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When We Were Free

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When We Were Free

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Quest giver
Southern Thanalan (X:18, Y:13)
Quest line

Experience 16,740
Gil 745
Previous quest
Beneath a Star-filled Sky
Next quest
Honorable Heroes

Alphinaud is eager to get to work.

— In-game description



  • It is not exactly a well-kept secret that the Resistance has an established presence in Little Ala Mhigo. Even refugees who are not directly involved in the organization are likely to possess some information concerning its activities -- or so Alphinaud would like to believe. Whether or not they will speak openly of such things to outsiders is, of course, a different matter. Nevertheless, unasked questions are wont to go unanswered.
  • Several of the residents make mention of a mysterious man named the Griffin, a revolutionary leader who always wears a mask in public. A charismatic figure, he seems to have inspired a good many of the refugees to rally to his standard, and there are even rumors that he and his Masks have a secret weapon they plan to use against the Garlean occupiers.
  • Alphinaud and Alisaie's inquiries yield similar information to yours, and after reviewing your collected findings, you conclude it is highly likely that the Masks are the group who received the shipment of crystals from Ishgard. This, combined with the fact that their passion for Ala Mhigan liberation borders on the fanatical, does lend credence to the theory that the revolutionaries are plotting to summon a primal. Even so, it would be unwise to act on such suspicions without first obtaining confirmation, and to that end, a conversation with Gundobald, the settlement's leader, would seem to be in order.
  • Though the fires of idealism often fade with age and experience, Gundobald admits that even he has found inspiration in the Griffin and his deeds. Yet he has not forgotten how Wilred and his friends were once led astray, and how all might have ended in still greater tragedy had you not intervened. Determined that his people should never again fall prey to the machinations of manipulative men, he bids you journey to the Sunken Temple of Qarn, where the Griffin is due to speak, and weigh the worth of his words for yourself.
  • The Griffin is every bit the silver-tongued speaker, painting a picture of a homeland abandoned and of a people forsaken. His words conjure feelings of guilt, yet also offer the promise of redemption -- of bloody retribution, and of glorious freedom, won with a power residing in the hearts of the brave and true. Muttering darkly to himself, Alphinaud surveys the congregation... and catches sight of two very familiar faces: Yda and Papalymo! Though you have many questions, it is agreed that the temple is no place for lengthy discussions, and so you slip away while the crowd watches the Griffin in rapt attention.
  • Yda and Papalymo reveal that having parted ways with you after the fateful banquet, they slipped out of the city with the aid of some old friends from the Resistance. These goodly souls duly sheltered the two fugitives in Little Ala Mhigo at great personal risk, and so they deemed it only fair to remain for a time, assisting them in their operations to repay the favor. When Papalymo subsequently learned of the Scions' exoneration -- that the Crystal Braves had been denounced and General Raubahn reinstated -- he apparently attempted to reestablish contact. However, it seems likely that his missive was intercepted by the Masks, who are reluctant to allow word of their activities to spread beyond the refugee community. Their tale thus told, you proceed to brief the pair on your ongoing investigation into the missing crystal shipment. While shocked by the idea that the Masks may be planning to summon a primal, they observe that the Griffin and his men have claimed on more than one occasion to possess a means to defeat the Empire... Plainly, much and more remains to be established, but whatever the truth may be, you are sure to find it that much faster with the help of your long-lost allies.