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Garuda concept.jpg

Female ♀
44, 50
Aggression level 6
The Howling Eye

Garuda is a boss found in The Howling Eye. She is worshiped by the Ixal Beastmen Tribe.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Garudas feather icon1.png  Garuda's Feather Crafting material ABasic 1
Vortex feather icon1.png  Vortex Feather Crafting material ABasic 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Howling Eye Unknown 44
The Howling Eye (Hard) Unknown 50
The Howling Eye (Extreme) Unknown 50


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Lady of the Vortex Main Scenario quest 44 Cid
In for Garuda Awakening Feature quest 50 Papalymo
Gale-force Warning Feature quest 50 Vorsaile Heuloix
Primal Focus Repeatable Feature quest 50 Laraina

Additional Information


Garuda is the name given to the terrible goddess of the Ixal. Though supremely elegant in both form and movement, this bloodthirsty deity and her merciless whims inspire fear even amongst her most devoted worshippers. Capricious in the extreme, the gentle breeze that surrounds her can sweep forth in a tempestuous gale at the slightest provocation.She is the weakest of the primals so much so that she can only temper the weakest of willed.

Origin Myth

Legend has it that the birdmen of the Ixal once lived on a floating continent known as Ayatlan, where they protected the furthest reaches of the heavens as Garuda's divine soldiers. A time came, however, when the evil that saturated the land below began to reach upwards and infect the skies above. Thence did Garuda order her minions to descend a cleanse the ground of this vile influence, bidding them to remain there as guardians that the heavens may never again be thus threatened. To this day, the Ixal have dwelled upon the land, dreaming of an end to their sacred duty and a return to their lost paradise in the clouds.

Even as this myth is kept alive within the now-flightless tribe, entries have been discovered in the recording devices of ancient Allag that describe the "iksalion" - a chimeric race that was created on Ayzs Lla to serve in the intriguingly named Garuda Airborne Division. According to these records, the division was led by a female Allagan general, and it was by her order that the iksalion were deployed across the empire to crush a string of uprisings. The commonalities between historical fact and mythical imagine are different to ignore, and are a subject of great interest to scholars who study the beast tribes.