In Pursuit of the Past

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In Pursuit of the Past

Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:12, Y:12)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era

Experience 22,000
Gil 4,616
Previous quest
The Heretic among Us
Next quest
Into the Eye of the Storm
Peace for Thanalan
Seeking Solace
Highway Robbery
They Came from the Deep
A Bad Bladder

Alphinaud is eager to enter the Stone Vigil.

— In-game description




Completion of this quest unlocks an increase to mount speed in Coerthas Central Highlands.



  • Now that the matter of the false inquisitor has been resolved, naught remains to prevent you from entering the Stone Vigil. Alphinaud instructs you to seek an audience with Lord Drillemont, vowing that he and Cid will follow shortly.
  • Lord Drillemont confirms that according to Ishgardian records the Enterprise was indeed seized by the troops garrisoned at the Stone Vigil shortly after the Calamity. However, it has now been some time since the outpost fell to the dragons, and he cannot vouch for the airship's preservation, or even its presence. Thought it may all be for naught, you have little choice but to search the ruins regardless. Make your way to the entrance to the Stone Vigil, which stands to the northwest of Whitebrim Front, and speak with Ser Nathelain to gain admission.
  • Ser Nathelain confirms that you may enter the Stone Vigil whenever you wish.
    ※The Stone Vigil can be accessed via the Duty Finder.
  • While fighting your way through the Stone Vigil, you stumble upon the Enterprise, which appears to be in one piece. Unfortunately, that piece is situated dangerously close to a vast sleeping dragon. Leaving you to keep an eye on the beast, Cid and Alphinaud sneak aboard the airship and begin preparing it for departure. It is at this moment that Lahabrea appears. After remarking that you of all mortals may well have the strength to defeat Garuda, the Ascian uses his magicks to awaken the dragon, and you are soon locked in a desperate struggle with the creature as Cid and Alphinaud look on.
  • After a titanic struggle, you somehow succeed in slaying the dragon, earning yourself the praise of Alphinaud in so doing. Your elation at having survived the encounter is dampened somewhat by the revelation that the Enterprise is more badly damaged than had been hoped. Thankfully, Cid manages to make sufficient repairs to the ship to enable you to make the flight back to Gridania. Speak with Alphinaud, and together determine how best to proceed.
  • Despite Alphinaud's claim that recovering the Enterprise would be a cause for celebration, the young Sharlayan seems disinclined to revel. Instead, he reminds you that your work is far from done, and that the airship was only ever a means to an end. Next, you must find a way to restore the Enterprise to its former glory.