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Zenos yae Galvus

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Zenos yae Galvus

Zenos yae Galvus render.png

Legatus of the XIIth Imperial Legion
Crown Prince of the Garlean Empire
Viceroy of Ala Mhigo
Zenos viator Galvus
Male ♂
70, 90
Aggression level 6
Ala Mhigo
Garlean Empire
XIIth Imperial Legion
Solus zos Galvus (great-grandfather)
Varis zos Galvus (father)
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Kohsuke Toriumi
Voiced by (EN)
Luke Allen-Gale
Voiced by (FR)
Savério Maligno
Voiced by (DE)
René Dawn-Claude

Legatus of the XIIth Imperial Legion and crown prince of Garlemald, Zenos’s high birth and extraordinary talents rendered his life wanting for purpose. During a mission in Gyr Abania, however, he encountered a foe who would kindle in him a theretofore unfelt ardor: the Warrior of Light. Against this foe, Zenos would bring his all to bear, wielding the katana Ame-no-Habakiri, his powers as a Resonant—and even the might of the primal Shinryu.

— In-game description

Zenos yae Galvus is a boss found in Ala Mhigo (Duty).


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Paladins crimson lotus arms (il 300) icon1.png  Paladin's Crimson Lotus Arms (IL 300) Other BDungeon 1
Axe of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Axe of the Crimson Lotus Marauder's Arm BDungeon 1
Greatsword of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Greatsword of the Crimson Lotus Dark Knight's Arm BDungeon 1
Gunblade of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Gunblade of the Crimson Lotus Gunbreaker's Arm BDungeon 1
Spear of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Spear of the Crimson Lotus Lancer's Arm BDungeon 1
Naigama of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Naigama of the Crimson Lotus Reaper's Arm BDungeon 1
Claws of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Claws of the Crimson Lotus Pugilist's Arm BDungeon 1
Uchigatana of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Uchigatana of the Crimson Lotus Samurai's Arm BDungeon 1
Daggers of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Daggers of the Crimson Lotus Rogue's Arm BDungeon 1
Longbow of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Longbow of the Crimson Lotus Archer's Arm BDungeon 1
Musketoon of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Musketoon of the Crimson Lotus Machinist's Arm BDungeon 1
Windfire wheels of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Windfire Wheels of the Crimson Lotus Dancer's Arm BDungeon 1
Rod of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Rod of the Crimson Lotus Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm BDungeon 1
Grimoire of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Grimoire of the Crimson Lotus Arcanist's Grimoire BDungeon 1
Rapier of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Rapier of the Crimson Lotus Red Mage's Arm BDungeon 1
Cane of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Cane of the Crimson Lotus Two-handed Conjurer's Arm BDungeon 1
Codex of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Codex of the Crimson Lotus Scholar's Arm BDungeon 1
Astrometer of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Astrometer of the Crimson Lotus Astrologian's Arm BDungeon 1
Dzi of the crimson lotus icon1.png  Dzi of the Crimson Lotus Sage's Arm BDungeon 1
Arhat hara-ate of fending icon1.png  Arhat Hara-ate of Fending Body BDungeon 1
Arhat hara-ate of maiming icon1.png  Arhat Hara-ate of Maiming Body BDungeon 1
Arhat togi of striking icon1.png  Arhat Togi of Striking Body BDungeon 1
Arhat togi of scouting icon1.png  Arhat Togi of Scouting Body BDungeon 1
Arhat togi of aiming icon1.png  Arhat Togi of Aiming Body BDungeon 1
Arhat dogi of casting icon1.png  Arhat Dogi of Casting Body BDungeon 1
Arhat dogi of healing icon1.png  Arhat Dogi of Healing Body BDungeon 1
Arhat tsutsu-hakama of fending icon1.png  Arhat Tsutsu-hakama of Fending Legs BDungeon 1
Arhat tsutsu-hakama of maiming icon1.png  Arhat Tsutsu-hakama of Maiming Legs BDungeon 1
Arhat tsutsu-hakama of striking icon1.png  Arhat Tsutsu-hakama of Striking Legs BDungeon 1
Arhat hakama of scouting icon1.png  Arhat Hakama of Scouting Legs BDungeon 1
Arhat hakama of aiming icon1.png  Arhat Hakama of Aiming Legs BDungeon 1
Arhat hakama of casting icon1.png  Arhat Hakama of Casting Legs BDungeon 1
Arhat hakama of healing icon1.png  Arhat Hakama of Healing Legs BDungeon 1
Magitek predator identification key icon1.png  Magitek Predator Identification Key Other ABasic 1
Liberty or death orchestrion roll icon1.png  Liberty or Death Orchestrion Roll Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
Ala Mhigo (Duty) Unknown 70
Ultima Thule Unknown 90

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Where Men Go as One Main Scenario quest 60 Conrad
In Crimson It Began Main Scenario quest 61 Pipin
The Time between the Seconds Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
Stormblood Main Scenario quest 70 Pipin
A Requiem for Heroes Main Scenario quest 70 Resistance Fighter
Endwalker Main Scenario quest 90 Alphinaud

Additional Information


“Only man has the wisdom and the clarity to embrace violence for its own sake.”

Emperor Varis’s firstborn and heir to the Garlean throne, Zenos was a prodigy who effortlessly excelled in both academic and martial fields. These selfsame gifts, however, consigned him to a life of solitude. Many noble children were brought to be educated beside the prince that they might make loyal companions, but none could match his brilliance. Zenos found his peers tiresome and his elders incompetent, and soon he came to despise them all. Similarly, the pleasures of lesser men held for him no savor, and he cared no more for an opulent feast than had it been ordinary fare. Amidst the ennui of his existence, there was but one thing that could quicken his pulse—the hunt. A desperate beast holds naught back, and only by meeting its unbridled fury with his own strength could he attain satisfaction. This all-consuming predilection persisted even when he assumed command, and he did not allow something so trivial as duty to obstruct the fulfillment of his craving. The twenty-six-year-old legatus was often seen prowling the battlefield in search of worthy foes, and find the worthiest of foes he eventually did—in the Warrior of Light.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 2, page 116

"Man should fight for the joy of it. To live, to eat, to breed—lesser beasts snap and howl at one another for this. Only man has the wisdom and the clarity to embrace violence for its own sake."

Leader of the XIIth Legion and crown prince of the Garlean Empire, Zenos yae Galvus is possessed of but a single passion: to stand on the front lines, blade in hand, and dance with death. He regards friend and foe alike with contempt, and tales of his brutality against both have spread far and wide. While crushing the rebellion of yesteryear in Doma, he took a liking to Far Eastern katana, which have since become his weapons of choice.
Ame-no-Habakiri: Wielded alongside the Storm and the Swell, Ame-no-Habakiri was presented to Zenos by Yotsuyu when he came to Doma. Formerly a treasured possession of the Kojin of the Red, the blade shows impressive craftsmanship and, in his hands, is a weapon of enormous power.

Ame-no-Habakiri - A treasure of the Red Kojin, legend holds that this katana was used by Susano, the Lord of the Revel, to vanquish an evil fiend. By being bathed in the blood of said fiend, the blade came to be steeped in tremendous arcane power.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 2, page 116


Zenos is the most recurring boss in Final Fantasy XIV, being fought multiple times throughout several expansions.




  • Zenos is faced one last time at the end of Main Scenario QuestEndwalker during a solo quest battle. While it is possible to lose this fight, it is heavily rigged in the player's favor, making it more of an epilogue to the story compared to the final trial, Trial The Final Day.