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Camp Broken Glass

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Camp Broken Glass

Camp Broken Glass (X:13.3, Y:31.1)


Abandoned when the Telophoroi's schemes plunged the capital into chaos, the village of Laterum was once a checkpoint for travelers as well as being a home to rig workers and their families. The site later became an outpost for the Ilsabard contingent, its members likening the ice cracking constantly underfoot to the sound of broken glass.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 142

Camp Broken Glass is a settlement in Garlemald. When life in Garlemald was still stable, it was once a village known as Laterum.[1]


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Camp Broken Glass

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Additional Information



This camp takes its name from the ice covering the ground that cracks whenever you step on it, much like breaking glass.

Rochilda of the Ilsabard Contingent

"I hail from Laterum [...] It was a village here─precisely where your camp is now. [...] It acted as a checkpoint for those visiting the capital, but it was also home to the rigs' workers and our families. [...] We hardly had a viable alternative to abandoning Laterum, knowing we could never defend ourselves against wandering bands of maddened soldiers, but that reality is no more [the Eorzeans'] fault than ours."

Appius, during Camp Broken Engines

  1. Trivia: "Laterum" is Latin for the flanks or sides of a formation. Same root as English lateral.