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The Key to Victory

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Main Scenario Quest icon.png

The Key to Victory

Quest giver
The Lochs (X:8.4, Y:21.4)
Quest line
Stormblood Main Scenario
Experience 109,000
Gil 1,827
Previous quest
Upon the Great Loch's Shore
Next quest
The Resonant

Alphinaud remains concerned for his dear friend.

— In-game description


Optional rewards


All gear rewards are HQ HQ icon.png.

Note: it may help to pre-explore the area to the south as your map will not be revealed during the solo duty

Solo Duty:

  1. Follow your allies, killing mobs that they target along the way. You will eventually reach the Saltery.
  2. Search for clues only in the immediate area. There are a total of five initial clues in a small vicinity, but you only need to interact with a magitek alarm behind the destroyed house near Thancred. Head to Wiscar's side and defend him while destroying all enemies in the area. Beware of all enemy's frontal cone attacks, and try not to point them towards Wiscar.
  3. Search for the new diary that pops up in the immediate area, and examine it.
  4. Your new task is to traverse a long trek, going southeast on your map. As you travel, you will see imperial machine enemies, which will indicate you are going the right direction. You can skip through the enemies along the way and head to the monastery (X: 22.4 Y: 35.8 Z:0.4).
    In front of the monastery, there's tall and dark imperial (Magitek avenger E1) blocking the entrance. Kill the two devices attached to it first.
  5. Examine the final destination mark to finish the duty.



  • Alphinaud remains concerned for his dear friend.