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Krile Baldesion

"On the cusp of an Umbral Calamity, souls blessed with the power of the Echo invariably appear."

From the Isle of Val near the Sharlayan homeland, Krile was raised in the orphanage of the famed Archon Galuf Baldesion, and took his surname and a Hyuran spelling for her forename in spire of her Plainsfolk heritage. She discovered she possessed the Echo at the age of twelve. In her, it manifested as a sensitivity to the whispers of the soul, and her adolescence was a dark time hounded by the thoughts of others. Troubled by his adoptive daughter's plight, Galuf directed his research organization, the Students of Baldesion. to study Krile's powers. At first the subject of experiments, Krile eventually joined the Students as a member, and came to terms with her powers. It was in this effort that she grew close to Minfilia.Now twenty-two, the Studium graduate has become a respected expert in curative magicks that both heal and purge. Despite her status, Krile still enjoys poking fun at Alphinaud. Cloak of Nine Lives: The large ears upon this cape are meant as symbols of the Echo. The garment itself was a present from Galuf, a token of his belief that powers such as Krile's are individual traits, and nothing to be feared. So meaningful was this message to Krile that she continues to wear a robe of the same design to this day.

— In-game description

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
In the Eye of the Beholder Main Scenario quest 60 Krile
Old Enemies, New Threats Main Scenario quest 80 Krile
The Way Home Main Scenario quest 80 Krile
Alisaie's Quest Main Scenario quest 80 Krile

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Lyse Takes the Lead Main Scenario quest 60 Lyse Hext
The Promise of a New Beginning Main Scenario quest 60 Conrad
And We Shall Call it Eureka Feature quest 70 Galiena
And We Shall Call It Pagos Feature quest 70 Rodney
And We Shall Call It Pyros Feature quest 70 Rodney
And We Shall Call It Hydatos Feature quest 70 Rodney

Additional Information

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