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The Sins of Antiquity

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The Sins of Antiquity

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Quest giver
The Pillars (X:11, Y:11)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario
Experience 52,260
Gil 752
Previous quest
A Knight's Calling
Next quest
In Search of the Soleil
A Full Stomach and Happy Heart
Unfulfilled Dreams

Alphinaud is lost in thought.

— In-game description





  • In Ser Aymeric's private chambers, the power of the Echo stirs within you once more, and you are granted a vision of the past. You watch as the lord commander accuses the church of hiding the origins of the Dragonsong War, and hear the archbishop acknowledge it to be the truth. Ser Aymeric continues, challenging his father on the morality of the church's deception, but the archbishop, steadfast in his conviction, is unswayed. Though it is a lie, Ishgard's sons and daughters must fight and die for it, for the crimes of Thordan and his knights twelve are beyond reparation. Recognizing the futility of convincing his son to accept this state of affairs, Thordan has Ser Aymeric arrested -- but not before revealing that he has plans of his own to free the people of Ishgard from the sins of antiquity.

    Reflecting on the unnatural powers demonstrated by the knights of the Heavens' Ward, your companions conclude that they are using their own bodies as vessels for the souls of the legendary King Thordan and his knights twelve, much as Ysayle did for Saint Shiva. Though Ser Aymeric knows not his father's plans -- or the significance of “Azys Lla” -- he declares that the archbishop and the Heavens' Ward must be stopped.

    The lord commander duly entreats you and Alphinaud, as representatives of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, to help him bring his father to justice. In response, Alphinaud states that if the Heavens' Ward have indeed harnessed primal powers, it is the duty of the remaining Scions to oppose them. And so, with newfound purpose, Alphinaud bids you join him to discuss how you might find the archbishop.