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The Third Seat
Male ♂
Black Mage
Dark Knight
The Rak'tika Greatwood (30.4,17.4)
The Convocation of Fourteen
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Hiroki Takahashi
Voiced by (EN)
René Zagger
Voiced by (FR)
Eilias Changuel
Voiced by (DE)
Andreas Hofer

"No lands must remain beyond our grasp. Go forth. Conquer. Rule."

— In-game description

Emet-Selch is an Ascian found in The Rak'tika Greatwood.

As one of the three remaining unsundered Ascians, Emet-Selch is a primary antagonist of Final Fantasy XIV, and in particular he is the primary antagonist of Shadowbringers. Along with Lahabrea and Elidibus, he is one of the driving forces behind the Rejoinings and hence the Calamities. His last incarnation was Solus zos Galvus; hence he is responsible for the Garlean Empire. He also had a significant hand in the development of the Allagan Empire, though how deep his involvement reaches is unclear.

Shadowbringers Concept Art
Endwalker appearance

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Their Greatest Contribution Main Scenario quest 86 Emet-Selch

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Prelude in Violet Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Seiryu's Wall Main Scenario quest 70 Hien
The Wheel Turns Main Scenario quest 73 Thancred
A Party Soon Divided Main Scenario quest 74 Manager of Suites
Into the Dark Main Scenario quest 74 Urianger
In Good Faith Main Scenario quest 75 Urianger
The Burden of Knowledge Main Scenario quest 75 Almet
The Best Way Out Main Scenario quest 76 Thancred
Have a Heart Main Scenario quest 77 Guthjon
Return to Eulmore Main Scenario quest 77 Manager of Suites
The View from Above Main Scenario quest 78 Urianger
Extinguishing the Last Light Main Scenario quest 79 Chai-Nuzz
Shadowbringers Main Scenario quest 80 Alisaie
Hope Upon a Flower Main Scenario quest 86 Ryne
In Search of Hermes Main Scenario quest 86 Hythlodaeus
Ponder, Warrant, Cherish, Welcome Main Scenario quest 86 Hermes
Verdict and Execution Main Scenario quest 86 Hermes
Travelers at the Crossroads Main Scenario quest 87 Hythlodaeus

Hunger in the Garden Main Scenario quest 87 Hythlodaeus

Follow, Wander, Stumble, Listen Main Scenario quest 87 Hythlodaeus
Caging the Messenger Main Scenario quest 87 Hythlodaeus
You're Not Alone Main Scenario quest 90 Alisaie


Zone Coordinates Level range
The Rak'tika Greatwood (X:30.4, Y:17.4)
Elpis Unknown 87


"Our goal is to ensure that all is right in creation, that our star may know a brighter future."

The man who held the seat of Emet-Selch was a leading member of the Convocation of Fourteen during the Final Days of antiquity. He was known to his peers as Hades before assuming his role as steward of the aetherial realm—or "Underworld" as many then called it. No manner of magic was too difficult for him to comprehend, and he could manipulate aetherial energies so adroitly that the name Hades would become synonymous with the phrase "keeper of the Underworld" in the ancient tongue.

Hades was not given to boasting, but his friendship with Azem saw the latter spread word of his abilities far and wide. Swayed by the recommendations of the Traveler and many others, it was not long before the Convocation selected the young man to join their esteemed ranks. While he affected an air of irritation when pressured to deal with complex matters, he was at his core a conscientious soul not given to leaving problems unsolved, and his interventions earned him the trust of his peers. After all creation was divided into fourteen shards, he and the others who had escaped the sundering sought to return the world to the halcyon days of yore. For this dream they fought, and for this dream they died.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 183

MSQ Involvement

Before Post-Stormblood

Emet-Selch is first mentioned as Solus Zos Galvus in either The Lominsan Envoy, The Gridanian Envoy, or The Ul'dahn Envoy, depending on which city-state the player starts in. There Raubahn describes Solus as being near death, with concerns of succession on the horizon. He is confirmed dead in The Mother of Exiles, at which point Emet-Selch is removed from the story for some time.


Emet-Selch returns in Prelude in Violet. In the post-quest cutscene, Solus is seen once again alive, and gloating about the fact that he is an Ascian to his grandson Emperor Varis. This information is relayed in part to the Warrior of Light in Seiryu's Wall; there Gaius van Baelsar uses the name Emet-Selch for the first time to describe a mysterious third Ascian leader alongside Lahabrea and Elidibus. Varis then informs the Eorzean Alliance that Solus was an Ascian in a fit of rage during Parley on the Front Lines, though this leaves open the question of whether Emet-Selch is in fact that Ascian.


Before becoming a major player, Emet-Selch is seen briefly once more, watching over the battle as the Scions flee Lakeland in The Oracle of Light. He finally makes a true appearance in The Wheel Turns, where he greets the Scions openly in the Crystarium. He confirms that Emet-Selch and Solus are one and the same and blames the fact that the Rejoining of The First has thus far failed, due largely to the events of the Warrior of Darkness questline and in particular One Life for One World. Despite this, he informs the Scions that they do not yet know his true motives and offers a sort of cease fire and a chance to find common ground. When Urianger reveals that this Emet-Selch is only an illusion, he apologizes for the deception and departs, informing the group that they will meet again soon.

This in fact occurs in the next quest, where the Warrior of Light enters the Ocular to find the Scions and Crystal Exarch uneasily playing host to Emet-Selch. Emet informs the group that he would like to observe their quest to defeat the Lightwardens. When he is refused a second time, he once again departs without issue. However, he is quick to return in Into the Dark as the party first ventures into The Rak'tika Greatwood. He makes a show of his "Go forth. Conquer. Rule." quote as Solus, citing a pang of nostalgia for his outburst. He claims that he will stay with the party this time, but quickly departs once again when the Scions are accosted by the Night's Blessed under the assumption that they are Sin Eaters.

Emet-Selch's next appearance is after being captured by the Viis of Fanow. Here he takes his first active role in the story by offering to pull Y'shtola back from the Lifestream, in the hopes that this might convince the Scions that his olive branch is a true offer. After he does this, the Scions finally agree to let him stay for the time being. He does not help with the combat in The Qitana Ravel; however, he is present for the cutscenes afterwards where he reveals the truth of Hydaelyn, Zodiark, and the Sundering to the Scions. He claims that the history of the Ascians is the history of the Star and of these two gods, and that the Ascians themselves are all that remains from the paradise lost after the Sundering. Finally he says that Hydaelyn and Zodiark are nothing more than primals, though they are worshipped as gods.

(There is also an optional dialogue before the Qitana Ravel where Emet-Selch claims that he is the only Ascian on the First; though this would seem to contradict the presence of Mitron in the Eden raids, he also mentions Mitron and Loghrif by name and states that he believes them dead.)

Emet-Selch is not present for the confrontation with Vauthry which ends in in When It Rains and Word from On High. He instead returns in the Crystarium afterwards; he spends some time mocking Thancred on the nature of Minfilia's relationship with the Oracle of Light, and in an optional dialogue confirms that he is in fact tempered by Zodiark. He does not follow the Scions to Amh Araeng; however, he is seen during this time having a private conversation with the Crystal Exarch, during which he implies that the two of them have had plenty of interactions that the Scions know nothing about. He returns again before the journey to Eulmore in Return to Eulmore, and explains the way in which the souls of those in the reflections are divided amongst the reflections. The full soul is what existed before the Sundering, as an immortal being without the shortsightedness of the modern people. He confirms that only Lahabrea, Elidibus, and himself avoided being Sundered, and that turning the Thirteenth into The Void was a mistake that the Ascians made in their early attempts to regain the unsundered world.

His next appearance is in The View from Above, where he talks about the glory of Amaurot. He also asks whether you have seen what lies beneath the Crystal Exarch's cowl, and upon hearing your answer he once again departs. This is his last appearance before his inevitable betrayal. In Extinguishing the Last Light, Emet-Selch interrupts the Crystal Exarch's monologue by shooting him in the back. He says that funneling all the light into the Warrior of Light is a sufficient way to bring about the Rejoining, that they will become a Sin Eater and destroy everyone remaining on the First. Having said this he departs with the Exarch in tow, claiming that he needs the information in the Exarch's mind.

Emet-Selch is not seen again until Shadowbringers; however, he is mentioned many times throughout Amaurot by the shades of the unsundered that he has summoned there. In particular, Hythlodaeus claims to know him well. When he does appear, it is in the final confrontation. He guides the Scions through the Amaurot dungeon, providing commentary on the horrors of the Final Days. At the end, he informs the Scions that he is not convinced of their ability to rule the star. In the ensuing conflict he defeats everyone except the Warrior of Light, who is too busy actively becoming a Sin Eater to fight. When Ardbert offers up his soul to restore the Warrior of Light's, their confrontation begins in The Dying Gasp.

"Look at me! I have live a thousand thousand of your lives! I have broken bread with you, fought with you, grown ill, grown old! Sired children and yes, welcomed death's sweet embrace. For eons I have measured your worth and found you wanting! Too weak and feeble-minded to serve as the stewards of any star!"

— Emet-Selch, Shadowbringers (Quest)

After the trial, Emet-Selch makes one final bid for victory; however, with the return of the Scions with their white auracite, and the power of Ardbert's soul they are able to defeat him once and for all.


This is not the end of Emet-Selch's presence in the storyline, however. With Elidibus' help the Warrior of Light travels back in time to Elpis, where he meets Emet-Selch and Hythlodaeous both as they visit the facility to offer Hermes to the seat of Fandaniel. Emet-Selch is distrustful of the unknown that the Warrior of Light represents, but at Hythlodaeus' urging he accepts their company. When the Warrior of Light finally reveals that they are from the future and the history they have witnessed, Emet-Selch storms out, claiming that he would never do the things they had described of him. However, he cools off enough to return, meeting up with the Warrior of Light and Venat outside of Ktisis Hyperboreia. Together the party travels to the Hungering Gardens to find Hermes and Meteion, and Emet-Selch becomes a companion during the ensuing chase. He is a possible Duty Support NPC in the Ktisis Hyperboreia dungeon. At the end of the dungeon, he sacrifices his memories in a bid to let Venat and the Warrior of Light escape with theirs. He is seen in a cutscene just after saying that he has no memory of the Warrior of Light's presence on Elpis at all.

Emet-Selch is seen one last time, in You're Not Alone, before the end of Endwalker. Here he appears as a "bit part", summoned alongside Hythlodaeus by the Crystal of Azem in the face of despair. Together they return the Scions to physical existence and cause the Elpis flowers to bloom at the dungeon entrance. As they prepare to bid you farewell, Emet-Selch catches the Warrior of Light's eye. Seeing a moment of regret there, he bids them follow the legacy of Azem and see all the wonders of the world before their time is up. Of the places he mentioned, some have been added to the game in the Post-Endwalker patches; see below.

"Tell me, have you been to the ruins beneath the waters of the Bounty? Or the treasure islands beyond the frozen waters of Blindfrost, in Othard's north? The fabled golden cities of the New World? The sacred sites of the forgotten people of the south sea isles? What about Meracydia, the southern continent? Do you know aught of its present state of affairs?

...I thought not. Even of your little Eorzea, you know precious little. The true identities of the Twelve, for instance. All of which is to say: expand your horizons. Go forth and seek discovery. Some of the civilizations in the reflections will surprise you. As the bearer of Azem's crystal, you may consider your duty to see at least that much. I certainly did."

— Emet-Selch, You're Not Alone (Quest)

Additional Information

See also: Hades and Solus zos Galvus


In all appearances, Emet-Selch is seen to be self-important, cynical, and disgruntled. By the time of the Seventh Astral Era he has long since lost faith in the Sundered peoples, and he regularly declares that they are unworthy in their current state. Even before the Sundering, his abrasive temperament remains, and he often needs to be cajoled into providing aid that he does not consider worthy of his time. However, beneath this he is shown to be a principled man with a good heart. He is intelligent and his plans are involved and successful. He refuses to live on the power of his enemy for more than a moment, but even still he stands for the beliefs of his civilization until the very end.


Emet-Selch is a powerful source of aether even amongst the Unsundered - Hythlodaeus claims that he knows no more powerful mages than Emet-Selch in The World Unsundered. Significant evidence of this can be seen both throughout his work in creating the Allagan empire and in the construction of a complete facsimile of Amaurot and the Final Days in The Tempest.

In Ktisis Hyperboreia he is available as a Duty Support ally, playing either Dark Knight or Black Mage as needed.

For his abilities as a trial boss, see The Dying Gasp and The Minstrel's Ballad: Hades's Elegy.

Emet's List of Wonders

Several of the places that Emet-Selch mentions at the end of You're Not Alone have been included in the game. These are the following:

The "golden cities of the New World" have not been added, but are likely the subject of Dawntrail.