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Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

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Vows of Virtue, Deeds of Cruelty

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Quest giver
Eulmore (X:11.7, Y:11.7)
Quest line
Post-Shadowbringers Main Scenario Quests

Experience 0
Gil 4,200
Previous quest
Moving Forwards
Next quest
Old Enemies, New Threats
Where Eagles Nest
One Final Journey

Alphinaud wears a satisfied smile, seemingly content with the state of Eulmore.

— In-game description




  • Speak with the Crystal Exarch in the Ocular.
  • Speak with Tataru.
    ※ Upon speaking with Tataru several cutscenes and Solo Duty will commence in sequence.
  • Speak with Tataru.


  • Alphinaud wears a satisfied smile, seemingly content with the state of Eulmore.
  • Eulmore is in Master Chai's capable hands, the future looks bright, and even the long-suffering Kai-Shirr seems to have found both a place and purpose. Yet there are still problems that remain to be solved, not least those of your fellow Scions. Alphinaud suggests returning to the Crystarium, hopeful that Beq Lugg has made headway in their research.
  • You arrive to discover that work on the white auracite has not gone as intended. In fact, your comrades have decided to pursue an alternative solution, having realized that their original plans would inevitably have broken the link between mind and soul. While they labor on, Y'shtola suggests you return to the Source and apprise Krile and the others of all that has transpired.
  • Back at the Rising Stones, Tataru greets your return with customary enthusiasm. Though she is eager to hear of your exploits in the First, she insists you wait for Krile, who is in the process of completing routine ministrations on your stricken comrades. No sooner have you told your tale than you are joined-to your considerable surprise-by the elusive Estinien, who brings troubling tidings from the Empire.
  • Estinien's account of his journey into imperial territory is interrupted when both you and Krile are overcome by the power of the Echo. In a series of visions from the dragoon's recent past, you bear witness to the murder of Emperor Varis; a grueling battle with Zenos himself; and an encounter with a mechanical monstrosity bearing a striking resemblance to the Ultima Weapon. When you eventually return to your senses, Estinien presses on with his report, concluding at length that the Empire poses no threat for the present, though it remains to be seen where Zenos will next resurface. His contract with Tataru thus fulfilled, your old friend gruffly takes his leave to the disappointment of all present.
  • Everyone else has resumed their work, leaving you the rare opportunity to enjoy a moment's respite. But can there ever truly be rest for the righteous? The presence of Zenos alone is proof that powerful forces are yet at play, waiting unseen to pounce on any weakness. Until they see fit to reveal themselves, however, you can do naught but steel yourself for what is to come.


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