Vesper Bay

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Vesper Bay

Vesper Bay.png
Map of Vesper Bay

The Footfalls
(Western Thanalan)
Connects to
Limsa Lominsa Lower Decks
Horizon (X:22.8, Y:16.9)

statue of Lord Lolorito

A bustling port city strategically situated on the western coast of Thanalan and maintained using funds generously provided by Syndicate chairman Lolorito, Vesper Bay serves as a gateway in and out of sultanate-controlled lands. The colossal bronze statue in the main plaza is said to be an exact likeness of said chairman (when viewed from afar).

— In-game description

Vesper Bay is a settlement in The Footfalls.

Additional Information

As the location of the Waking Sands, parts of the Main Scenario quests take place here. You can find the Side quests such as Feature QuestIf I Had a Glamour, Feature QuestColor Your World, Feature QuestAbsolutely Glamourous and Side QuestSeeds of Change.

You can quickly get to Vesper Bay by traveling via the Aetheryte network to Horizon in Western Thanalan.

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