King Thordan

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King Thordan

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King Thordan ISaint Thordan
Male ♂
Monster (Primal)
The Singularity Reactor (00,00)

"By my blessing shall all men be sanctified, and an endless era of peace begin."

After years of nurturing the deification of Ishgard's founding father, Archbishop Thordan VII succeeded in infusing his own form with the soul of King Thordan.The ritual used to imbue the archbishop's mortal vessel with the divine essence of his ancestor followed the same principle as that employed by Ysayle and her summoning of Saint Shiva—a rite previously perfected with the Heavens' Ward and their primal incarnations of the legendary knights twelve.Drawing upon the incalculable might of one of Nidhogg's eyes and bolstered by a thousand years of unquestioning faith, the manifestation of King Thordan far exceeded the power of any existing primal. But driven by his monumental ambitions, the archbishop sought to absorb the infinite energies of the Warring Triad and thus ascend to true divinity. As an eternal god-king, Thordan meant to convert all to his cause, be they man or dragon, and "bless" the world with an unending age of harmony.

— In-game description

King Thordan is a Monster found in The Singularity Reactor.

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