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Female ♀
Hyur (Midlander)
Matoya's Cave (6.5,6.4)
Quest NPC

I don't care much for politics. Too much talk and not enough action.

— In-game description

Matoya is a Hyur found in Matoya's Cave.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Forbidden Knowledge Main Scenario quest 59 Matoya
An Eye for Aether Main Scenario quest 59 Matoya

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Have I Toad You Lately Sidequest 59 Saro Roggo
Heavensward Main Scenario quest 60 Guidance Node
In the Eye of the Beholder Main Scenario quest 60 Krile
The Word of the Mother Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
The Burdens We Bear Sidequest 60 Slowfix
Into the Fire Feature quest 60 Gyoshin
Soul Searching Main Scenario quest 70 Alisaie
Like Master, Like Pupil Main Scenario quest 80 Y'shtola

Additional Information


An eccentric woman of the Midlander clan, Matoya's age is unknown, and woe betide any who ask. Though her obstinacy is the stuff of legend—as many who meet her well know—she is nonetheless a prominent and brilliant Archon, and is marked as such by a tattoo on her left cheek. She is also in possession of an ancient Crystal of Light known as the Crystal Eye, a relic that allows one to peer deeply into the aether.
Matoya has long studied the world from the perspective of aether, and her pupil, Y'shtola, continues on in the spirit of this research. Matoya will neither depend upon nor curry favor with anyone, as she firmly believes one must see the world as it is to understand its mysteries. She does have her pride, however, and this sometimes leads her to give harsh tongue-lashings to her pupils. Indeed, the day she begins to remember her students fondly will be the day that her work ends.
Matoya also has an interest in herbal infusions, and drinks copious amounts of the stuff—sometimes upwards of seven cups a day. [1]

Matoya is a mage and a former scholar of Sharlayan. In her youth she specialized in Aetherology and how to harness the flow of aether. When the Garlean Empire began their conquest, The Forum turned to her and charged her with discovering a means of preventing their invasion. Using her knowledge of aether, she created a weapon known as an Aetheric Converger, however its destructive capability was far too dangerous and they turned the device down. In her disgust at their cowardice, she sealed her research in The Great Gubal Library.

She was amongst the Sharlayans who settled in the Dravanian Forelands, mentoring the youth, Y'shtola amongst them. When the Garleans threatened to invade Eorzea and the Sharlayans fled, Matoya stayed behind, not wishing to participate in their cowardice. She stayed hidden in a cave. Here she continued to study magic and aether for fifteen years.

When Y'shtola led the Warrior of Light to Matoya in search of a method to lower the barriers of Azys Lla, she explained that she had researched the floating city with Louisoix. She explains that the city was where the Allagan Empire conducted their studies on the first Primals summoned by the Dragons of Meracydia. She aided the Warrior of Light and company with developing a method of destroying the barriers, an Aetheric Ram, using her research. She was also able to tell that Y'shtola's aether had been damaged and she was using it to see, slowly draining her life energy. She advised her young protege to be careful not to completely snuff out her remaining life.

Following the Scions of the Seventh Dawn's return from The First, Matoya aided them in researching a method to cure Primal Tempering, using Porxies imbued with the same magicks used to help cure those corrupted by the Sin Eaters on The First.


"I poured my heart and soul into my research. Passionate as I was, I invariably clashed with those around me. But even as these clashes served to stoke the fires of my motivation, they walled me off from the rest of the world. And here I am. Matoya: This cave is my home now, but ere long it will become my tomb. I'll die and turn into bones amidst this gloom, and none will be the wiser. Matoya: There's nothing I desire. I'm just an old woman awaiting death."[2]

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