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Leader of the Circle of Knowing
Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)

Circle of Knowing
Fourchenault (son)
Ameliance (daughter-in-law)
Alphinaud (grandson)
Alisaie (granddaughter)
Voiced by (JP)
Motomu Kiyokawa
Voiced by (EN)
David Lodge

"Wisdom must serve man."

The wise and wizened former leader of the Circle of Knowing, a fellowship of learned individuals hailing from the far-northern island nation of Sharlayan. In seeking to forestall the calamitous arrival of the Seventh Umbral Era, Louisoix invoked the power of the Twelve, Eorzea's pantheon of guardian deities. Alas, he disappeared amidst a blinding light following the ritual, and has not been seen or heard from since.

— In-game description

Louisoix is an Elezen.

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Louisoix is also a server in the European Chaos Data Center.

Likely the greatest mage of his day, Archon Louisoix Leveilleur was the founder of the Circle of Knowing, an organization of Sharlayan Archons dedicated to delivering Eorzea from the Seventh Umbral Calamity. During the Battle of Carteneau, he amassed aether and prayer in an attempt to halt the descent of the lesser moon Dalamud by summoning the primal incarnation of the Twelve. However, when the primal Bahamut broke free of Dalamud, he failed to contain the dreadwyrm using their power, and sent the Warriors of Light into an aetherial rift to save them from the ensuing destruction.[1][2]


The Archon Louisoix

Louisoix Leveilleur was born in Sharlayan to the prestigious House Leveilleur known for producing talented mages.[3] While precious little is known of his early years, he was fierce rivals with the sorceress Matoya, who describes their relationship as being "constantly at each other's throats" and "like rabid dogs."[4] Both would later rise to the distinguished station of Archon. At some point in his life, he was granted the use of the staff Tupsimati, a secret treasure of Sharlayan. When he was thirty-seven years of age, Louisoix and his wife had their firstborn son, Fourchenault.[3]

Louisoix would later take on several students who became Archons in their own right. After graduating second in his class at the Studium, Papalymo Totolymo came to apprentice beneath him, and distinguished himself as his finest pupil while aiding in his master's endeavors.[5] Sometime later, Louisoix met Thancred Waters in Limsa Lominsa when the boy failed to snatch his purse and the Archon sent him flying to the cobbles. Rather than send him to one of the city-state's prison-hulks, Louisoix offered him the opportunity to use his agility for the sake of his fellow man, and brought him to Sharlayan as an apprentice.[5]

Best known for his vehement opposition to the Sharlayan Forum's stance on the avoidance of war, Louisoix often disagreed with his own son, who was now a member of the Forum, over the decision to abandon the colony in the Dravanian hinterlands.[3] After the city-state of Ala Mhigo fell to the Garlean Empire in 1557, Louisoix and Papalymo's tireless efforts saw a group of refugees—including future Archon Yda Hext and her sister Lyse—granted sanctuary in the Sharlayan colony even as it readied for is exodus.[5] In the year 1561, Louisoix became a grandfather to Fourchenault's twin children, Alphinaud and Alisaie.

The Circle of Knowing

Well-versed in ancient prophecies, Louisoix heeded the words of the The Divine Chronicles writ by Mezaya Thousand-eyes that foretold of the coming of a Seventh Umbral Calamity. In 1562, he gathered twelve of his pupils and founded the Circle of Knowing, an organization dedicated to the salvation of Eorzea. Its membership included Papalymo, Thancred, and Yda, as well as Y'shtola Rhul (an apprentice of Matoya), Urianger Augurelt, Moenbryda Wilfsunnwyn, and Rammbroes Zasertylsyn. Weary of war and displeased with the Forum's refusal to intervene, they vowed to take matters into their own hands through more clandestine means.[6]

Knowing that the Eorzean Alliance would need to show its teeth to dissuade Garlemald from invading, Louisoix dispatched Thancred to Ul'dah, Y'shtola to Limsa Lominsa, and Papalymo and Yda to Gridania to convince the city-states' leaders to establish Grand Companies. At the same time, the Archons monitored the environmental decay caused by the repeated summoning of primals. Louisoix enlisted the aid of the Students of Baldesion, led by his friend Galuf Baldesion, to search for clues as to how the beast tribes obtained the knowledge to summon their primal gods. The scholars found evidence that the enigmatic figures known as Ascians were involved.[6]

In the year 1568, Louisoix sent Thancred with a letter and mythril dagger as a nameday gift addressed to a young woman whom Thancred had, in part, taken under his care following the Parade Incident of 1562. The girl, Minfilia Warde, possessed the power known as the Echo, and Louisoix wrote to her of what he knew regarding its nature and role in forestalling the coming Calamity. They remained in contact over the following years, with Louisoix expressing his support for her decision to create the Path of the Twelve two years later.[7]

In the year 1572, Archon Louisoix finally decided to leave Sharlayan for the shores of Eorzea. Though Alphinaud voiced no complaint, Alisaie protested from her abiding love for her grandsire, and Fourchenault protested due to his opposition to intervention. He had, however, made up his mind, stating that "To ignore the plight of those one might conceivably save is not wisdom—it is indolence." Shortly before his departure, not long after Alphinaud and Alisaie were admitted into the Studium, Louisoix presented them with Adelphoi—twin grimoires that form a single tome when read together.[8]

Out of a desire to see her walk her own path free of his shadow, Louisoix gave no word to Moenbryda Wilfsunnwyn of his departure despite their closeness as master and pupil.[9]

The Waning of the Sixth Sun

Not long after his arrival in Eorzea, Louisoix came to spend much of his time at Apkallu Falls in Gridania, which he used as a place of meditation. Under his guidance, the Grand Companies of Eorzea conceived a plan to slay the primal Ifrit. Opening a gateway from Gridania to Ifrit's lair in Thanalan, Louisoix made use of an inferno flambeau to beckon the primal to the adventurers. However, none who attempted to fell the Lord of the Inferno returned alive until a certain powerful adventurer appeared before him. Armed with the Archon's sage advice, this adventurer led his party to victory, but was nearly slain by an attack by VIIth Imperial Legion legatus Nael van Darnus. Fortunately, Louisoix was able to teleport the party to safety.[10]

Louisoix would likewise send the adventurer and their party to defeat the primals Good King Moggle Mog XII and Garuda. Yet, even as they labored against the primals, the mad legatus put his plan, the Meteor Project, into motion, attempting to bring down the lesser moon Dalamud to impact Eorzea and annihilate the realm's inhabitants.[10] In the end, destroying the lunar transmitter and slaying the mad legatus failed to halt Dalamud's descent, and the realm hurtled ever closer to Calamity. Louisoix ventured to distant corners of the realm to inscribe the symbols of the Twelve, the guardian deities of Eorzea, in various locations. He entreated the people of Eorzea to offer their solemn prayer for salvation.[10]

The purpose of this was to invoke the power of the primal incarnations of the Twelve themselves, and use their power to repel Dalamud back into the heavens and seal away its power. His plan was not to perform a full summoning, which would risk enthralling the people of Eorzea to the primals' influence, but to merely use a portion of their divine power to save the realm. The Eorzean Alliance accepted this proposal and, upon learning that remnants of the VIIth Legion were amassing at Carteneau Flats to prevent their success, sent their joint armies to ensure Louisoix's safety during the ritual. Arriving shortly after the Battle of Carteneau began, Louisoix gathered massive amounts of aether into Tupsimati in preparation for his invocation.[1]

However, things went horribly awry as the moon unexpectedly cracked open and unleashed its ancient prisoner, the Elder Primal Bahamut, who vented five-thousand years of rancor upon the realm in a matter of moments as debris flew from the broken moon. As the adventurers gathered were nearly harmed by the devastation, Louisoix shielded them with his Protect spell, yet found it stripped away from him twice almost instantaneously. As Bahamut loomed over the Archon, Louisoix invoked the Twelve's power as complex runes in the sky to form the Cocoon of Light—the most powerful sealing enchantment attempted in Eorzean history. While most Eorzeans believe this to be the act that ended the Calamity, in troth, even this proved insufficient to contain the elder primal's wrath, and Bahamut broke free of the cocoon as soon as it formed.[1]

Realizing that his plan had failed, Louisoix acted to spare the adventurers who so valiantly defended the realm from the primals and Nael van Darnus—the Warriors of Light—by invoking the power of Althyk and sealing them in an aetherial rift until such a time as it was safe to return to the realm. As Bahamut's flames engulfed his body, he made a final prayer for the realm's salvation.[2] He fought back against Bahamut's Teraflare, struggling to push it back. even with all his power.[11] Then, drawing from the vast quantities of aether he'd gathered, the collective subconscious of Eorzea's people and prayers for the realm's survival granted Louisoix new form as the primal Phoenix.[12] With his renewed strength, Louisoix pierced through the dreadwyrm's flames and then through his very heart, ending the Seventh Umbral Calamity in spectacular fashion.[11]

In what he believed would be his final moments, Louisoix relinquished the aether he'd gathered to return it to the land, allowing for the rapid regeneration observed in the Seventh Umbral Era. However, this act left him vulnerable to Bahamut, who ensnared Louisoix's essence and enslaved his spirit.[2] The broken Tupsimati would later be found by Kan-E-Senna following the battle and given to Minfilia, who kept it upon the wall of the Solar in both the Waking Sands and Rising Stones as a memento of Louisoix.

The Coils of Bahamut

Five years after the Battle of Carteneau, the Seventh Umbral Era ended with the defeat of Gaius van Baelsar and The Ultima Weapon. Yet as the Grand Companies celebrated the dawn of the Seventh Astral Era, the roar of a primal, that of Bahamut, echoed throughout Mor Dhona. Alisaie Leveilleur, having come to Eorzea with her brother to discover the truth of the Calamity and their grandsire's fate, began an expedition alongside the Warrior of Light to the fragment of Dalamud in the depths of Vylbrand. After defeating the enslaved Meracydian Horde dragon Twintania, Alisaie and the Warrior of Light glimpsed Louisoix's spirit watching over the regenerating husk of Bahamut's physical form.[13]

Alisaie and the Warrior of Light next investigated the Fallen Neurolink in North Shroud, at the depths of which they encountered Nael deus Darnus. After defeating the White Raven, she was freed of her enthrallment to Bahamut and began to speak with Alisaie of her grandfather's fate. Louisoix interrupted their conversation, spearing the legatus through the chest from afar and slaying her for good. After Alisaie stoppered the second coil of Bahamut, Louisoix appeared and sent her flying to the ground with an attack. He then threatened her, warning her to cease her interference with Bahamut's regeneration under threat of death before vanishing once more.[14]

As they made their way to the final coil, Alisaie and the Warrior of Light, now joined by Alphinaud, found their passage barred by Louisoix at 8,872 yalms below the surface. In a tirade to his grandchildren, he revealed that Bahamut's motivation was driven by a need to exact justice on mankind for the crimes of the Allagan Empire against his kin and their homeland of Meracydia. Alphinaud correctly deduced that Louisoix himself had become a primal, and Louisoix revealed his nature as Phoenix to his grandchildren. After a desperate struggle, the Warrior of Light and their adventurer companions triumphed over Louisoix and freed his spirit from its slavery. Thus liberated, Louisoix revealed to all present the truth of the Calamity and how he came to be a primal. As he began to fade into his final death, he granted his grandchildren and the Warrior of Light passage to the core of Bahamut's being, that they might eradicate the elder primal and bring a true end to the Seventh Umbral Era.[15]


Likely the greatest mage of his day, Louisoix Leveilleur was a Sharlayan Archon who was well versed in ancient prophecies. It is also said he delighted in tinkering with magicked items, and that his partiality to decadent sweets such as marron glace did not dim once in his seventy and two years. Louisoix is perhaps best known for his defiance of the Sharlayan Forum's stance on the avoidance of war. He established the Circle of Knowing with twelve Archons for a simple goal: to save all who could be saved. He stood at the van of the united forces of the Eorzean Alliance at Carteneau, and invoked the might of the Twelve as Dalamud came crashing down from the skies. Yet it seemed this was not enough, and in his last moments he prayed that the realm be saved. Through this desperate wish, he was transformed into the immortal Phoenix, and so defeated Bahamut's earthly form. It is thought, however, that as the Elezen relinquished his hold on his power, the elder primal ensnared his essence and enslaved his spirit.


A secret treasure of Sharlayan, Tupsimati holds within its head two magnificent stone tablets, and a horn of unknown origin. It can draw enormous amounts of ambient aether from surrounding environments, and was so used at Carteneau to summon the Twelve. [16]


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