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The Dark Dragon
Female ♀
Sohm Al
Dravanian Horde

"My jaws shall run red with the blood of men!"

Tioman is known as the dark dragon among Ishgardians by virtue of her scales, which are said to be darker than a starless night. She is close to Nidhogg, and thought to be his consort. At his behest, she long protected Sohm Al—a place sacred to the Dravanians—until encountering the Warrior of Light and their companions. She perished in the ensuing battle.

— In-game description

Tioman is a boss found in Sohm Al.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
 Dissector Sword BDungeon 1
 Foolkiller Greataxe BDungeon 1
 Skofnung Greatsword BDungeon 1
 Ox Tongue Polearm BDungeon 1
 Destroyers Fist Weapon BDungeon 1
 Gunromaru Katana BDungeon 1
 Renegades Daggers BDungeon 1
 Expunger Bow BDungeon 1
 Coffinmaker Firearms BDungeon 1
 Grandeur Staff BDungeon 1
 The Red Pullet Book BDungeon 1
 Guespiere Rapier BDungeon 1
 Prester Cane BDungeon 1
 The Black Pullet Book BDungeon 1
 Metamorphosis Star Globe BDungeon 1
 Woad Skyraider's Shield Shield BDungeon 1
 Woad Skyraider's Fur Body BDungeon 1
 Woad Skylancer's Fur Body BDungeon 1
 Woad Skywarrior's Fur Body BDungeon 1
 Woad Skychaser's Fur Body BDungeon 1
 Woad Skyhunter's Fur Body BDungeon 1
 Woad Skywicce's Fur Body BDungeon 1
 Woad Skydruid's Fur Body BDungeon 1
 Woad Skyraider's Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
 Woad Skylancer's Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
 Woad Skywarrior's Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
 Woad Skychaser's Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
 Woad Skyhunter's Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
 Woad Skywicce's Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
 Woad Skydruid's Breeches Legs BDungeon 1
 Gaelikitten Minion ABasic 1
 Tioman Card   Drops at a fixed rate. Triple Triad Card ABasic 1
 Slumber Eternal Orchestrion Roll   Drops at a fixed rate. Orchestrion Roll ABasic 1

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