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Papalymo Totolymo


Male ♂
Lalafell (Dunesfolk)
The Waking Sands (6.1,5.0)
Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Quest NPC

"It is precisely when things appear to be proceeding according to plan that we must needs steel ourselves for impending danger."

After graduating second in his class at the Studium, Papalymo came to study under the famed Louisoix Leveilleur, and distinguished himself as a model student whilst aiding in his master's endeavors. Indeed, it was thanks to their tireless efforts that a group of Ala Mhigan refugees was granted sanctuary in the Sharlayan colony some twenty years past. It was during this time that Papalymo met Yda, and the two established a rapport. When Yda later expressed her desire to liberate Ala Mhigo, Papalymo introduced her again to Louisoix, which led to her induction into the Circle of Knowing. Since then, the two Archons have come to work together as a team—often bickering like an old married couple.The Scion has devoted his forty-two years to the study of the arcane, and indulges his passion by deciphering ancient spell tomes. A man with eyes as big as his stomach, he enjoys the traditional cuisine of his desert people, particularly dark pretzels. The Aurifex: A treasure held by generations of Papalymo's family, this staff was bequeathed to him by his father, a fellow thaumaturge. Its name was earned for the gold glow the jewel set atop the staff's haft emits, and though it has seen many years, the weapon still serves as a stable nexus for potent magicks.

— In-game description

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
In for Garuda Awakening Feature quest 50 Papalymo

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Price of Principles Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde

Additional Information

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