Crystal Braves

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The Crystal Braves were established as a model army meant to pave the way for a single, unified Grand Company of Eorzea. Taking to heart the motto "For the freedom of all", they transcended political boundaries as they sought to quell the realm's myriad problems.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume 1


When the coming of the Seventh Astral Era was proclaimed the Scions of the Seventh Dawn began to operate outside of the shadows. However, the number of problems the realm faced were great, prompting Alphinaud Leveilleur to propose a unified Grand Company of Eorzea. With the approval and funding of the Eorzean Alliance, the Crystal Braves were established as a precursor to this organization. Alphinaud himself served as the first commander and recruited his men heedless of homeland or background.

In its early days the organization's efforts were met with great success, rooting out a network of Garlean spies within the Immortal Flames, investigating heretical activity in Ishgard and defending the aforementioned Holy See from the Dravanian Horde.

About half of the force, Including its second-in-command Ilberd Feare, were pawns of the Monetarists, serving as their private army in secret. The rogue Braves were seemingly complicit In Teledji Adeledji's plot to assassinate the Nanamo Ul Namo, but turned out to follow the commands of Lolorito Nanarito, who exploited the conspiracy for his own benefit. Lolorito and Ilberd went separate ways after a disagreement over the fate of Raubahn Aldynn. In the end the Crystal Braves were disbanded, their history besmirched by the wanton actions of a few.

Notable Members