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One of the great seven wyrms born of Midgardsormr.

He is said to have terrorized Coerthas since Ishgard's founding, spreading death and destruction for the past thousand years.

History speaks most notably of his clash with King Thordan I. Though the battle cost the lives of the king and many of his men, Nidhogg would not escape unscathed. The hero Haldrath plucked from his skull a trophy-a treasure simply know as "the Eye."

This relic of unimaginable power remains sealed deep within the vaults of Ishgard.

— In-game description

Nidhogg is a boss found in The Aery.


Name Type Rarity Quantity
Paladins tyrfing arms (il 136) icon1.png  Paladin's Tyrfing Arms (IL 136) Other BDungeon 1
Skeggiold icon1.png  Skeggiold Marauder's Arm BDungeon 1
Dainslaif icon1.png  Dainslaif Dark Knight's Arm BDungeon 1
Grasitha icon1.png  Grasitha Lancer's Arm BDungeon 1
Wargfangs icon1.png  Wargfangs Pugilist's Arm BDungeon 1
Katayama icon1.png  Katayama Samurai's Arm BDungeon 1
Hofuds icon1.png  Hofuds Rogue's Arm BDungeon 1
Astrild icon1.png  Astrild Archer's Arm BDungeon 1
Gjallarhorn icon1.png  Gjallarhorn Machinist's Arm BDungeon 1
Gambanteinn icon1.png  Gambanteinn Two-handed Thaumaturge's Arm BDungeon 1
Morkinskinna icon1.png  Morkinskinna Arcanist's Grimoire BDungeon 1
Verdun icon1.png  Verdun Red Mage's Arm BDungeon 1
Mistilteinn icon1.png  Mistilteinn Two-handed Conjurer's Arm BDungeon 1
Fagrskinna icon1.png  Fagrskinna Scholar's Arm BDungeon 1
Muspell icon1.png  Muspell Astrologian's Arm BDungeon 1
Orthodox coat of fending icon1.png  Orthodox Coat of Fending Body BDungeon 1
Orthodox coat of maiming icon1.png  Orthodox Coat of Maiming Body BDungeon 1
Orthodox tunic of striking icon1.png  Orthodox Tunic of Striking Body BDungeon 1
Orthodox tunic of scouting icon1.png  Orthodox Tunic of Scouting Body BDungeon 1
Orthodox tunic of aiming icon1.png  Orthodox Tunic of Aiming Body BDungeon 1
Orthodox robe of casting icon1.png  Orthodox Robe of Casting Body BDungeon 1
Orthodox robe of healing icon1.png  Orthodox Robe of Healing Body BDungeon 1
Orthodox longkilt of fending icon1.png  Orthodox Longkilt of Fending Legs BDungeon 1
Orthodox longkilt of maiming icon1.png  Orthodox Longkilt of Maiming Legs BDungeon 1
Orthodox trousers of striking icon1.png  Orthodox Trousers of Striking Legs BDungeon 1
Orthodox trousers of scouting icon1.png  Orthodox Trousers of Scouting Legs BDungeon 1
Orthodox trousers of aiming icon1.png  Orthodox Trousers of Aiming Legs BDungeon 1
Orthodox longkilt of casting icon1.png  Orthodox Longkilt of Casting Legs BDungeon 1
Orthodox longkilt of healing icon1.png  Orthodox Longkilt of Healing Legs BDungeon 1
Lesser panda icon2.png  Lesser Panda Minion ABasic 1
Triple Triad Card r5.png  Nidhogg Card   Drops at a fixed rate. Triple Triad Card 1


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Aery Unknown 55
The Final Steps of Faith Unknown 60
The Minstrel's Ballad: Nidhogg's Rage Unknown 60
Dragonsong's Reprise (Ultimate) Unknown 90


Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Into the Aery Main Scenario quest 55 Estinien
An End to the Song Main Scenario quest 60 Aymeric
Nidhogg's Rage Feature quest 60 Alys

Additional Information


"Wicked mortals! I shall melt your flesh, and turn your bones to ash!"

One amongst the seven great wyrms, Nidhogg is evil incarnate—the selfsame abomination who mercilessly slew the beloved King Thordan I, father of the Holy See...or at least according to the Enchiridion and the teachings of the Ishgardian Orthodox Church.