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Breaking into Hives

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Breaking into Hives

Alphinaud wishes to review Ysayle's plan for infiltrating the Gnath hive.

— In-game description


  • Provoke the Gnath drone and eliminate any resistance.
  • Fight your way deeper into the hive.
  • Wait for Ysayle deeper within the hive.


  • Despite Alphinaud's misgivings, Ysayle seems determined to surrender herself to the Gnath, in the belief that this will bring her within striking distance of their god. Needless to say, she wants you to join her. Lacking any protection from the primal's influence, Alphinaud and Estinien will remain behind while you and Ysayle mount a mock assault upon the hive. Make your way to the main colony, and provoke the sentry stationed at the approach to Loth ast Gnath.
  • You have defeated the drones at the entrance to the colony, and alerted the hive to your presence. Plan your next move with Ysayle.
  • Though the colony must by now be aware of your intrusion, Ysayle seems determined to capture the Gnath's undivided attention. Press on into the heart of the hive, killing anything that stands in your way.
  • You have fought your way deeper into the hive. Wait for Ysayle to join you, then discuss the next step of your plans.
  • Ysayle is satisfied that your mock assault upon the colony has served its purpose. All that remains is to surrender yourself to capture... and pray that the Gnath drag you before their god.