zenos's Avatar): Gaze. Look away to avoid petrification.

※ For Wyrm's Tongue and Veil Asunder (Where you have to listen for him saying "Mine for the taking!" and "A test of your reflexes!" respectively), a speech bubble appears above his head as he says his line. Players who are deaf or hard of hearing will need to watch for the speech bubble and act accordingly.

Phase 1 ends on reducing Zenos to 0% health. You must have at least 1 stack of Spark of hope icon1.png Spark of Hope to survive the change to the next phase.

Phase 2

Zenos heals to full, then stuns and attacks you, reducing you to 1 health. One stack of Spark of hope icon1.png Spark of Hope will be consumed to heal you to full. Additional mechanics include:

  • Aetherial Ray: Unavoidable attack chain. Mitigate or heal through it. Casts Silvered Edge immediately after.
    • Silvered Edge: Three line AoEs splitting the arena into thirds, with 120 degree arcs between them. One is directly in front of Zenos, so step beck and aside to avoid.
  • Swift as Shadow: Rectangle AoE. Simply step aside.
  • Candlewick: Circle AoE, then a donut AoE immediately after. Dodge them.
  • Unmoving Dvenadkatika: Cone AoEs surrounding the boss in clockwise order. Stand in the last cone telegraph, then move to the first cone immediately after it goes off.
    • The Edge Unbound: Circle AoE on the boss immediately after Unmoving Dvenadkatika. Move away.

On reducing Zenos to 0% health, he stuns and beats you down to 1 health again.

  • Life or Death: Quick Time Event. Rapidly press the button to fill the bar before the 20 second timer reaches 0.

After completing the Quick Time Event, the fight ends with your victory.


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Completion of this quest unlocks the Allagan Tomestone exchanges in Radz-at-Han.



  • The Scions of the Seventh Dawn stand ready for the finale.
  • Having come this far together, everyone's resolve is beyond doubt, and there is little left to say. All that remains is to sally forth into Dungeon The Dead Ends on your way to your reckoning with Meteion.
    • ※To enlist your companion NPCs for this duty, speak with them near the entrance or access Duty Support via the main menu. Use the Duty Finder if you wish to complete the instance alongside fellow players.
  • With your staunch comrades at your side, you cut a path through foes born of despair to arrive at the innermost part of the Dead Ends. Just beyond lies the heart of Meteion's dominion, and you steel yourself for the confrontation to come.
    • ※In the event that you leave the area, you may return from Absolute Horizon in Ultima Thule.
  • After a journey through time immemorial and space immeasurable, you finally come face-to-face with the true Meteion. The familiar marshals the despair of countless ruined stars to arise as the Endsinger, and unleashes her might against you. Though you fight resolutely, one after another your comrades are overpowered, and it is all you can do to activate your teleporter and deliver them to safety. Just when it seems you must contend with your fearsome foe alone, help arrives in the most unexpected of forms─Zenos as a dragon. Though his foremost desire as ever remains glorious battle with you, he lends you his wings that you might first dispense with the distraction. Thus do you take to the air, to silence the song of oblivion once and for all.
  • In a struggle between hope and despair, the stakes no less than the continued existence of life itself, the Endsinger brings her all to bear against you. More than once, the mighty being pushes you beyond your limits, but given strength by the prayers of your comrades, you weather the relentless onslaught to deliver the decisive blow. In defeat the Endsinger falls, and you descend after her.
    • ※In the event that you leave the area, you may return from Absolute Horizon in Ultima Thule.
  • Amidst an endless darkness, you find Meteion alone, as the familiar she once was. You share with her all that you felt during your journeys─from sweetest triumphs to bitterest defeats─and by this act, she finally finds the answer which she had sought all along. Filled with joy for the discovery and remorse for her deeds, she offers to sing one last song before she falls forever silent─a song of hope unbridled─and creates a path to deliver you back to your comrades. But ere you leave, Zenos arrives to issue you challenge. Though he allows you the choice to walk away, it is past time to put an end to this chapter─and him.
  • At the end of a grueling encounter, you succeed in laying Zenos low and gifting him the bliss for which he hungered. However, you succumb to your own injuries and collapse to the ground. Your opponent breathes his last, and it seems you are destined to share his grave at the edge of existence...
  • Miracles happen every day. And this day, a miracle─one borne upon hopes, perhaps─has delivered you unto the Ragnarok, where you awaken surrounded by caring comrades. Though you have felt better, you are very much alive, and make a triumphant return to beautiful Etheirys, having delivered salvation to the world.
Some time later, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn gather at the Rising Stones for the final time. For as has been decided, the order shall disband─albeit only in appearance. Having done its part to usher in lasting change, it will retreat from plain sight, and instead work unobtrusively to solve the problems that plague the realm. Ere you and your comrades go your separate ways, Tataru bids everyone leave no preparations undone or words unsaid.
  • You take a moment to speak with each of your comrades, and hear their respective plans and aspirations. Though your destinations be disparate, and you will work apart for the foreseeable future, ever will you be united by your unseverable ties as Scions. Having said all that needs be said, you turn to inform Tataru that you are ready to set forth.
  • Thus are the Final Days averted, and the curtain falls on a tale spanning eons. Gone are those ancient gods who had steered the course of the world, and none can say what lies ahead. Yet one thing is certain: where there is life, there is hope. A light that pierces the deepest darkness. And so long as we hold fast to it, ever will we shine a way unto the morrow. Bearing the memories of your journey thus far, of those whose lives you have touched, and who have touched you in turn, you look forward to the tales still to come.