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A Land on Fire

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A Land on Fire

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Quest giver
Neophyte Adventurer
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:9, Y:10)
Quest line
Final Fantasy XVI Collaboration: The Path Infernal
The Ultimate Weapon
Gil 714
Next quest
Side QuestPain to Recall

The neophyte adventurer seeks the Warrior of Light.

※This quest is available for a limited time only.

— In-game description



Finding the "thing out of place"
  • The "thing out of place" you are looking for is a "Strange Man" lying on an amber-colored island towards the bottom left of the viewable area, near some gray rocks. See the screenshot to the right.


  • The neophyte adventurer seeks the Warrior of Light.
    • ※This quest is available for a limited time only.
  • After being accosted by a neophyte adventurer, you find yourself in the presence of the infamous wandering minstrel. The itinerant tale-teller shares with you a dream he had—supposedly prophetic in nature—which seems to foretell your meeting with a metaphorical "scarlet star" in some fiery landscape. Deeming the Burning Wall the closest match to this vision, he bids you accompany him to eastern Thanalan, where he hopes to witness the denouement to his celestial vision.
    • ※Please note that you will be unable to complete this quest after the event has ended. For details, please check the Lodestone.
  • The minstrel waxes philosophical for a time before returning to the matter at hand. He suggests using a spyglass to scan the surrounding terrain from the nearby vantage point. If there is indeed meaning to his dream, you may spy something unusual...
  • You spot the crumpled form of a young man, and upon rushing over to render aid, you learn that his name is Clive and that he has no memory of how he arrived at the Burning Wall. The minstrel offers to escort Clive to the Phrontistery, where a physician might more closely assess his condition. There is little more for you to do but make your way to Scholars' Walk and wait.
  • Clive informs you that while he is in good physical health, he is as yet unable to remember recent events—or much at all, for that matter. Unwilling to abandon one in such a vulnerable state, you and the minstrel agree to assist Clive with recovering his missing memories.
  • Clive thanks you for your kind assistance. Although troubled by his mental fugue, he nevertheless seems willing to delay departure until you give the word.


Talking to the Neophyte Adventurer

Neophyte Adventurer: F-Forgive me my boldness, but you are Forename Surname, are you not?
Are you Forename Surename? (yes/no)
Neophyte Adventurer: My apologies! Even if you are the spitting image, I suppose it was naive of me to presume that you are indeed the living legend him/herself. I shall have to keep searching...
Neophyte Adventurer: Th-Then my search is at an end. A begoggled gentleman tasked me to find you, you see, in hopes of entreating your aid with...some matter he deigned not share with me.
Neophyte Adventurer: Pray remain here, and I shall fetch him at once!


???: Greetings, champion.
Wandering Minstrel: 'Tis I who employed the young adventurer to facilitate this impromptu audience.
Wandering Minstrel: As for the why, I've a request that you─and you alone─can fulfill.
Wandering Minstrel: Pray listen well, for my tale begins with a most unsettling dream...
Wandering Minstrel: In it did I behold the evening sky, boundless and shimmering. As I drank deep of its beauty, I spied two stars sailing across the inky expanse—one of purest white, the other blushing scarlet, their courses set such that they might pass without collision.
Wandering Minstrel: Sharply and suddenly, the scarlet star shifted its trajectory. High above a burning landscape did its path intersect with that of the white star, their conjunction marked by a brilliant explosion of light. Even in slumber, I was awestruck by the spectacle.
What will you say?
> But what does it mean...?
> A lovely tale, but I fail to see what that has to do with me.
<But what does it mean...?>
Wandering Minstrel: Truth be told, mine own interpretation wavers. My rational mind says "meaningless dream," whilst my artist's soul insists on "prophecy."
<A lovely tale, but I fail to see what that has to do with me.>
Wandering Minstrel: I do not wish to make any claims with certainty. And yet...
Wandering Minstrel: Whatever greater meaning this vision might hold, I am convinced that the blazing white star represents the Warrior of Light. In other words, you.
Wandering Minstrel: And should these portents indeed foretell future events, you are thus fated to encounter the scarlet star─whomsoever they may be.
Wandering Minstrel: I therefore humbly request that you accompany me to the “burning land” from my dream, that I might witness the vision's denouement. I will compensate you for the trouble, of course.
Wandering Minstrel: The question is, which territory in Eorzea might be considered “burning,” metaphorically or otherwise...?
What will you say?
> The Bowl of Embers where I battled Ifrit?
> The Burning Wall in eastern Thanalan?
> A place rich in corrupted crystal deposits? They can look quite fiery.
<The Bowl of Embers where I battled Ifrit?>
While its relation to flame cannot be denied, mine instincts tell me nay. The scene from my dream was more ridge than bowl—a giant, flickering outcrop of...crystal, mayhap? Of course!
<The Burning Wall in eastern Thanalan?>
Ah, that cluster of immense crystals born of the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Aye, it well resembles the sweeping scene from my dream.
<A place rich in corrupted crystal deposits? They can look quite fiery.>
These crystals would have to be immense in size, akin to...to those which comprise the Burning Wall. Aye, that site well resembles the sweeping scene from my dream.
Wandering Minstrel: The first mystery is solved. We shall leave for eastern Thanalan and the infamous Burning Wall at once!

Talking to the Wandering Minstrel at the Burning Wall

Wandering Minstrel: The Burning Wall... An apt name indeed.
Wandering Minstrel: 'Tis said that these crystalline structures were formed when falling shards of Dalamud pierced the land's aetherial current.
Wandering Minstrel: Some see them as a symbol of rebirth─a manifestation of renewed life...
Wandering Minstrel: But that is neither here nor there. Let's have a look around, shall we? Spyglasses at the ready!

Interacting with the Vantage Point (interactive event)

Survey your surroundings for anything out of the ordinary. You may move the camera as well as zoom in and out. Target an area and inspect it with left click/R2/X.
Search for the Unusual!
Survey the Burning Wall with an eye for anything out of place.
Make an unusual discovery.


Strange Man: Ugh...
Strange Man: Where am I...?
Strange Man: What...what's going on?
Strange Man: A dream led you to me...?
Wandering Minstrel: I understand how absurd that may sound. We, ourselves, were unsure of what awaited us here.
Wandering Minstrel: As for who we are, I am content to be known as “the minstrel.” This stalwart hero is Forename Surname.
Wandering Minstrel: Might we have the pleasure of your name?
Clive: Clive. I─ The last thing I remember was the ruins...
Clive: Hngh!
Clive: My head... Where...? How did I come to be in this place...?
Wandering Minstrel: 'Twould seem you were knocked senseless. Confusion is to be expected.
Wandering Minstrel: For safety's sake, I suggest we make for town and have a Phrontistery physician look you over.
Wandering Minstrel: I shall see our patient receives proper treatment. Would you mind waiting for us at Scholars' Walk?

Interacting with the destination in Ul'dah (cutscene)

Wandering Minstrel: Our foundling is being cared for as we speak, but I'm told he should be released soon.
Wandering Minstrel: Hopefully 'twas naught that a bite of food and a little bed rest couldn't cure...
Clive: It was kind of you to wait, thank you.
Wandering Minstrel: What of your condition?
Clive: Much improved. The physiker also noted no signs of injury or illness.
Clive: Yet my memories remain hazy. How did I end up there...?
Clive: Whatever I was doing, it was important, I'm sure of it. I must return as soon as possible.
Wandering Minstrel: I see...
Wandering Minstrel: We cannot leave him in this state. We must help him restore his memories and find his way home.
Wandering Minstrel: What of this city, Clive? Do any parts of Ul'dah strike you as familiar?
Clive: No... Maybe I've simply forgotten, but I recognize nothing.
Wandering Minstrel: Hm, not Ul'dahn, then. Still, I should like to think that the sights and sounds of a well-known locale will hasten your recovery.
Wandering Minstrel: The Burning Wall, the place where we found you, is situated midway betwixt Ul'dah and Gridania. Perhaps a trip to the Twelveswood is in order?
Clive: Gridania, you say? The name rings no bells, but I have no better suggestions.
Clive: And you would take me there?
Wandering Minstrel: Meanwhile, I shall make the rounds of the neighboring settlements, and ask if any have heard of you. Let us rendezvous in Gridania anon.

Talking to Clive

Clive: This entire situation has me knocked off balance, I'm afraid.
Clive: Forename, was it? I appreciate you coming to my rescue.
Clive: Still, you must have your own business to attend to. We can set out whenever you're ready.