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The Sea of Clouds

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The Sea of Clouds

Fog.png Umbral Wind.png Wind.png Clouds.png Clear Skies.png Fair Skies.png

SeaOfClouds map.png
Map of The Sea of Clouds

Abalathia's Spine
Connects to
The Pillars (SW) (E)
Coerthas Western Highlands (NW)
Camp Cloudtop (X:10.5, Y:33.4)
Ok' Zundu (X:10.5, Y:14.3)

SeaOfClouds artwork.png
Loading screen

Due to the high concentration of water- and wind-aspected aether in these heavens high above the center of Abalathia's Spine, the clouds are said to resemble a vast white ocean, dotted with massive floating isles. This otherworldly landscape is also home to the many tribes of the Vanu Vanu, whose villages are scattered throughout the Sea of Clouds.

— In-game description

The Sea of Clouds is a zone in Abalathia's Spine.

Northern The Pillars (x:6.4, y:25.7) Route: Foundation > Athenaeum Astrologicum > Walk South > Airship Landing > NPC: L'khonebb


Area Points of Interest
Landmark (map icon).png
The Protector
Landmark (map icon).png
The Rosehouse
Settlement icon.png
Camp Cloudtop
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Camp Cloudtop
Chocobokeep (map icon).png
Chocobo Porter
Last Step
Landmark (map icon).png
Ok' Gundu
The Blue Window
Landmark (map icon).png
The Morrowmotes
Landmark (map icon).png
Ok' Gundu Nakki
Ok' Zundu
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Ok' Zundu
Chocobokeep (map icon).png
Summoning Stone
Voor Sian Siran
Landmark (map icon).png
The Nidifice
Ok' Vundu
Landmark (map icon).png
Ok' Vundu Mok
Landmark (map icon).png
Hall of the Fallen Plume
Landmark (map icon).png
Ok' Vundu Vana
Landmark (map icon).png
Vundu Ok' Bendu
Wisent Herd
The Gauntlet
Landmark (map icon).png
The Shattered Back
Landmark (map icon).png
Hengr's Crucible
Landmark (map icon).png
Landmark (map icon).png
Mok Oogl Island
Landmark (map icon).png
Dungeon (map icon).png
Raid (map icon).png
Void Ark


The Sea of Clouds Sidequests

The Sea of Clouds FATEs

Shops & Services

Merchant Name Merchant Location
Luna Vanu
(X:7, Y:14.3)
Peddler of Wonders
(X:9.5, Y:33)
Zundu Sell-it
(X:11.3, Y:13.8)

Aether Currents

Field: NOTE: All four field Aether Currents are unreachable until you have completed Familiar Faces

Coordinates Description
(x7.6, y25.8, z1.8) Right when you get of the airship on the main quest
(x7.3, y20.3, z2.3) Right before Vanu Village entrance
(x18.9, y11.6, z2.2) Next to cids Airship
(x11.2, y15.2, z2.0) Up the stairs behind vanu chief and in the back.
A map showing the locations of aether currents in The Sea of Clouds


Quest Level Coordinates Additional Information
Clipped Wings 50 (x17, y37) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Disclosure
Honoring the Past 56 Ishgard - The Pillars (x11.5, y10.9) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest He Who Would Not Be Denied
Sleepless in Ok' Zundu 57 (x9.6, y14.2, z1.8) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Black and the White
Flying the Nest 57 (x10.6, y14.8, z1.8) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Black and the White
Bolt, Chain, and Island 57 (x11, y14) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Black and the White

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