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Quest giver
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:10.3, Y:11.1)
Quest line
Seventh Umbral Era
Experience 23,320
Gil 0
Previous quest
Lady of the Vortex
Next quest
Casing the Castrum

Alphinaud is ready to return to the Waking Sands.

— In-game description


Optional rewards





  • Within the echoing halls of the Waking Sands, you are reunited first with Yda and later Y'shtola, to the surprise and delight of all concerned. The pair reveal that they have spent the days since the raid searching for information on the location of the Scions taken prisoner by the Empire. What is more, Y'shtola's latest inquiries have borne fruit: your comrades are being held at Castrum Centri, an imperial stronghold in Mor Dhona. While the others begin to digest this news, you are left to reflect instead on the cryptic warning imparted to you by Hydaelyn in yet another vision...


Alphinaud: It is past time that we return to the Waking Sands.
Alphinaud: To leave our headquarters in disrepair any longer would be to dishonor the memory of those who fell there.
Alphinaud: We have been brought to our knees, but we will rest, rebuild, and rise once more.
Alphinaud: Tell me, [Forename]...does aught here strike you as odd? I see signs of recent habitation. Could it be that we have trespassers?
Alphinaud: Hm. Mayhap it is just my imagination. Come, let us proceed into the solar. 
Cid: Wait.
Yda: Who goes there!?
Alphinaud: Now, now, Yda─is that any way to greet a friend?
Yda: Alphinaud! [Forename]!
Yda: Cid!? Wait, is this a dream?
Cid: Not that I'm aware of! It's been a while, Yda.
Yda: I...I don't believe it... I was sure you'd been─
Cid: This place has seen better days.
Yda: know, I wasn't actually here when... I-I was still in talks at the Adders' Nest...
Yda: The first I knew about it was when I came back, and...and I saw...
Alphinaud: Yda...
Yda: The church had taken care of the bodies, but that still left...the stains... I-It was hard to know where to start... If Y'shtola hadn't been here to help me─
Alphinaud: Y'shtola is here too?
Yda: Yes. But she's not here right now. She's gone to Ul'dah to meet a man who might know what happened to the others.
Yda: Papalymo and Minfilia weren't among the dead, according to the church. Y'shtola thinks they were taken somewhere. 
Alphinaud: Upon the orders of the Black Wolf, no doubt.
Cid: ...Why would he want them?
Alphinaud: Because they possess something he desires: knowledge of another power that can be brought to bear against the primals─one that Gaius has yet to harness...
Alphinaud: The Echo.
Alphinaud: Gaius will be aware of its existence, as well as the immunity it grants the gifted to the primals' influence.
Alphinaud: Powerful though his Allagan weapon may be, he would doubtless desire such protection.
Alphinaud: He means to use Minfilia to gain an understanding of the Echo.
Alphinaud: ...None of which explains how the Empire came to know the location of the Waking Sands in the first place...
Alphinaud: No matter. The Empire has shown its hand, and now we must act. It is up to us to rebuild the Scions and save Eorzea.
Alphinaud: Can I count on you, Yda?
Yda: What? Oh, yes─yes, of course! Whatever you need!
Alphinaud: We can discuss our next move upon Y'shtola's return.
Alphinaud: For now, I say we rest.
Hydaelyn: Hear... Feel... Think...
Hydaelyn: Bringer of Light...
Hydaelyn: Brave gatherer of the Crystals...thy soul burneth bright!
Hydaelyn: I am Hydaelyn. All made one.
Hydaelyn: Hearken unto me now, for the Darkness doth begin to spread.
Hydaelyn: Ware thee the bearer of the Crimson Brand, for he is the Avatar of Shadow, whom death attendeth always.
Hydaelyn: The Crystals shall be thy salvation─thy blade and shield both.
Hydaelyn: Steel thyself, for at the appointed hour...
Hydaelyn: Thou shalt stare into the Heart of Darkness.
Hydaelyn: Go with caution, my child, but fear not─for I am ever with thee.
Yda: Y'shtola!
Y'shtola: [Forename]. I see you and Alphinaud are safe. And...and Cid.
Y'shtola: That we five should meet each other thus defies simple explanation. It is as if the benevolent hand of Master Louisoix guides us still.
Y'shtola: He would not see us undone so easily. Not now, when the need is so great.
Y'shtola: I know where Minfilia and the others are being held.
Alphinaud: Where?
Y'shtola: An imperial stronghold in the heart of Mor Dhona─Castrum Centri.
Elyenora: Greetings, sir/madam. Do you wish to proceed to your vessel?
Q1: Proceed to the landing area?
A1: Yes
A1: No
Cid: I...I had no idea, [Forename]. I can only imagine how you felt when you returned that day...