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Female ♀
Au Ra (Raen)
Ul'dah (11,9)
Quest NPC

"To whom much is given, much is expected..."

Having witnessed the terrors wrought by the Garlean Empire, a young Yugiri made the pilgrimage from her Raen home to the village of the shinobi, seeking tools with which she might fight the Empire. Through years of inhuman trials, she learned the ways of the shinobi—how to fight from the shadows—eventually earning the rank of "jonin." Having thus mastered ninjutsu and being given the epithet "Mistwalker," she pledged herself to the remnants of the Doman general's clan. Thereafter, she waged a war against the Garlean Army.Alas, the rebellion ended in defeat, and the Domans lost everything. Obeying her lord's orders, Yugiri led a number of her countrymen in flight. Though the journey was long and arduous, she never allowed her people to despair, and, at the end, found them a new home. At twenty-six summers, she continues her fight alongside her the Scions and the Eorzean Alliance, but has not once forgotten about her homeland or her people's desire to one day return. Her lone indulgence is a bowl of rice doused in warm soup and topped with a small pinch of ground white radish—a Doman delicacy. Unmarked Yoshimitsu Blades: These daggers were given to Yugiri by the Lominsan thalassocracy as a token of gratitude for her aid. Though they carry no name, the arms are said to be the work of the legendary weaponsmith, Yoshimitsu. Originally, they were forged as the blades of Far Eastern polearms, but have since been refashioned into their current form.

— In-game description

Appearance when first introduced

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Through the Maelstrom Main Scenario quest 50 Yugiri
The Stubborn Remainder Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
The Ones We Leave Behind Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
A New Ruby Tithe Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
The Will to Live Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
Daughter of the Deep Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
The Time between the Seconds Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
Here There Be Xaela Main Scenario quest 65 Yugiri
The Search for Lord Hien Main Scenario quest 65 Yugiri
Hope on the Waves Main Scenario quest 70 Yugiri
Elation and Trepidation Main Scenario quest 70 Yugiri

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Defector's Tidings Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
A General Summons Main Scenario quest 54 Tataru
A Glimpse of Madness Main Scenario quest 64 Liberation Front Guard
A Guilty Conscience Main Scenario quest 70 Asahi
A Requiem for Heroes Main Scenario quest 70 Resistance Fighter
A Season for War Main Scenario quest 65 Cirina
All Due Respect Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
All the Little Angels Main Scenario quest 64 Isse
An Impossible Dream Main Scenario quest 65 Cirina
Gosetsu and Tsuyu Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
In Flagrante Delicto Main Scenario quest 50 Ilberd
Into the Heart of the Whorl Main Scenario quest 50 Merlwyb
On the Eve of Destiny Main Scenario quest 67 Hien
Parley on the Front Lines Main Scenario quest 70 Hien
Path of No Return Main Scenario quest 64 Gosetsu
Storm on the Horizon Main Scenario quest 70 Hien
Stormblood Main Scenario quest 70 Pipin
The Mother of Exiles Main Scenario quest 50 Thancred
Tidings from the East Main Scenario quest 70 Lyse Hext

Additional Information

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