Desperate Times

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Desperate Times

Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:11, Y:9)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era
Experience 2,340
Gil 517
Previous quest
The Great Divide
Next quest
Shock and Awe

Alphinaud wishes to investigate the circumstances surrounding the riot.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Suspecting that the riot in which he was injured was not, in fact, a spontaneous outpouring of popular discontent, Alphinaud is eager to discuss the incident with General Raubahn. Follow him to the Hall of Flames and speak with the Flame General.
  • During your conversation with General Raubahn, Alphinaud observes that the refugees were surprisingly well armed and suggests that the riot may have been instigated by outside forces. Before he can finish his thought, however, the Flame General interjects that the restoration of order is paramount, and that any official investigation will have to wait. Undeterred, Alphinaud resolves to conduct an investigation of his own. He suggests that you begin by finding out which settlements the Flames suspect may be harboring belligerents. Perhaps Commander Swift will be willing to share such information with you.
  • After a moment's hesitation, Commander Swift reveals that the Brass Blades have reported suspicious activity in the vicinity of Lost Hope. Journey to the settlement in central Thanalan and investigate their claims.
  • Leofric and Amalberga both make mention of a traveling merchant who recently left Lost Hope accompanied by a band of refugees. Apparently, another refugee by the name of Zazawaka was especially concerned by the merchant's behavior. Speak with him to learn more.
  • You learn that the merchant was a fanatical revolutionary who came to Lost Hope in search of new recruits. Apparently, he offered the refugees a chance to hold the rulers of Ul'dah to account, and attracted no shortage of volunteers. Zazawaka, however, was unconvinced, and refused to go with the other refugees -- a decision vindicated when one of them returned, traumatized by the slaughter he had barely escaped. Zazawaka believes there may be more survivors, and implores you to find them before the Flames do. Ask the terrified refugee if he knows where his comrades are.
  • The survivor mutters to himself and does not respond to your inquiries. Clearly he is still haunted by the atrocity to which he bore witness. Were you to make an effort to /soothe his suffering, he might become more cooperative.
  • Restored to lucidity by your soothing touch, the survivor reveals that the merchant furnished his fellows with weapons so that they might defend themselves against Ul'dahn forces, and then split them into two groups. Unfortunately for them, the survivor's group encountered an Immortal Flames patrol, who swiftly gave the refugees cause to rue their lack of training. Recalling that the other group has yet to return to Lost Hope, he begs you to seek them out and convince them to return.