Tendrils of Intrigue

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Alphinaud - Coerthas Central Highlands (x26, y28)
Requirements Level 50
Items Needed
Reward Gil 1101
Haddock dip icon1.png
Sauteed coeurl icon1.png, Lava toad legs icon1.png, Pineapple ponzecake icon1.png, Tomato pie icon1.png, Allagan bronze piece icon1.png
Previous Quest Next Quest
For the Greater Good Chasing Ivy




  • Speak with the silent conjurer.


  • At the Alliance members. Speak with him again to be informed of the particulars.
  • The council of Alliance leaders will convene at the Nophica's Altar prior to the meeting.
  • The council of Alliance leaders will be convening shortly. Speak with the silent conjurer to be shown to the Lotus Stand.
  • At the Alliance council, you learn that the Ishgardians back into the fold. Speak with Alphinaud to hear his thoughts on the matters discussed.
  • Having bent your ear with his philosophical musings, Alphinaud informs you that Ilberd has made further progress in his hunt for the Ivy. Seek the captain in front of the New Gridania, and place yourself at his disposal.
  • You have reported to Ilberd. At your word, the final hunt for the Ivy will commence.