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Litany of Peace

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Litany of Peace

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Quest giver
Foundation (X:13, Y:11)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 10,000
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestHeroes of the Hour
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestPromises Kept
Feature QuestNidhogg's Rage
Side QuestThe Paths We Walk
Feature QuestTowards the Firmament
Feature QuestAscending to Empyreum

Aymeric appears lost in nostalgia.

— In-game description




This quest includes a long cutscene, which starts when you tell Ser Aymeric that you are ready to go to the infirmary. The cutscene is approximately 15 minutes long.



  • Ser Aymeric relates a small part of his and Estinien's shared history, and muses on the brotherly bond which has formed between Alphinaud and the gruff dragoon. His thoughts are interrupted, however, by the sudden arrival of a messenger who urges the lord commander to visit the infirmary immediately. Trouble Ser Aymeric for news of your ailing comrade's condition.
  • Having followed Ser Aymeric to the infirmary, you are relieved to find Estinien in full possession of his senses and already mocking the openly weeping Alphinaud. You sense, however, that he is a changed man. Having spoken of his spirit's enslavement by Nidhogg, he declares at last that he intends to surrender the mantle of Azure Dragoon, his hunt now at an end.

    Echoing Estinien's resolve, Ser Aymeric finally moves to abolish the thousand-year rule of the archbishops, paving the way for a new republic. In the days that follow, Ishgard's governance is placed in the hands of a newly formed House of Commons and House of Lords. And though Ser Aymeric would like nothing more than to lay down the reins of state, he soon finds himself elected to the highest seat in the latter.

    You, meanwhile, borrow Midgardsormr's wings to escort Hraesvelgr back to Zenith, and find the former lord commander waiting to greet you upon your return. Speak with Ser Aymeric at the airship landing.

  • Ser Aymeric is clearly burdened by his new position, but is quick to stifle his complaints, vowing to lead Ishgard into a new era of peace -- one measured step at a time. He then reveals that Estinien has disappeared, and asks that you give him a message should your paths ever chance to cross. Finally, Ser Aymeric bids you convey his warmest regards to Alphinaud. Return to Fortemps Manor, and seek him out.
  • Alphinaud appears certain that Ser Aymeric will make good on his promise to lead the people of Ishgard safely along their chosen road, though the way be choked with the debris of history. The Scions, too, have a difficult path ahead of them -- bringing about a new dawn will be no easy task in the shadow of Ascian plots and implacable primals. But as the final strains of the Dragonsong War drift gently heavensward and a newborn litany of peace swells to take its place, it cannot be denied that there is much to celebrate.