Fire and Blood

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Mainscenarioquest.pngMain Scenario Quest

Quest Giver Alphinaud - Foundation (x13, y11)
Requirements Level 57
Items Needed
Reward Experience Points 76800    Gil 939
Previous Quest Next Quest
Bloodlines A Knight's Calling


Upon speaking with Hilda at the Forgotten Knight, you will enter a duty. You will fight Ser Charibert the Stern, a Black Mage, and multiple Ishgardian and Temple soldiers.

  • Alphinaud as an Arcanist and Hilda (named as The Mongrel for the duty) as a Machinist will aid you. Alphinaud can heal you greatly during the fight, but stay cautious of your HP as the fight can become difficult.
    • As the duty progresses, Haurchefant will join you, and Alphinaud will also summon a Ruby Carbuncle to help with damage output.
  • Stay cautious of Charibert's AoE Flare magic, which in addition to dealing damage, has a unique property of causing a burning field in the casted area. Touching the burning field will cause a 10 second DoT on you and your NPC allies, so spread out as much as you can as he will cast it multiple times.
  • Your first target should be the healer, the Ishgardian Chirurgeon. Eliminate him quickly as his healing can restore more than half of enemies' HP. Target the melee knights next.
    • Additional enemies will join the battle, including another healer. Again, defeat him first.
  • As Ser Charibert's HP is reduced, he will use an additional attack. He will summon an untargetable Ball of Fire which will follow you slowly. When it gets close enough to you, it will deal damage and Bind you. The ball can be avoided by run away for a period of time.


  • Search for Tataru in the Brume.
  • Search for Tataru in the Brume.
  • Speak with Hilda.
  • Speak with Hilda at the Forgotten Knight.
  • Speak with Hilda.


  • Alphinaud is considering how best to proceed with the hunt for the Mongrel.
  • In the midst of considering your next course of action, Alphinaud suddenly realizes that Tataru is nowhere to be seen. Fearing that she may have run afoul of the revolutionaries, he rushes towards the doors leading to the Brume, motioning for you to follow.
  • You cast about for Tataru, but find no sign of her. Head to another vantage point and continue your search.
  • You spot Tataru being pursued by two men, and immediately give chase. Soon after, the strangers corner the trembling girl and seem set to do something unspeakable when Alphinaud accosts them from afar. His attempts to defuse the situation only serve to rile the men further, however, and violence appears inevitable─until a raven-haired woman with ruby eyes appears, and commands Tataru's tormentors to desist. It would seem her name is Hilda. In the taut silence which follows, she regards you with interest, waiting for you to state your reason for coming.
  • Before you can speak, Hilda suggests you accompany her to the Forgotten Knight, where you may discuss matters in private. Follow her to the tavern up above and continue your conversation there.
  • At Hilda's request, Gibrillont orders his staff to clear the Forgotten Knight and grant you privacy, after which you explain your reasons for coming in full. As Alphinaud attempts to win the revolutionaries' cooperation─seemingly in vain─Ser Charibert, a knight of the Heavens' Ward, strides into the tavern, accusing you and the others of plotting insurrection. With no other options left to you, you accept his offer to step outside and face him in battle.

Joined by Lord Haurchefant and Lucia, you manage to overwhelm Ser Charibert, who withdraws. The joy of victory swiftly dissipates, however, when you learn that Ser Aymeric has been imprisoned, and the Heavens' Ward placed in command of the Temple Knights. Recognizing that the situation has come to a head, Hilda agrees to assist with the rescue mission.

  • Recognizing your curiosity, Hilda explains that she took to calling herself “the Mongrel” out of a newfound pride for her mixed heritage, in spite of the discrimination she and others like her suffer. In the end, she declares, her followers have come to believe that the differences between lowborn and highborn are far greater than those between pureblood and mongrel. Thus united in purpose and pledged to Ser Aymeric's cause, they hope to bring about long overdue and lasting change.