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Black and the White

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

Black and the White

Quest giver
The Sea of Clouds (X:11, Y:14)
Quest line
Heavensward Main Scenario

Experience 76,800
Gil 502
Previous quest
Devourer of Worlds
Next quest
Bolt, Chain, and Island

Alphinaud has that familiar look in his eye, which can mean only one thing...

— In-game description



  • Alphinaud asserts that the Heavens' Ward, wielding primal powers, are more than capable of slaying Bismarck. Therefore, the only way to ensure that the archbishop does not obtain the key to Azys Lla is to do so first. Before confronting the Vanu Vanu's patron deity, of course, it would only be prudent to learn more of its nature. Perhaps Lonu Vanu can furnish you with the information you require.
  • Lonu Vanu suggests that you speak with Kunu Vali, keeper of tales. He cautions you, however, that the keeper is the traditional sort -- the kind of Vanu who is not given to speaking with those who neglect to greet him with a /bow.
  • Heeding your request, Kunu Vali recounts the tale of Bismarck's death at the hands of his brothers and of his heavenly rebirth. The keeper further explains that Bismarck is a merciful, loving being, who guided the Vanu to the islands in the Sea of Clouds -- a depiction wholly at odds with his recent behavior. Seek out Alphinaud and share your findings with him and Cid.
  • Inspired by a comment of Alphinaud's on the subject of skyfishing, Cid conceives a plan to slay Bismarck. By towing a small island through the Sea of Clouds, he hopes to lure the ravenous primal out of hiding, and drag the beast in close with chains fired from dragonkillers. Should the plan succeed, you would be able to engage Bismarck directly -- but should it fail, you and your allies would be at the creature's mercy. For want of a better idea, Alphinaud endorses the plan. Now all you need is an island...