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An Uncertain Future

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An Uncertain Future

An Uncertain Future Image.png
Quest giver
Fortemps Manor (X:6.1, Y:6.2)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 745
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestHeavensward
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestBreaking the Cycle

Alphinaud wishes to share the latest developments in the search for the missing Scions.

— In-game description


Choose one of the following options:


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  • Despite Ser Aymeric's decision to disclose the circumstances surrounding his father's disappearance, there is growing unrest in the city of Ishgard. Some dispute the lord commander's version of events, while many who do accept the truth question the measures taken to stop the archbishop. Still others have turned their ire on the clergy whom they claim were complicit in Thordan's deception. Desperate to secure a lasting peace, Ser Aymeric bids you escort Lucia to Anyx Trine, that she might treat with Vidofnir and thereby reestablish diplomatic relations with Hraesvelgr's brood.
  • Lucia admits to knowing little of Anyx Trine or its surrounding lands, and thanks you for agreeing to serve as her escort. As it may be some time before you return to the capital, Alphinaud thinks it best to notify Tataru of your plans prior to departing.
  • Tataru is heartened to learn of your diplomatic mission, and readily concedes that it should take precedence over receiving the Sharlayan scholar. Even so, she encourages you to join the welcoming party in Idyllshire should time permit, as the Sharlayan scholar in question is not just anyone... Before she can elaborate, however, Alphinaud loudly declares that you must return to the Congregation at once. Apparently, the first commander has been kept waiting long enough.
  • Lucia has finished her preparations and is eager to depart. With luck, this will be a momentous journey...