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One Life for One World

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One Life for One World

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Quest giver
Southern Thanalan (X:19, Y:11)
Quest line
Post-Dragonsong Main Scenario Quests
Experience 5,000
Gil 2,500
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestHonorable Heroes
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestAn Ending to Mark a New Beginning

Main Scenario Progress: 369 / 853 (43.3%)


Heavensward Progress: 128 / 138 (92.8%)


Alphinaud would keep moving forward.

— In-game description


After entering the Bowl of Embers, there will be a sequence of cutscenes and instanced fights. It is recommended that you set aside enough time (approximately 30 minutes, more if you're having trouble with the instanced fights) to complete them.

Upon speaking with Alphinaud, you will enter a solo duty.

  • You will fight alongside Thancred, Alphinaud, and Alisaie against the Warriors of Darkness.
  • The Warrior of Darkness (Warrior) cannot be damaged at first so focus on the Knight of Darkness (Paladin) or Ranger of Darkness (Bard) to limit outgoing damage. The Devout of Darkness (White Mage) can be safely ignored as she focuses only on healing herself and the Magus of Darkness (Black Mage).
  • The Warrior of Darkness has two special moves you should look out for: Skydrive (indicated by a marker over your head) will leave a bleeding AoE field underneath you once it has been cast. Lure this attack away from enemies if you are a melee fighter, so that you do not have to worry about dodging around the puddle. Unlit Cyclone is a triple frontal AoE cleave that can be avoided by running behind him.
  • Each time you defeat a Warrior of Darkness, they will be revived. Continue to defeat them regardless, as it is necessary to complete the duty. The Warrior of Darkness will eventually chain everyone, ending the first phase.
  • Once Urianger joins the fray, you must place all your focus on giving Aether to Alisaie. To do this, interact with and charge the Blade of Light whenever it appears in front of her. Note that this is an interactable object - white text that says "Blade of Light" - immediately in front of Allisaie that you must click on, not on Alisaie directly. As this is just floating white text and naught else, it can be hard to see in all the combat effects happening on screen. Once interacted with, it will disappear for a time as the other Scions contribute their Aether in turn, then reappear for you to click on once more.
  • Do not recklessly attack anyone during this phase, as it draws unneeded enmity. Defeat the Warriors only when they are specifically focused on you or Alisaie; your allies will eventually defeat the others. Focus on enemies targeting Alisaie before focusing on those targeting yourself. Note, however, that you will not be able to successfully interact with the Blade of Light unless you're not currently under attack.
  • The Knight of Darkness will occasionally link himself to his allies via a green line, protecting them from damage much like the Paladin ability Cover. Kill the Knight of Darkness before attacking the link's target.
  • The duty will finish upon fully charging the Blade of Light (after three interactions).



  • If the false Griffin is to be believed, the crystals you seek are somewhere within the stronghold of Zahar'ak, where the Amalj'aa are presumably preparing to summon Ifrit. Given the gravity of the threat, you have no choice but to gather your comrades and proceed there at once. Alisaie has been waiting for Thancred for some time; hopefully the bard has finally arrived.
  • You tell Thancred and Alisaie of your recent reunion with Yda and Papalymo, and of your subsequent encounter with the false Griffin. At the mention of Ifrit's name, they agree without hesitation that you must make haste to the home of the Amalj'aa, for the Scions of the Seventh Dawn are duty-bound to combat the primal menace wheresoever it may arise.
  • Strangely, there appear to be no signs of increased activity, or anything else which might indicate that the Amalj'aa are preparing to summon Ifrit. Could it be that the false Griffin has made a fool of you? And if so, to what end? Though you are sorely tempted to march directly back to the Masks' camp, you must first complete your search, for only by venturing into the Bowl of Embers can you know for certain whether or not a ritual is taking place.
  • To your horror, you find the bodies of countless Amalj'aa waiting for you within the Bowl of Embers, and standing over them the Warriors of Darkness. This time, however, they are come not to slay a primal, but you, the Warrior of Light, in the belief that your death will plunge the realm into chaos and bring about another Umbral Calamity. They duly attack, but your allies are quick to rush to your defense -- not least Alisaie, who conjures an aetheric blade before joining the fray.
  • The battle rages for a time, and eventually you feel the tide turning in your favor. But, in that instant, your counterpart unleashes a potent binding magic, and you and your allies suddenly find yourselves at the mercy of your opponents. Before they can administer the coup de grâce, however, Urianger appears from nowhere, and breaks the aetheric chains around you, revealing himself to have manipulated the Warriors of Darkness as a double agent. With the odds now even, the battle resumes, your enemies fighting with every ounce of their strength to take your life.
  • When the dust finally settles, only you and yours remain standing. However, even in defeat, the Warriors of Darkness remain defiant, drawing forth Crystals of Light and proclaiming that you cannot defeat that which is eternal. It is then that Alphinaud realizes the horrible truth: these desperate men and women of the First are already dead. Bowing his head, their leader declares that they were humble adventurers chosen by the Mothercrystal to serve as Warriors of Light. They did everything that was asked of them, and yet, for all their efforts, and all their many triumphs, their world still fell to ruin. With naught left to say, they raise their crystals high, resolved to withdraw that they might one day return to carry on the fight. Seeing this, however, Urianger enjoins you to raise up your own Crystal of Light, and as it glows brighter and brighter in your hands, its radiance begins to blend with that of the others, until all is swallowed by incandescent, blinding white...
  • You open your eyes to find yourself in the aetherial sea, a familiar voice echoing in your ears. As the others struggle to comprehend what has happened, Urianger raises his hands to the heavens and cries out to Mother Hydaelyn, beseeching Her to grant you an audience with Minfilia in exchange for this bounty of Light. In answer, the Word of the Mother appears and addresses the fallen heroes of the First, declaring that she will travel to their world and draw the abundant Light unto herself, thus redressing the balance. Driven mad by this seemingly impossible reversal of fortunes, their leader makes to strike her down, but she halts his charge with a gesture, assuring him that she speaks true, and that his world will not fall to Light.
  • Turning to you and your allies, she then speaks as Minfilia once more, thanking Urianger for allowing her to see so many of her dearest friends one last time. His voice quavering, the Archon confesses to having orchestrated events to grant Minfilia her freedom, that she might then use her newfound powers to prevent the First from being lost to the void. Though this revelation prompts outrage in your allies, she reassures them that she is happy to have been given such an opportunity. As a final gesture, she entrusts to you Louisoix's broken staff, Tupsimati, praying that you will never have need of it.
  • Their journey at an end, the broken Warriors of Light have a simple request for your departing friend: “Take us with you. Take us home.” And so you bid farewell to them, and to brave Minfilia, who promises that one day, when she has found a way to free this star of her sorrow, she will return, just as you have always returned from your many adventures.
  • You cannot say when or how you all arrived back in Thanalan, but you are certain it was Minfilia's doing. While turning the day's events over in his mind, Alphinaud takes a moment to consider the fate of the Warriors of Darkness. If they were already dead, he reasons, a return to the First may very well mean their permanent demise... But perhaps, after all they had endured, that was their wish.


Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: If we take the Griffin's double at his word, then the crystals are now somewhere within Zahar'ak...ready to be put to use by the Amalj'aa. We must apprise Alisaie of all we have learned. I will join you both in Little Ala Mhigo after I have changed. 

Speak with Alisaie

Alisaie: Now that Thancred has finally arrived, mayhap you could share your latest findings? (Warrior of Light motions). 
Thancred: You mean to tell me that while we were worrying ourselves sick, Yda and Papalymo were here all along? Well, Y'shtola will be relieved. And also angry. Mainly angry, I should think. As for the crystals, what choice do we have? We cannot very well leave them in the hands of the Amalj'aa. For all we know, they could be preparing to summon Ifrit even as we speak. We must make for Zahar'ak without delay. 
Alphinaud: Agreed. If there is naught else to discuss, let us depart at once. 
Masked Man: (watching from nearby). ...And so they go forth, in accordance with the Griffin's plan. The players gather to assume their marks on a stage wreathed in flame...Ere long, the curtain shall rise, and the drama of which I am author, gods forgive me, shall at last be performed.  Naught else remaineth, save to stand at the ready and pray that the chance is seized. For never shall we know its like again. 

Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: I confess - I expected a warmer greeting. But we must not jump to conclusions - not until we have braved the Bowl of Embers. We must be ready to engage the enemy at any moment. If you would make any final preparations, pray do so now. I shall await your signal. 


Thancred: This isn't right. The Amalj'aa would never leave this place so poorly guarded. 
Alisaie: Not willingly, no.  (Warriors of Darkness are shown battling the Amalj'aa).
Warrior of Darkness: Hah hah! Ahhh, the saviors of Eorzea. Slow as ever. 
Alphinaud: By the Twelve... Will you never learn? 
Warrior of Darkness: You know, you're right. Mayhap it is time for a change of tack. Killing primals, tormenting beastmen, hastening the birth of a new god. It's all a bit much, isn't it? And frankly, we don't have the leisure to do it. Killing the Warrior of Light, on the other hand - that would soon plunge Eorzea into chaos. One life for one world. A fair exchange - wouldn't you agree!? 
Thancred: Lest you forget, you've more than one opponent! 
Alphinaud: Carbuncle, defend me!
Ranger of Darkness: I sense you will offer more than mere target practice. Unlike your sister. (Explosion hits Alisaie)
Alphinaud: Alisaie!
Alisaie: Did...did I not tell you, Alphinaud? I am not the girl I once was. My brother was always the clever one, while my talents lay elsewhere... If you would dare to stand against us, to destroy all that we hold dear, then you shall die by my sword! 
Warrior of Darkness: Let's finish this! 
Warrior of Darkness: It ends, now! (Warriors of light are chained up by the warriors of Darkness, but someone breaks the chains).
Alphinaud: The chains! 
The Warrior of Darkness: You snake. You would betray us as well? 
Masked Man: He that holdeth fast unto his convictions shall never count betrayal amongst his crimes, though all the world may call him villain. My path is unchanged; my creed sacrosanct. This I believe with all my heart. But say, Warrior of Darkness, and speak true - what dost thou believe? That rendering up the souls of thy world in service to the Rejoining will grant it salvation? Nay. 
Alphinaud: By the Twelve - Urianger! 
Urianger: Mine apologies, Master Alphinaud. That the brightest light might shine, duty did compel me to walk in the darkest shade. 
Alisaie: You sweet fool. I was almost willing to believe you had turned against us. I expect a full explanation when this is over. For now, may I assume you have turned your cloak for the last time?
Urianger: Thou mayest, my lady.  (Urianger prepares to cast a spell). By thy leave.
Warrior of Darkness: Even odds, then. No matter. We'll crush the lot of you in one fell swoop! (Glances at Magus of Darkness)
Magus of Darkness: Understood.
Alisaie: Hearken to me! We only have one chance! Channel your aether into my blade that I might strike before the mage casts his spell! I cannot do it alone, but together...together, we can defeat them! Make ready! They come! 
Alphinaud: (Alisaie has defeated the Warriors of Darkness via channeling aether. She's fallen to one knee. ). Alisaie! Are you hurt? 
Alisaie: A touch dizzy, but otherwise fine. Thank you. 
Thancred: And there you have it. Our friend is too stubborn to die. 
Warrior of Darkness: Hmph. We are far from finished. Or have you never considered how we came to this world? (Warrior of Darkness smiles and takes out a crystal)
Thancred: Crystals? You mean...like the Ascians? 
Urianger: Just so. As the Ascians flee unto the rift 'twixt planes with the Crystals of Darkness, so did these warriors come hither with Crystals of Light. 
Warrior of Darkness:Eloquent, as always. Aye, like the Ascians, we too are beyond death! You cannot defeat that which is eternal! (Warrior prepares to use the crystal, and Thancred readies his weapons)
Alphinaud: Wait! Such methods as the Ascians employ require the renunciation of the flesh. You...you would have had to... (Warrior of Darkness closes his eyes)
Warrior of Darkness: At long last, you see. To save our world, we gave our lives. We were just adventurers trying to make our way. An odd job here, a favor there - we never aspired to be Warriors of Light. But word of our deeds spread, and soon people were calling us heroes. They placed their hopes and dreams on our shoulders and bid us fight for all that was good and right. We fought and we fought and we fought...until there was no one left to fight. We won...and now our world is being erased from existence. (All of the Warriors of Darkness look saddened). We did everything right, everything that was asked of us, and still - still it came to this! You of all people should understand! We cannot - we will not falter. We brought our world to the brink of destruction, and now we must save it. 
Knight of Darkness: I've died before, Arbert. I'm not afraid to die again. 
Devout of Darkness: No matter how many times we fall, we must rise and carry on the fight. For those we left behind. (All the Warriors of Darkness take out crystals)
Urianger: (Shakes his head). To have known the depths of sorrow and embrace the highest sacrifice - nonetheless...Master Louisoix, guide my hand, I pray you, as fate's thread spinneth upon this most capricious spindle. Quickly! Thou must needs invoke the power of thy crystal! (Warrior of Light takes out their crystal as well). 

Inside Hydaelyn's space

Alphinaud: What is this place? 
Hydaelyn: Such pain... Such sorrow... Oh, my dear children... 
Thancred: I-it can't be! 
Urianger: Mother Hydaelyn, hearken unto Your children's plea! From two worlds do we gather, and from two worlds do we offer a bounty of Light. In this desperate hour, we do beseech Your intercession! We beg an audience with the Word of the Mother - with Your chosen, Minfilia! 
Hydaelyn: Your cries go not unheard... Nor your sacrifices unnoticed... Though many are lost, there are those we can yet save... Whom I can yet save... 
Alphinaud: Minfilia! 
The Word of the Mother: Blessed children of the First. The light of your world hath grown blinding in its radiance, but it is not yet absolute. I will hie me to your world and there take unto myself the Light which riseth even now to drown it, as Darkness once did drown another.
Warrior of Darkness: Now you deign to answers our prayers!? I will suffer this farce no longer!  (Warrior of Darkness charges Minfilia and is stopped)
Minfilia: As the Ascians must serve as instruments of Zodiark's will, so too must others carry out the will of Hydaelyn. But for the boon you have granted Her, She has grown strong enough to set me free, that I might serve as Her emissary. Your suffering, your sacrifice, your supplications - She has heard all. We will not let the First fall to Light. (Warrior of Darkness withdraws). Thank you, Urianger, for bringing everyone here. it fills my heart with joy to look upon the faces of my friends once more. 
Urianger: In taking you unto Her bosom, I knew that Hydaelyn had bequeathed to you a sliver of Her grace, granting you strength long sough. And in treating with the Ascians, I learned of a star like unto our own - a doomed world of fallen heroes, in whom I glimpsed ourselves. The First. Full long did I search for a means to save this world, concluding at the last that the answer lay in the power of blessed crystals. And thus did I labor to set Light against Dark. Yet I knew from the beginning that this salvation would not come without sacrifice, for the instrument of the First's deliverance would  of necessity be required to journey thither...there to remain, mayhap forever.  
Alphinaud: You orchestrated all of this not to save her, but to send her away!? 
Urianger: One life for one world. Such was the bargain, and you the coin, though it were not mine to spend. 
Minfilia: Have we not walked together in the light of the Crystal, and at Her bidding borne witness to the joys and sorrows of this land? Each and every one of you knows my heart. If this be the price I must pay, I pay it gladly. 
Thancred: ...You would go alone then? 
Minfilia: My dearest Thancred... You who have ever watched over me... I am truly grateful for all you have done on my behalf, as would my father be. Your kindness, your compassion, your love... These are your gifts to me, and our gifts to them, forming a bond which transcends time and space. 
Thancred: Sometimes I forget you are not the child I once knew. Make me proud. 
Minfilia: Long have I watched you from Hydaelyn's side. Watched as you nurtured and kept safe the light of the dawn. The dark recesses of the world hide untold secrets and dangers. Thus do I entrust to you Tupsimati. I pray you keep to the path that you may never have need of it. 
Magus of Darkness: 'Twould seem the power of our crystals is all but spent. Perhaps...if there is naught else to be done... (Ranger shrugs, Knight nods, Devout nods, all to the Warrior of Darkness).
Warrior of Darkness: Hear me, servant of Hydaelyn. If you would have us place our trust in you, then I would ask a favor. Take us with you. Take us home. We were blind to the truth once. So I tell you this, as one fool to another. Light, Dark, it doesn't matter. What matters is how you choose to use them. We made our choice, and you see what came of it. So please...forge a different path. Seize a better fate. (all the warriors of darkness disappear)
Minfilia:' 'Tis a strange feeling. So many times have I watched you depart, my heart filled with worry, and ever did you return to me in triumph. Someday, when I have found a way to free this tar from Her sorrow, I promise you I shall repay the favor. 


Minfilia: Thank you, F'lhaminn...for everything. (Lhaminn sheds a tear).

Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: ...It would seem we are in southern Thanalan once again. Minfilia's doing, no doubt. May the Twelve speed her on her way...and the Warriors of Darkness too. I cannot help but wonder what awaits those wayward souls. If they gave their lives in order to travel to the Source, then in returning to the First, would they not...? ...But mayhap that was their wish.