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Dreams of the Lost

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Dreams of the Lost

Quest giver
The Dravanian Forelands (X:27, Y:32)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 974
Previous quest
A Little Slow, a Little Late
Next quest
Against the Dying of the Light

Alphinaud is lost in thought, doubtless ruminating on the implications of your encounter with the Warriors of Darkness.

— In-game description



  • Given the relative ease with which they dispatched Ravana, it seems all but certain that the Warriors of Darkness have fought such beings before. Yet how could such exceptionally gifted individuals have escaped the notice of the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, when one of the order's founding goals was to identify and recruit adventurers blessed with the power of the Echo? Though their appearance raises many questions, their deeds cannot be denied. The Lord of the Hive is no more, and Vidofnir must be told.
  • Though surprised that he did not fall by your hand, Vidofnir is nevertheless pleased to learn of Ravana's defeat. Moreover, having received your good tidings, she offers some of her own: Hraesvelgr has entrusted her with deciding whether or not to accept Ser Aymeric's invitation. The great white dragon duly states that she will keep faith in you and journey to Ishgard. Elated by her reply, Alphinaud announces that he will convey her words to the lord commander at once. The time has come to return to the capital.
  • During the long journey back to Ishgard, you and the others share the many trials and tribulations of recent days with a rapt Thancred. Though glad to hear of your many successes, he is saddened to learn that Yda, Papalymo, and Minfilia are still missing. Seeing this, Y'shtola assures him that one day these troubles will be a distant memory -- a future which Thancred pledges to do his utmost to help bring about.
  • Lucia receives the news of Vidofnir's acceptance with a mixture of happiness and regret, for Ser Aymeric is not present to hear it, having been wounded in an attempted assassination. Though he is like to make a full recovery, the attack was only the beginning; shortly thereafter, buildings throughout the city burst into flame, as part of what appears to be a coordinated -- and ongoing -- attack. As fast as the old fires are quenched, new ones are set. If the perpetrators are not brought to justice, there is no telling when the chaos will end.