The Intercession of Saints

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The Intercession of Saints

Quest giver
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:26, Y:17)
Quest line
Seventh Astral Era

Experience 4,800
Gil 658
Previous quest
Coming to Terms
Next quest
Strength in Unity

Recent developments have given Alphinaud much to consider.

— In-game description


Optional rewards



  • Given the decidedly unfortunate timing of Iceheart's most recent attack, Alphinaud cannot help but wonder if the gods themselves are conspiring against him. Yet even if they were, he would not hesitate to defy them. Follow him and speak with Lord Haurchefant to learn more of the heretics' activities.
  • The route taken by the caravan was known only to a few, yet by all accounts, the ambush laid by the heretics was executed flawlessly -- a fact which does not escape Aymeric's subordinate. In spite of this, Alphinaud believes that a thorough examination of the ambush site must be conducted before pursuing other avenues of inquiry. Travel to Boulder Downs and question the House Fortemps knights keeping watch there.
  • One of the knights investigating the scene shares his thoughts with you regarding the attack, speculating that the heretics came prepared with their own wagons to transport the crates. He also makes mention of a squire who survived the attack, who is currently receiving care at the Observatorium. With luck, he will have regained consciousness by the time you arrive.
  • The wounded squire's words paint a grim picture indeed. Disguised as pilgrims, Iceheart and her brethren slaughtered the caravan's guards, and the young man only survived by feigning his own death. As he lay still in the snow, he heard the heretics speak of "Shiva's resurrection" -- the thought of which fills the squire with disbelief and dread in equal measure. Alphinaud must know what the squire saw.
  • Apostate to the Holy See, patron saint to the heretics, Shiva lay down with dragons long ago. But she is long dead, and the dead are forever lost to us... are they not? The heretics seem convinced that her resurrection is nigh, but Alphinaud believes it to be something far worse: the summoning of yet another primal, made possible with the crystals stolen from the caravan. If he is right, Iceheart's plan cannot be allowed to come to fruition.

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