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Cid nan Garlond


Male ♂
Mor Dhona (22.0,7.7)
Garlond Ironworks
Midas nan Garlond (father)
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Rikiya Koyama
Voiced by (EN)
Gwilym Lee
Grant George (ARR)
Voiced by (FR)
Lionel Tua
Voiced by (DE)
Achim Barrenstein

"Technology should never be allowed to imprison people. That's a hard lesson I learned from watching Gaius...and my father."

A brilliant magitek engineer, Cid nan Garlond defected from his native Garlemald and came to Eorzea, where he founded the ironworks of his namesake. He now shares his knowledge with the people of his adoptive homeland, that they might defy the imperial menace he once served.

— In-game description

Cid nan Garlond is a Garlean found in Mor Dhona.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Best Inventions Main Scenario quest 39 Cid
Influencing Inquisitors Main Scenario quest 40 Cid
Into the Eye of the Storm Main Scenario quest 41 Cid
Lady of the Vortex Main Scenario quest 44 Cid
Come-Into-My-Castrum Main Scenario quest 44 Cid
Drowning Out the Voices Main Scenario quest 46 Cid
Every Little Thing She Does Is Magitek Main Scenario quest 46 Cid
Escape from Castrum Centri Main Scenario quest 46 Cid
Into the Deltascape Feature quest 70 Cid
A Catastrophe Waiting Feature quest 70 Cid
The Croak Queen Feature quest 70 Cid
A Void at All Costs Feature quest 70 Cid
The Anomaly Feature quest 70 Cid
No Slowing Down Feature quest 70 Cid
An Unfinished Masterpiece Feature quest 70 Cid
And Like Fire Was His Mane Feature quest 70 Cid
In the End, There Is Omega Feature quest 70 Cid

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Better Late than Never Main Scenario quest 43 Hedyn
Reclamation Main Scenario quest 44 Alphinaud
Doubt Truth to Be a Liar Sidequest 44 Cailean
Getting Even with Garlemald Main Scenario quest 44 Glaumunt
Fool Me Twice Main Scenario quest 46 Glaumunt
The Ultimate Weapon Main Scenario quest 50 Raubahn
Syrcus Tower Feature quest 50 Rammbroes
The World of Darkness Feature quest 50 Rammbroes

Additional Information

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Cid was born the heir to Midas nan Garlond, chief imperial magitek engineer of the Garlean Empire. Following in his father's footsteps, the young pure-blooded Garlean studied magitek technology intently, and secured entry to the prestigious Magitek Academy. During his tenure there, he devised countless inventions, his rivalry with Nero tol Scaeva accelerating his overall development.However, all was not well at home. Buried in his own research, Midas grew increasingly distant from his son. Cid became a ward of Gaius van Baelsar, a friend of his father's, and when Midas perished suddenly during an experiment gone awry, Cid was named Primus Architectus Magiteci. Yet he could not agree with Garlemald's indescretionary use of warmachina, and fled to Eorzea rather than accept the assignment. Now aged thirty-four, he works to ensure freedom through technology.

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