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Azure Dragoon
Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)
Coerthas Western Highlands (31.5,11.7)
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Kenji Hamada
Voiced by (EN)
Robert Vernon
Voiced by (FR)
Guildin Tissier
Voiced by (DE)
Michael Pink

"'Tis not for praise that we fight."

— In-game description

Estinien "Wyrmblood" Varlineau is an Elezen found in Coerthas Western Highlands.

Post-Dragonsong War Appearance
Post-Shadowbringers Appearance

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Purple Flame, Purple Flame Main Scenario quest 51 Estinien
New Winds, Old Friends Main Scenario quest 54 Estinien
Into the Aery Main Scenario quest 55 Estinien
The Song Begins Main Scenario quest 55 Estinien
Unrest in Ishgard Main Scenario quest 56 Estinien
Righteous Indignation Main Scenario quest 80 Estinien
House of Divinities Main Scenario quest 80 Estinien
Simple Pleasures Main Scenario quest 85 Estinien
A Test of Wιll Main Scenario quest 89 Estinien
Friends for the Road Main Scenario quest 90 Estinien
Groping in the Dark Main Scenario quest 90 Estinien
A Cold Reunion Main Scenario quest 90 Estinien

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
From One Heretic to Another Main Scenario quest 51 Expedition Leader
Sounding Out the Amphitheatre Main Scenario quest 51 Alphinaud
Bountiful Ruins Main Scenario quest 90 Tataru
Nowhere to Run Main Scenario quest 90 Zero
Double Dragoon Job quest 45 Alberic
Into the Dragon's Maw Job quest 50 Alberic
A Land on Fire Sidequest 50 Neophyte Adventurer

Additional Information

See also: Trust System

Estinien Wyrmblood is the current Azure Dragoon, and mightiest hero of Ishgard. Bearer of the Eye of Nidhogg—an ancient relic plucked from the great wyrm, he wields the power of dragons. Long absent from his post, he has returned to Ishgard to drive back the ancient enemy of his people.
Ever since Nidhogg razed his village, murdering his parents and younger brother, Estinien devoted himself wholly to the pursuit of revenge. Orphaned at the age of twelve, he was raised by Alberic, the then-current Azure Dragoon. However, Estinien's relationship with his foster father was complicated—while he respected him greatly as a soldier, he could not help but resent him for failing to protect his village.
As of his thirty-second year, Estinien has no hobbies, and he concerns himself only with honing his skills (and occasionally eating anything passably delicious) that he might one day exact his retribution. It was with this single-minded dedication that he overcame every trial set before him and earned the title of Azure Dragoon.
As leader of the Knights Dragoon, he is expected to attend various social functions. However, he detests the trappings of high society and has refused on every occasion. For a time, he continued to receive formal invitations as a social courtesy, but that is no longer the case. His disregard for keeping up appearances is perhaps best exemplified by his wild, unkempt hair, which he is content to ignore.

Drachen Armor: A dragoon's armor. They say that in Ishgard, the value of a thing is measured in rumors. By that reckoning, the smithing secrets of drachen armor is valuable indeed. Some say the tint of the mythril comes from being cooked in dragon blood. Others whisper that the suit is unnaturally light, that drowning knights who should have been dragged under by its weight sped to shore like eels...

Gae Bolg: A spear only granted to those elected by the Holy See to serve Ishgard as a dragoon. Chosen for its light weight and great strength, the dragon bone used to craft the spear is reaped from fields of battle by the kin of the glorious dead. No outlander shall know how such a material is worked, but some say that the bone is kept supple in smoking vats of dragon blood.The Holy See bestowed the legendary spear Gae Bolg upon Estinien after he was awarded the title of Azure Dragoon.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 1


When Estinien heard that Nidhogg was beginning to stir once again, he took the Eye of Nidhogg and fled to draw the Dragon's attention away from the city. To assist with recapturing the Eye, Alberic Bale requested the assistance of the Lancer's Guild, which sent the Warrior of Light. Estinien watched the Warrior of Light from a distance, eventually confronting them. However, after engaging with them, the Eye of Nidhogg blessed the Warrior with the powers of the dragon. Shocked that the Eye would choose another Azure Dragoon, he fled, telling the Warrior of Light that their paths would cross again.

After some time, Estinien reached out to Alberic, expressing a desire to parley. He explained the reasoning behind stealing the Eye, and what happened with the Eye when he met with the Warrior of Light. He and Alberic decide to train the Warrior, sending them to gather the pieces of the Drachen Armor. When the Warrior of Light returned, they joined with Estinien on his mission to slay Nidhogg.

When Estinien was ready to confront Nidhogg, the Eye showed him a surreal vision; his mentor Alberic as the Azure Dragoon doing battle with Nidhogg in Ferndale. When Alberic attacked, he was overwhelmed by Nidhogg's rage. Fearing for his life, he gave up the power of the Azure Dragoon, which kept him from being able to fend off the remaining Dragons, who razed Ferndale to the ground. The only person Alberic was able to save was Estinien.

This sent Estinien into a rage, and caused him to challenge his former mentor. The Warrior of Light fought in his stead. When Estinien was defeated, he became consumed by Nidhogg's Wrath. In the moment before he struck, the Warrior of Light channeled the spirit of Haldrath and drove the wrath from Estinien. When the dust settled, Estinien had fled.

Some time later, Estinien would join Aymeric de Borel in meeting with the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud Leveilleur and asking for their assistance in warding off Vishap and the Dravanian Horde. He would also fight the Dragons that appeared on The Steps of Faith, and would swear vengeance on Lady Iceheart for her part in destroying part of Daniffen's Collar.

Estinien later joined the Warrior of Light in his search for Lady Iceheart, and went along with the group to parley with Hraesvelgr. Though he and Ysayle disagreed on many things, he slowly found himself doubting the holy sanctity of his mission of vengeance. After meeting with Hraesvelgr and learning the truth of the start of the Dragonsong War, he and the rest of the group concluded that the only way to end the war was to slay Nidhogg and his horde.

The group headed to Nidhogg's lair, The Aery, where Estinien used the power of the wyrm's own eye against him. He drove his spear into Nidhogg, finally slaying him. This however, brought no sense of joy or accomplishment to the Dragoon, for he had realized that he and his mortal enemy were one and the same; broken souls hellbent on revenge for the death of their families. His armor stained in the Dragon's blood, he took the eye from the Dragon, which turned out to be Hraesvelgr's eye, and returned it. This however, left the question of where Nidhogg's other eye was unanswered.

When the truth of the origin of the war was brought to Aymeric and he was subsequently jailed for interrogating Archbishop Thordan VII, Estinien joined the Warrior of Light in charging The Vault to rescue him. When Thordan escaped to Azys Lla, Estinien suggested using the power of Nidhogg's eye to power an aetheric ram and break the barrier surrounding the floating island.

Following the defeat of Thordan, Estinien claims both eyes, saying he intends to destroy them or put them out of reach of man and dragon alike. In this moment, covered in the blood of Nidhogg and holding both of his eyes, Nidhogg's shade of vengeance is able to take hold, and possesses the Dragoon. The shade swore vengeance and flew off.

Later, Estinien, under the control of Nidhogg, appeared at the peace conference and struck a near-lethal blow on Vidofnir, scorning her for siding with the Elezens and declaring war on them, as the "final chorus" of his song was just beginning. Turning back into a wyrm, he ascended into the skies and made for Ishgard.

Following the brutal assault on Ishgard and a battle with the Warrior of Light, Estinien was able to reclaim some small amount of control of his body and stopped himself from continuing his assault. He grabbed his own throat, determined to end his and Nidhogg's life, asking the Warrior to kill him. Instead, the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud attempted to prise the Eyes off of his armor. Eventually they succeeded, and Estinien was taken to an infirmary.

Estinien rested for a time, thanking his new and old friends alike for what they did for him. Late in the night he took his weapon Gae Bolg and left the city following Aymeric's ceremony, relinquishing his title as Azure Dragoon. He took flowers to Azys Lla in memory of Ysayle, and to Sohr Khai, laying them in honor of Ratatoskr as acknowledgement for what his people did to start the war, and the part he played in its end.

Hraesvelgr was nearby and thanked him for this gesture. He tells Estinien that Ratatoskr would gladly welcome it. Hraesvelgr told Estinien of the history of the Dragoon and how the Dragons used to bear these warriors into battle on their backs. So strong was Ratatoskr's love for those brave knights, she would bless the armor they wore with her power. He led Estinien to the ruins of a barracks, wherein there was a chest, almost pristine in condition, unlike everything around it. Inside, a brand-new set of azure platemail. Hraesvelgr explained that the armor went unworn, and longed for a master-a true Dragoon. He told Estinien that his lance is still needed, and implored him to wear the armor. Fully suited in the armor, Estinien dubbed it Iceheart in honor of Ysayle, thanked Hraesvelgr for helping him find new purpose, and left the ruins.

With the power of Nidhogg inextricably woven into him, Estinien was able to sense the flare of the power of the Eyes that created Shinryu. He tracked the wyrm, which led him to Castrum Abania. He destroyed the main cannon there, and later would use his spear to destroy what remained of the Eyes, ensuring they may never be used again.

Estinien would later run into the Warrior of Light again, and gain their assistance in finding a Dragon on the Azim Steppe who had become enraged. Rather than slay the Dragon, Estinien meant to save it, as he had since become an intermediary between the men and Dragon of Ishgard. It turned out that the Dragon, Faunehm had spent much time resisting the grip of Nidhogg's song, but had lost its sanity in the process. Estinien enlisted the help of a young whelpling, Orn Khai, to aid in bringing the Dragon back to her senses. The effect was temporary, but it proved Faunehm could be saved. After an intense battle, the pair weakened the Dragon enough that Vedrfolnir's great roar freed Faunehm of her madness, and she recognized her broodmate and child once again. The young whelpling dubbed Estinien the Crimson Dragoon.

Estinien also fought in the Ghimlyt Dark against the Garlean Empire. When the Warrior of Light clashed with Elidibus in the body of Zenos yae Galvus and was incapacitated by the Crystal Exarch's call, Estinien managed to reach the pair just before the Ascian struck a fatal blow and drove him off. He helped Aymeric carry the Warrior of Light to the chirurgeons, then left to study Garlemald after learning of their chemical weapon there, Black Rose.

At one of the production facilities for Black Rose, Estinien ran into Gaius van Baelsar, the now deposed Legatus who was also on a mission to stop the Empire and slay every last Ascian. They worked together on the investigation of Black Rose and tracked down other manufactories, eventually arriving at the royal palace. There they witnessed Zenos slaying his father, Emperor Varis. In a rage, Gaius attacked Zenos but neither were a match for the crown prince. He rebuffed them both and escaped as several soldiers poured into the room, assuming Gaius was the one to blame for the death of their Emperor. The pair escape after disabling the Arch Ultima and go their seperate ways. Estinien reported his findings to the remaining Scions and the Warrior of Light.

Later, when Lunar Bahamut appeared, Estinien fought alongside the Scions and the Warrior of Light at Paglth'an to defeat it, then officially joined the Scions in order to help them forestall the Final Days.

Estinien joined the Scions on their journey across The Northern Empty to Sharlayan where they sought to find tomes or information that could possibly indicate what form the Final Days could come in. He, alongside Thancred, Urianger and the Warrior of Light, traveled to Radz-at-Han, where they met with the Alchemists of Thavnair and devised a method to resist the tempering effect of the towers. Estinien's spear was studied due to the blood of Nidhogg that had become intertwined with it, and from there, the Hannish alchemists were able to create a Warding Scale by using various alchemic gems and the scale of a Dragon.

When Nidhana was captured by Fandaniel, Estinien joined the Scions and the Warrior of Light in the charge on The Tower of Zot, helping to defeat the Primal versions of the Magus Sisters and defeat all the tempered Garleans within. Upon reaching the top, the party found a generator. After short deliberation, Estinien destroyed it, assuming this would cause the tower to collapse. He was proven right, and everyone imprisoned in the tower, along with the Scions, washed up on the shore.

Following their victory in Thavnair, the Eorzean Alliance sought to take the fight to Garlemald, taking out the Telophoroi and liberating the trapped civilians. At the meeting in the Ala Mhigan Quarter, Estinien was surprised to learn that his old mentor Alberic was one of the acting delegates to Ishgard. upon arriving in Garlemald, Estinien fought alongside the Scions, later joining with Thancred and his scouting team at the base of the Ist Imperial Legion. Once the tempered soldiers had been taken care of, he and the rest of the Scions attacked The Tower of Babil, defeating Anima, thereby destroying all the towers across Eorzea.

When the Warrior of Light returned from Mare Lamentorum, Estinien visited their room the night before their next mission, and expressed his gratitude for everything the Warrior of Light had done for them, then leapt from the window. When the Final Days came upon the land, Estinien joined in the hunt for the Blasphemies, protecting the people of Thavnair alongside Vrtra.

When the Warrior of Light returned from Elpis and explained everything they had learned, Estinien joined in persuading the Sharlayans in turning over the Ragnarok. Once the ship was in their possession and modified to travel further than ever before, the Scions sought to talk to Hydaelyn one last time. Estinien traveled alongside his friends into the Aetherial Sea to reach the Mothercrystal. Estinien helped fight through the aether of foes past, and thanked Haurchefant for the blessing he bestowed upon them. When they finally reached Hydaelyn, he was put to the test alongside his comrades, and proved himself worthy. He, alongside his allies, was returned to the surface, and boarded the Ragnarok for Ultima Thule.

In Ultima Thule, he encountered the shades of the homeworld of the Dragons, who felt nothing but despair at the fate of their world. To help his allies, he beseeched the Dragons, telling them they had made home on Eorzea and were thriving. In overcoming their despair, they were obliterated by the despair of Meteion's Dynamis all around them. Estinien gave his life to create a way forward, his final hope that they would succeed in saving their world.

When the Scions were resurrected by the Warrior of Light, Estinien joined them in moving through The Dead Ends, helping to defeat Ra-La. When confronting Meteion herself however, he and the other Scions were quickly overwhelmed. In an act of self-sacrifice, the Warrior of Light activated their beacon, teleporting everyone back to the Ragnarok. When the Warrior of Light returned, he celebrated alongside the other Scions.

After all was said and done, and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn "officially" disbanded, he initially intended to roam the planet, training and honing his skills. He was invited to serve as a guard for Vrtra and train the other members of The Radiant Host, and was allowed to stay within Radz-at-Han.