Crystal Tower

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Crystal Tower Bosses Concept Art

Crystal Tower is a level 50 dungeon divided into many sections. The first section, Labyrinth of the Ancients, requires a full raid of 24 players with average iLvl (item level) of 55 or higher. To unlock the dungeon, players are required to be on the quest Labyrinth of the Ancients and have completed the quest A Performance for the Ages.

The second section of Crystal Tower, Syrcus Tower was released in patch 2.3. The third and final section, The World of Darkness, was released in patch 2.5.

  • Crystal Tower is a dungeon from Final Fantasy III. It will feature the bosses of Final Fantasy III.
  • CT or ct is the acronym for Crystal Tower.

Labyrinth of the Ancients

Labyrinth of the Ancients is the first part of the Crystal Tower, released in patch 2.1. It features 4 bosses and requires the player to have the minimum item level of 55 to enter.

Syrcus Tower

Syrcus Tower is the second part of the Crystal Tower. It was released in patch 2.3.

The World of Darkness

The World of Darkness is the third and final part of the Crystal Tower. It was released in patch 2.5.

Crystal Tower Loot

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