Ready to Fly

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Alphinaud - The Rising Stones (x6, y5)
Requirements Level 55
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 67200    Gil 1013
Previous Quest Next Quest
A Brave Resolution Into the Aery


  • Meet up with Cid at the Skysteel Manufactory in Foundation (x8, y10)
  • Speak with the House Fortemps Guard at The Pillars (x11, y11) to enter Fortemps Manor.
  • Once inside Fortemps Manor, speak with Estinien (x6, y6).
  • Speak with the Temple Knight Guard at Foundation (x13, y11) to enter the Seat of the Lord Commander.
  • Speak with Estinien at Foundation (x13, y11).


  • Speak with Cid at the Skysteel Manufactory.
  • Speak with Estinien in Fortemps Manor.
  • Visit the Seat of the Lord Commander.
  • Speak with Estinien.


  • Alphinaud asks that you return to Ishgard to check on the progress of the manacutter while he coordinates the ongoing search efforts with the remaining Crystal Braves. Make your way to the Skysteel Manufactory and speak with Cid.
  • Though confounded by your uncannily perfect timing, Cid is happy to announce the near-completion of the manacutter prototype. Whilst he and his employees make the final adjustments to their latest creation, he bids you visit Fortemps Manor, where Estinien awaits.
  • You meet with Estinien, who appears to have been kept apprised of recent developments by Tataru. With but a few minor touches to be made before the manacutters are ready to fly, the dragoon suggests that you disclose the details of your plan to Ser Aymeric. Proceed to the Congregation of Our Knights Most Heavenly, and speak with the guardsman within to be admitted to the Seat of the Lord Commander.
  • Alphinaud belatedly joins your audience with Ser Aymeric, and together you recount the long and difficult path that has led you to this point. Having listened to your plans, the lord commander eagerly offers his own blade for the battle ahead, forcing Estinien to remind him of his duties as the city's protector. No sooner has Ser Aymeric relented than Alphinaud declares his determination to join you, only conceding defeat after some typically candid words from the Azure Dragoon. Inquire as to Estinien's reason for denying your fellow Scion his wish.
  • Estinien acknowledges Alphinaud's potential, but believes the task of defeating Nidhogg will be challenging enough without the need to carry an inexperienced ally. You are forced to concede that even with the power of the Eye, the outcome of the battle is far from assured...