The Sea of Clouds

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The Sea of Clouds Map
The Sea of Clouds Concept Artwork
Upon an airship conceived within the fecund mind of Cid Garlond,
renegade prodigy of Garlemald who had come to call Eorzea home...
High into the heavens where isles of earth and stone floated as clouds—
frontier the knights of Ishgard had scarce begun to explore...
To a fledgling outpost within the Sea of Clouds where careworn scouts
ever scanned the skies for winged shadows, he came...
—From the memoirs of Count Edmont de Fortemps

Nestled in the mountains of Abalathia sits the Sea of Clouds.

The water and wind-aspected energies of the surrounding area create a perpetual mist reminiscent of clouds, thus making the location true to its name.These same energies can be attributed to floating islands within its mist-shrouded borders.

The unique climate conditions of these islands have given rise to heretofore unseen animal life. And with the advent of airship technology, Ishgard has slowly expanded into this brave new frontier.

Relations with the local beast tribue, the Vanu Vanu, began several years ago. After an exchange of pleasantries and gifts, permission was given to construct a permanent lookout post, and there was peace for half a year. Then suddenly, and for reasons unknown, the Vanu began attacking the garrison's foraging parties, forcing them to rely more heavily on supplies flown in from Ishgard.


The Sea of Clouds Sidequests

The Sea of Clouds FATEs


The Pillars

Weather Conditions


The two available aetherytes are in: Camp Cloudtop (x10.2, y33.5) in the southwest and Ok'Zundu (x10.4, y14.2) in the northwest.


Camp Cloudtop

Camp Cloudtop was established to provide early warning of impending Dravanian incursions. The high elevation afforded by the floating isles makes it ideal for this purpose. Naturally, it also makes it a ready target for attack.

Ser Laniaitte de Haillenarte commands the garrison forces. And The Protector, one of the largest and most advanced airships, is capable of downing all but the mightiest dragons.

Voor Sian Siran

The legendary lakes of Voor Sian Siran lie to the east of Camp Cloudtop. These crystal clear lakes are the only source of fresh water in the area, attracting many feral beasts, and the occasional Vanu Scout ranging from their nearby settlement.

Vundu Ok' Bendu

The Vanu stronghold of Vundu Ok' Bendu sits beyond the Voor Sian Siran. Led by the short-tempered Chief Honu Vanu, this tribe is notorious for kidnapping small scouting parties dispatched from Cloudtop. Rescue attempts are nearly impossible, since the only entry point is a bridge guarded fiercely by Vanu sentries.


Aether Currents


Coordinates Description Updated
(x11.2, y15.2, z2.0) Up the stairs behind vanu chief and in the back. yes
(x12.5, y11.8, z1.8) On main path past Vanu Aetheryite yes
(x15.2, y9.3, z1.8) behind the stairs by Gunu Vanu yes
(x18.9, y11.6, z2.2) Next to cids Airship yes
(x27.3, y10.9, z2.6) Right next to ramp on ledge yes
(x7.3, y20.3, z2.3) Right before Vanu Village entrance yes
(x7.3, y25.8, z1.8) Right when you get of the airship on the main quest yes
(x16.2, y37.6, z0.5) The Rosehouse, can't miss it. yes
(x9.2, y33.0, z1.1) NorthWest of Aetheryite behind a tent yes
(x10.6, y34.2, z0.7) Located below the Outpost, not inside it. yes

NOTE: The first seven Aether Currents are unreachable you are on Devourer of Worlds


Quest Level Coordinates Additional Information
Clipped Wings 50 (x17, y37) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Disclosure
Bolt, Chain, and Island 57 (x11, y14) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Black and the White
Honoring the Past 56 Ishgard - The Pillars(x11, y11) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest He Who Would Not Be Denied
Sleepless in Ok' Zundu 57 (x9.6, y14.2, z1.8) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Black and the White
Flying the Nest 57 (x10.6, y14.8, z1.8) Unlocks after completing Main Scenario Quest Black and the White

NOTE: You will also have to complete Search and Rescue given by Laniaitte - The Sea of Clouds (x16, y37), to complete the "Honoring The Past" Aether Current.

Dungeons and Trials

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