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Alisaie Leveilleur

Alisaie Endwalker Render.jpg

Female ♀
Elezen (Wildwood)
Red Mage
Eastern La Noscea (21,21)
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Alphinaud (Twin Brother)
Louisoix (Paternal Grandfather)
Fourchenault (Father)
Ameliance (Mother)
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Rie Murakawa
Voiced by (EN)
Bethan Walker
Simone Bee (ARR)
Voiced by (FR)
Charlyne Pestel
Voiced by (DE)
Ann Cathrin Schaible

"Our grandfather would never entrust the fate of the realm to despots who rewrite history to their own convenience!"

— In-game description

Alisaie Leveilleur is an Elezen found in Eastern La Noscea.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Alisaie's Resolve Feature quest 50 Alisaie
Alisaie's Path Feature quest 50 Alisaie
Griffin, Griffin on the Wall Main Scenario quest 60 Alisaie
The Obvious Solution Main Scenario quest 60 Alisaie
A Bargain Struck Main Scenario quest 60 Alisaie
Lies, Damn Lies, and Pirates Main Scenario quest 61 Alisaie
Confederate Consternation Main Scenario quest 62 Alisaie
In Darkness the Magatama Dreams Main Scenario quest 63 Alisaie
The Whims of the Divine Main Scenario quest 63 Alisaie
Breaking and Delivering Main Scenario quest 63 Alisaie
The Lord of the Revel Main Scenario quest 63 Alisaie
The Limits of Our Endurance Main Scenario quest 67 Alisaie
Hells Open Main Scenario quest 68 Alisaie
Heavens Weep Main Scenario quest 68 Alisaie
His Forgotten Home Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Under the Moonlight Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Emissary of the Dawn Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Sisterly Act Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Prelude in Violet Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Soul Searching Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
A Defector's Tidings Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Culling Their Ranks Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Tears on the Sand Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Word from On High Main Scenario quest 76 Alisaie
In Mt. Gulg's Shadow Main Scenario quest 78 Alisaie
A Gigantic Undertaking Main Scenario quest 78 Alisaie
The End of a World Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
Shadowbringers Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
Forget Us Not Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
Unto the Breach Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
The Company We Keep Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
A Seat at the Last Stand Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
A Labyrinthine Descent Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
The Medial Circuit Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
The Full Report, Warts and All Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
A Guide of Sorts Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
Estate Visitor Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
Warm Hearts, Rekindled Hopes Main Scenario quest 85 Alisaie
You're Not Alone Main Scenario quest 90 Alisaie

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Hero in the Making Main Scenario quest 20 Minfilia Warde
Primal Awakening Feature quest 50 Urianger
Alisaie's Pledge Feature quest 50 Urianger
Fragments of Truth Feature quest 50 Urianger
The Beast That Mourned at the Heart of the Mountain Main Scenario quest 60 Ga Bu
Beneath a Star-filled Sky Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
One Life for One World Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
An Ending to Mark a New Beginning Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
An Allied Decision Main Scenario quest 60 Aymeric
Louisoix's Finest Student Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
The Far Edge of Fate Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
A Friend of a Friend in Need Main Scenario quest 60 M'naago
Signed, Sealed, to Be Delivered Main Scenario quest 60 M'naago
Best Served with Cold Steel Main Scenario quest 60 Raubahn
Where Men Go as One Main Scenario quest 60 Conrad
Crossing the Velodyna Main Scenario quest 61 Alphinaud
In Crimson It Began Main Scenario quest 61 Pipin
The Fires Fade Main Scenario quest 61 Raubahn
Bereft of Hearth and Home Main Scenario quest 61 Pipin
Divide and Conquer Main Scenario quest 61 Conrad
Not without Incident Main Scenario quest 61 Lyse
The Man from Ul'dah Main Scenario quest 61 Alphinaud
Where the Streets Are Paved with Koban Main Scenario quest 61 Hancock
By the Grace of Lord Lolorito Main Scenario quest 61 Hancock
It's Probably a Trap Main Scenario quest 61 Lyse
Making the Catfish Sing Main Scenario quest 61 Lyse
Once More, to the Ruby Sea Main Scenario quest 62 Gosetsu
Open Water Main Scenario quest 62 Soroban
Boys with Boats Main Scenario quest 62 Tansui
To Bend with the Wind Main Scenario quest 62 Soroban
Alisaie's Stones Main Scenario quest 62 Hirase
Under the Sea Main Scenario quest 62 Rasho
Of Kojin and Kami Main Scenario quest 62 Soroban
In Soroban We Trust Main Scenario quest 63 Soroban
Forever and Ever Apart Main Scenario quest 63 Lyse
Tide Goes in, Imperials Go Out Main Scenario quest 63 Lyse
A Silence in Three Parts Main Scenario quest 63 Gosetsu
Life after Doma Main Scenario quest 64 Gosetsu
A Glimpse of Madness Main Scenario quest 64 Liberation Front Guard
Daughter of the Deep Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
The Time between the Seconds Main Scenario quest 64 Yugiri
All the Little Angels Main Scenario quest 64 Isse
Seeds of Despair Main Scenario quest 67 Alphinaud
The Fortunes of War Main Scenario quest 67 Conrad
The Lady of Bliss Main Scenario quest 67 Vajra
Strong and Unified Main Scenario quest 68 M'naago
The Road Home Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
Return of the Bull Main Scenario quest 70 Raubahn
Tidings from the East Main Scenario quest 70 Lyse
Hope on the Waves Main Scenario quest 70 Yugiri
Storm on the Horizon Main Scenario quest 70 Hien
Gosetsu and Tsuyu Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
The Call Main Scenario quest 70 Y'shtola
Seiryu's Wall Main Scenario quest 70 Hien
Parley on the Front Lines Main Scenario quest 70 Hien
Following in Her Footprints Main Scenario quest 70 Tesleen
A Purchase of Fruit Main Scenario quest 70 Tesleen
The Time Left to Us Main Scenario quest 70 Tesleen
The Lightwardens Main Scenario quest 71 Crystal Exarch
Warrior of Darkness Main Scenario quest 71 Crystal Exarch
An Unwelcome Guest Main Scenario quest 72 Manager of Suites
The Crystarium's Resolve Main Scenario quest 72 Crystal Exarch
The Oracle of Light Main Scenario quest 72 Lyna
Il Mheg, the Faerie Kingdom Main Scenario quest 72 Thancred
Unto the Truth Main Scenario quest 72 Thancred
Courting Cooperation Main Scenario quest 72 Urianger
The Key to the Castle Main Scenario quest 73 Sul Uin
Acht-la Ormh Inn Main Scenario quest 73 Seto
The Wheel Turns Main Scenario quest 73 Thancred
A Party Soon Divided Main Scenario quest 74 Manager of Suites
When It Rains Main Scenario quest 76 Manager of Suites
Small Favors Main Scenario quest 76 Lyna
The Best Way Out Main Scenario quest 76 Thancred
Crossroads Main Scenario quest 77 Minfilia
A Fresh Start Main Scenario quest 77 Ryne
More than a Hunch Main Scenario quest 77 Ryne
Return to Eulmore Main Scenario quest 77 Manager of Suites
A Feast of Lies Main Scenario quest 77 Urianger
Paradise Fallen Main Scenario quest 77 Thancred
The View from Above Main Scenario quest 78 Urianger
Rich Veins of Hope Main Scenario quest 78 Crystal Exarch
Extinguishing the Last Light Main Scenario quest 79 Chai-Nuzz
The Unbroken Thread Main Scenario quest 79 Lyna
To Storm-tossed Seas Main Scenario quest 79 Urianger
Waiting in the Depths Main Scenario quest 79 Thancred
The Illuminated Land Main Scenario quest 80 Grenoldt
A Greater Purpose Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Good for the Soul Main Scenario quest 80 Beq Lugg
Heroic Dreams Main Scenario quest 80 Eirwel
Nothing Unsaid Main Scenario quest 80 Y'shtola
Alisaie's Quest Main Scenario quest 80 Krile
The Great Ship Vylbrand Main Scenario quest 80 Merlwyb
Here Be Dragons Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
For Vengeance Main Scenario quest 80 Restrainment Node
When the Dust Settles Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
On Official Business Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud
Death Unto Dawn Main Scenario quest 80 Kan-E-Senna

Additional Information

Alisaie is Alphinaud's twin sister—though she dislikes that their similarity leads people to mistake her for her brother. Though unmistakably a prodigy, she has, in their sixteen years together, always trailed ever so slightly behind him. Her grandfather, however, never treated her as secondary, and as such Alisaie clearly misses Louisoix dearly, still holding him in higher regard than any other. She traveled to Eorzea to learn the truth of his death, and there endured many a trial in pursuit of finality.
Alisaie prefers action to speech, and unlike Alphinaud, would rather cut to the heart of a matter than engage in endless debate. Some have even said that her aversion to diplomacy renders her the opposite of her brother in all but appearance. Though her dignitary parents endeavored to censure this candor, Louisoix appears to have understood its value.
Alisaie enjoys swimming and swordplay, as she can best Alphinaud at both. Ginger cookies claim a spot atop her guilty pleasures, particularly when they are cut and baked in different shapes.

Adelphoi: The second of Louisoix's grimoires, Alisaie does not use it to invoke a Carbuncle, but rather summons a gleaming aetherial sword from its pages—a feat learned through her long travels, and not easily mimicked.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 1, page 192


Alisaie traveled to Eorzea with her brother Alphinaud Leveilleur, hoping to learn more of the land that their grandfather had given his life for. The two traveled together for a time but began to view things differently about the way the leaders of each city-state ran things and how they handled the ceremony to honor the fallen in the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Eventually things came to a head, and the two went their separate ways, with Alphinaud joining the Scions of the Seventh Dawn. Alisaie went on to explore Eorzea and eventually discovered the remains of an old Allagan system underneath Castrum Occidens. She reaches out to the Warrior of Light to aid them in exploring their depths. Together, they discover the truth of what happened to Bahamut and Louisoix Leveilleur at the end of the Calamity. Alisaie did her part in defeating the shade of her grandfather, freeing him from the Tempering of Bahamut. They are joined by Alphinaud, and Louisoix thanked them, then bequeathed them the power to summon Phoenix. The twins used their combined powers to open the way to Bahamut's heart, so they could stop the wyrm permanently.

Following the events in The Coils of Bahamut, Alisaie realized what her grandfather saw in the realm, and resolved to carry on his legacy of protecting Eorzea, in her own way. When she learned of the Crystal Braves and their connection with Teledji Adeledji, she began to dig deeper and soon learned of the plan to assassinate the Sultana. Though she couldn't prevent the assassination, she did arrange an escape for the Warrior of Light and her brother.

Some time later, Alisaie met X'rhun Tia, a powerful Red Mage. He trained her in the arts of Red Magic, and due to her mastery over magic, she learned quickly. However, she had a difficult time mastering swordplay. Finding Rapiers difficult to use. She instead learned to summon Aetherial Blades, though the spell was rather taxing on her.

Much later, after her brother and the Warrior of Light escape to Ishgard and Archbishop Thordan VII summoning King Thordan and being defeated, Alisaie learned of the appearance of warriors appearing, antagonizing the Beast Tribes until they summon their Primal gods, then slaying them. She began investigating them and followed them to the Black Shroud where she learned that they were working with the Ascian Elidibus, as well as the Scion Urianger. Uncertain about his motivations, she held her tongue later, but was suspicious nevertheless. Upon trying to escape, she is pursued and shot by a poison arrow, but rescued by Thancred, who brought her to Ishgard where she could be treated. She passed on what she learned, that the Warriors of Darkness were heading to Xelphatol to summon and subsequently destroy Garuda, then passed out.

After some time and the work of the healers of House Fortemps, Alisaie made a full recovery. Tataru Taru made her some warmer clothes for the frigid climate of Coerthas. Together with the Scions and the Warrior of Light, Alisaie headed to O'Ghomoro to stop the Kobolds from summoning Titan. They were joined by a young Kobold named Ga Bu who wanted to save his parents. Unfortunately they arrived too late and his parents had already been sacrificed. In his sorrow and rage over the loss of his parents, Ga Bu accidentally summoned a stunted version of Titan, which the Warrior of Light and the Scions quickly put down.

Taking pity on the young Kobold who was struggling with what happened, as well as what seemed to be latent Tempering, Alisaie promised to heal him and placed him in the care of the Maelstrom. Almost immediately, they recieve word that the Warriors of Darkness had appeared at the Bowl of Embers and were attacking Ifrit, who had been summoned there. Heading out with the intent to settle matters with them, Alisaie and the Scions make for Thanalan.

Upon arriving at the Bowl of Embers, the Warrior of Light and the Scions do battle with the Warriors of Darkness. Alisaie demonstrated her powers as a Red Mage, calling upon an aetherial blade. Though they fought hard, they were not able to completely defeat the Warriors of Darkness, and were eventually worn down and were about to be defeated, were it not for the intervention of Urianger, revealing that he had played the part of double agent in the hopes of bringing the Warriors of Darkness and the Warrior of Light together. When both used the power of their crystals, everyone present was brought to the Aetherial Sea before The Mothercrystal and Minfilia, who had been appointed as the Voice of the Mother, speaking on behalf of Hydaelyn. SHe agreed to travel to The First with the Warriors of Darkness to prevent further destruction by The Flood of light. Saying their goodbyes, the Scions were returned to their realm. Back at the Rising Stones, Alisaie officially joined the Scions as a full time member.

When The Griffin appeared and began rallying troops to join the battle for the liberation of Ala Mhigo, the Scions and the Eorzean Alliance were initially wary. However, when reports came that The Griffin was planning to attack Baelsar's Wall, the Alliance had troops standing by to prevent the battle from spilling over into the Black Shroud. This was part of the Griffin's plan however, as he had his troops dress in the uniforms of the Grand Companies to appear as though Eorzea had backed the invasion, thereby pulling them into the conflict. The Scions joined the battle at the wall, reaching the top where the Griffin was waiting. After a tense battle, they thought they had managed to defeat him, however he had obtained the Eyes of Nidhogg and had planned to use the sacrifices of those fighting at the wall, as well as his own rage, to channel the aether of the Eyes and summon a Primal that would liberate his homeland. He cast himself over the side of the wall to his death, which acted as the catalyst for the summoning.

Recognizing there was little left to do, Papalymo sent his comrades away so that he could invoke the same seal attempted by Louisoix at the Battle of Carteneau. Though they protested, Papalymo gave his life regardless, and sealed the Primal Shinryu for the time being. Back in the Black Shroud, Alisaie mourned the loss of her friend with the rest of the Scions, and joined them at the [Lotus Stand]] to discuss their plan moving forward. When Nero tol Scaeva appeared and suggested the Allagan anti-primal weapon Omega, the Warrior of Light, Cid nan Garlond and a few of the Scions went along to help defend from attacking Garlean soldiers and activate the machine. Alisaie stayed behind, and witnessed the battle between Shinryu and Omega in the skies above The Wall.

With Eorzea pulled into the conflict, the Scions pledge themselves to the Ala Mhigan Resistance and anything they may need. When Zenos yae Galvus attacked Rhalgr's Reach with the XIIth Imperial Legion and The Skulls, Alisaie fought alongside everyone in an attempt to drive them off, but it soon became clear that no one there was a match for Zenos, even the Warrior of Light. Afterwards, Alisaie assisted in healing and taking care of everyone who had survived the attack. At the suggestion of Alphinaud, she joined the Warrior of Light, Lyse Hext, Tataru and her brother in traveling across the sea to Kugane to attempt to start a rebellion with the people of Doma, forcing Zenos to fight on two fronts. Before leaving, Urianger gifted her a rapier and crystal foci to use instead of having to summon aetherial blades, as they were far too taxing on her to be reliable.

Alisaie and the Scions convince The Confederacy to join their cause after dealing with the Kojin and slaying the Primal Susano. They witness the cruelty of the Imperial viceroy, Yotsuyu, which prompts the group to attempt to recruit some of the local villagers to fight for their cause, which was easier said than done. However, after witnessing the bravery of Yugiri, Gosetsu, Alisaie and the Warrior of Light when they fought against Zenos again, they were able to rise up and brandish weapons against the crown prince, which prompted him to leave.

Alphinaud suggested that they seek out Hien Rijin to motivate and lead the people in rebellion. Though she wanted to join them, Alisaie stayed behind with Alphinaud and helped prepare for the incoming attack on Doma Castle. When the Warrior of Light returned with Hien and the battle began, Alisaie fought alongside her comrades to dispose of the Imperial soldiers and clear Doma Castle of any remaining Garleans. Though the castle was blown into the river, it still signified the freedom of Doma.

Alisaie returned with the rest of the Scions to Ala Mhigo and helped in the war effort as they pushed from castrum to castrum, slowly taking back more and more land. At the battle of Castrum Abania, Alisaie faced off against Fordola after she gave the order to fire upon her own people simply to take out one of the towers that the resistance had occupied. However, Fordola had been augmented with a synthetic Echo, allowing her to predict Alisaie's movements. She struck a powerful blow on her, knocking her unconscious. She was taken back to Rhalgr's Reach and treated, unable to participate in the battle to liberate Ala Mhigo.

FOllowing the death of Zenos and her brother leaving for Garlemald to investigate the rumors of Zenos still being alive, her Scion allies slowly began falling comatose for seemingly no reason. She joined the Warrior of Light at The Burn and witnessed the activation of Seiryu's Wall, and met with Gaius van Baelsar, who brought her brothers comatose body back to them after he had fallen comatose. Alisaie fought alongside the Warrior of Light, but eventually ended up falling comatose as well, thanks to the summoning of the Crystal Exarch, and was taken to The First.

When she arrived on Norvrandt, she learned that time there moved differently from on the Source, and her companions had actually been there for upwards of five years. SHe learned of the plight of the people there, the Sin Eaters, and learned about the future the Crystal Exarch came from, and the Eighth Umbral Calamity that caused the death of the Warrior of Light. She worked with Urianger on figuring out how they may prevent that future from coming to pass, and ended up out hunting the Sin Eaters in Amh Araeng, joining with a woman named Tesleen at The Inn at Journey's Head, a caregiver for those who have been infected by Sin Eaters.

When a large group of Sin Eaters attacked the Inn, Alisaie fought against them to protect those who were inside. She noticed Halric, a young boy at the Inn, had disappeared into the desert, and joined the Warrior of Light and Tesleen in looking for him. They find Halric in the middle of the desert, being confronted by a Sin Eater and rush to save him. Tesleen charged and attacked the Sin Eater and tried to get Halric to run away, but was impaled in the process, and was turned into a Sin Eater. To get her revenge, Alisaie joined the Warrior of Light at The Crystarium, where they learn that they must defeat the Lightwardens to prevent the Rejoining, which would empower the Black Rose that destroyed the Source.

The first Lightwarden was located in Lakeland, so Alisaie, the Warrior of Light, and the other Scions made for Holminster Switch to slay it. Alisaie helped defeat the Sin Eater that attacked Tesleen, as well as Tesleen herself, putting her to rest. Following a brutal battle, the Lightwarden was defeated, and the Warrior of Light was able to absorb the Light Aether, thereby returning the night to Norvrandt.

Alisaie joined the Warrior of Light and Alphinaud to Il Mheg, home of the Pixies, where they reunited with Urianger. They work together to entreat with the Faefolk and eventually enter Voeburt castle and engage with Titania, the king of the Fae and the Lightwarden. While the Warrior of Light battled Titania, Alisaie and the Scions fought of the soldiers of Eulmore, who believe that the Lightwardens must not be slain. After the Lightwarden is felled and Feo Ul is named the new king of the Fae, the Eulmorrans were driven out of Il Mheg.

Following their victory at Il Mheg, the Exarch suggested the Scions split up to locate the remaining Lightwardens, with Alisaie returning to Amh Araeng. She returned to The Crystarium a little later to help defend against the attack of Sin Eaters sent by Lord Vauthry for killing the Lightwardens. After the battle, she states that she believed the Lightwarden of Amh Araeng was located within a mine known as Malikah's Well, but would be near impossible to locate it in the vast mine. The young reincarnation of Minfilia suggested merging with the "Real" Minfilia and sacrificing herself so she could inhabit her body and help locate the Lightwardens. The group headed for The Wall, the massive wave of light that had been frozen in place by Minfilia a century ago before she disappeared. While the Warrior of Light, Minfilia, Urianger and Thancred moved to The Wall, Alisaie moved in the opposite direction to draw the attention of the Eulmorran soldiers hunting them down. After they met with Minfilia and the young girl was renamed Ryne by Thancred, Alisaie joined them at Malikah's Well, where they defeated the Lightwarden there.

Alisaie and the others continued hunting the Lightwardens, eventually defeating the final Lightwarden, who turned out to be none other than Vauthry himself. After the events where Emet-Selch revealed his plan to turn the Warrior of Light into an all-powerful Lightwarden and destroy the remainder of The First. The Warrior of Light, joined by Alisaie and the other Scions, confronted him in Amaurot and defeated him, trapping him with White Auracite and defeating him.

While the Scions and the Crystal Exarch were working to discover a method to return home, they sought the aid of a Nu Mou named Beq Lugg, a master of Aether and all matters of the soul. Alisaie and the Warrior of Light made for the edifice known as The Grand Cosmos, passing the tests placed before them to meet with the Nu Mou to ask for his help. He agreed and headed back to The Crystarium.

At some point, Elidibus in the body of Ardbert appeared to make a speech about the Warrior of Light to restore the people's faith in them. By using the hopes of the people to deify the Warrior of Light, Elidibus was able to become the incarnation of the first ever Warrior of Light. Alisaie and the other Scions joined the Warrior of Light in fighting through The Heroes' Gauntlet to reach the Crystal Tower, where they confronted Elidibus and defeated him, sealing him within the Tower.

Before they returned home to the Source, Alisaie learned of a method to cure those infected by the Sin Eaters. Using the foundation of this, she was able to devise a method to cure the Primal Tempering. With the help of Matoya, she is able to develop a familiar to aid in channeling the Aether required for the spell. Curing Ga Bu, Alisaie brought her findings to the Eorzean Alliance, which they used as part of a treaty with the various Beast Tribes to strengthen the connection between all who call Eorzea home so they could stand a chance against the crumbling Garlean Empire.

When several strange towers appeared around the world, the Ascian Fandaniel revealed his existence and plan to destroy the world by causing the Final Days again. He claimed responsibility for the towers, and challenged the Warrior of Light to stop him. When Fandaniel and the Lunar Primals appeared and attacked Paglth'an, Alisaie joined the Warrior of Light and the other Scions in fighting off the Tempered and helped defeated Lunar Bahamut.

Realizing the threat Fandaniel and the Telophoroi pose to the world, the Scions suggest reaching out to all nations for assistance, Sharlayan included. To their surprise, Sharlayan sent an envoy to speak to the Alliance, none other than Fourchenalt Leveilleur, the twins' father himself. He told them that The Forum had no intentions in joining any plans Eorzea had, choosing to remain neutral. He also renounced the actions of his children before disowning them and leaving.

Though the words stung, Alphinaud and Alisaie realized that his actions were suspicious, leading them to believe The Forum knew something. With no other options before them, the party decide to head to Sharlayan themselves to see what they can learn.

Alisaie, the Warrior of Light and the Scions traveled across the sea to Sharlayan under the pretense of restarting the Students of Baldesion. The Scions split into two groups, one staying at the Studium library, researching for anything that may indicate the warning signs of the Final Days, while the other moved to Thavnair to meet with the Alchemists there to learn what they could do to counteract the effects of the Towers. With the help of the Warrior of Light, Nidhana, the Warding Scales were completed.

Following Nidhana's capture, the Scions mounted an assault on The Tower of Zot using the Warding Scales. Alisaie joined the attack, helping to lay the Primal versions of The Magus Sisters low. After destroying the core of the tower, it vanished, freeing all those who were imprisoned within.

With the success at the Tower of Zot, and the Warding Scales, the Eorzean Alliance decided to take the opportunity to advance on Garlemald, to offer humanitarian aid to the citizens who have yet to escape. Joining the Ilsabard contingent, Alisaie took part in the battle against the IIIrd Imperial Legion and the Tempered Garlean soldiers, helping to clear the path to a small abandoned outpost, which they named Camp Broken Glass.

When a young woman was spotted on the outskirts of the camp, Alphinaud, Alisaie and the Warrior of Light followed her where they discovered a small group of civilians. It was clear that the people here did not trust the Eorzean "savages", despite them doing what they could to prove that they were here to help. Alisaie and the Warrior of Light made for a small camp to attempt to secure Ceruleum for them, and had to knock out several guards who believed they were there to steal from them. Upon returning, they found Alphinaud standing over unconscious civilians who had attacked him so the young woman and her very ill sister she had been hiding could escape. Alisaie attempted to catch up to them before anything happened, but found them dead near the entrance of a cave. Horrified by what had happened, She assisted in carrying their bodies back to their camp where they could be buried.

Returning to Camp Broken Glass, they explained what they learned, and the group realize that the radio may have acted as a crude form of a Warding Scale, which explained how some of the civilians remained Untempered. When Cirina Mol tells the group that they captured a Garlean attempting to steal their supplies, they meet with the young man, named Jullus from the Ist Imperial Legion. He showed his extreme disgust at the Eorzeans, and begrudgingly took their offer of supplies under the condition that only three may escort him. The twins and the Warrior of Light volunteer, and they are taken back to Tertium, a small underground train station.

Alphinaud, Alisaie and the Warrior of Light meet with the Garleans and their leader, Quintus van Cinna and attempt to convince them to come to the camp and they will be helped. Qintus explained that he was planning to retake the city, and was waiting for the reinforcements of the Xth Imperial Legion. Believing he could gain some advantage over the Eorzeans, he took them hostage as political prisoners, fitting the twins with shock collars. He forced them and the Warrior of Light to search for Ceruleum, not for the heaters but for the warmachina for their invasion of the capitol. Jullus also revealed that the twins would be forced to stay with the Garleans until the Eorzeans relinquished their supplies and left Garlean soil. Though they repeated that they were only trying to help and that their people would freeze or starve before long, their pleas fell on deaf ears. The twins were taken away and the Warrior of Light was sent back to camp.

Later, after Estinien attacked Tertium and freed the twins, it was revealed that the reinforcements had actually surrendered to the Eorzean Alliance and asked for their help, not believing they had enough soldiers left to attack the tower after some disaster befell them. Quintus, as a last act, set his people free to choose what they wanted to do, and took his own life. The Garleans were welcomed into Camp Broken Glass, given food and shelter. When a loud roar erupted from the tower in the city, the Garleans began to all suffer the effects of Tempering, while the Warding Scales suddenly activated.

Following the events of the Warrior of Light being body swapped with Zenos, the Scions and the Eorzean Alliance mount an assault on The Tower of Babil. Alisaie was amongst those who climbed the tower and destroyed the Primal Anima. With the destruction of Anima, the towers no longer functioned and began disappearing.

With the mass panic back at the camp, the twins returned and aided the members of the Alliance in quelling the Garleans and ensuring they did not hurt themselves or anyone else. When the Warrior of Light returned and explained everything that had happened on the moon; the destruction of Zodiark and Fandaniel, and the breaking of the seal that would cause the Final Days, and the Loporrits. With the Final Days upon them, Alisaie visited the Warrior of Light later that night, expressing her thanks for everything they had done, and also her concern that something may happen to them, and that they should take better care of themselves.

The following day, the Final Days came upon Thavnair, and the Blasphemies began to appear. Alisaie battled alongside the Warrior of Light and the other Scions, while also trying to keep the civilians calm. Managing to bring things somewhat under control, G'raha Tia suggested the Warrior of Light return to The First and speak with Elidibus in the Crystal Tower. This leads to a series of events where the Warrior of Light travels back to a time when the world was Unsundered and learned the truth of the Final Days. When they return, they relay what they learned, and what they must do.

The Scions sought to speak to Hydaelyn one last time before departing, and entered into The Aitiascope to reach her, dispersing the remaining aether of past enemies. Alisaie was among those who entered and was tested by Hydaelyn herself to make sure they were strong enough to engage with Meteion. With the last of her strength, she blessed the Scions and the Warrior of Light before fading away.

Confronting their father after learning that the Forum had been in contact with the Loporrits and had been planning to use a ship known as The Ragnarok to transfer their people and a wealth of resources and knowledge to the moon, they convince him and The Forum to allow them to use the ship to travel to the edge of creation, Ultima Thule. Agreeing and believing in his children, Fourchenalt aided in the upgrading of the ship so they could reach their destination.

After embarking and arriving at Ultima Thule, Meteion attacked the party. Thancred sacrificed himself in order to use the power of Dynamis to make the area habitable. With each obstacle, the Scions sacrifice themselves in order to secure the path forward. Reaching the end of the road, Alphinaud, Alisaie and the Warrior of Light realize there is no more path forward. Meteion appeared to taunt them, but the twins sacrificed themselves so the Warrior of Light may continue on and save the world.

Using the power of Azem, the Warrior of Light was able to revive their fallen friends, Alisaie included. She stood beside the Warrior of Light as they traversed The Dead Ends, witnessing the loss of civilizations that Meteion and her sisters had visited and watched die. At the end of the path they faced off against The Endsinger, but were quickly overwhelmed. As a last resort, the Warrior of Light activated the teleportation beacon of The Ragnarok, teleporting the Scions back to the ship and leaving the Warrior of Light to face the Endsinger alone.

When the Warrior of Light appeared back on the ship barely alive, Alisaie wept over their body, begging them to stay alive and return to her, saying she will never forgive them if they don't. When they awoke, she initially berated them for making her worry so, but celebrated their return all the same.

With the Final Days averted, the Scions "officially" disbanded, vowing to return to their old ways and operate in secrecy. Alisaie joined her brother in returning to Garlemald, continuing to offer humanitarian aid and heal the Tempered Garleans there.