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The Sea of Clouds

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The Sea of Clouds

Fog.png Umbral Wind.png Wind.png Clouds.png Clear Skies.png Fair Skies.png

SeaOfClouds map.png
Map of The Sea of Clouds

50 – 59
Abalathia's Spine
Connects to
The Pillars (SW) (E)
Coerthas Western Highlands (NW)
Camp Cloudtop (X:10.5, Y:33.4)
Ok' Zundu (X:10.5, Y:14.3)

SeaOfClouds artwork.jpg
Loading screen

Due to the high concentration of water- and wind-aspected aether in these heavens high above the center of Abalathia's Spine, the clouds are said to resemble a vast white ocean, dotted with massive floating isles. This otherworldly landscape is also home to the many tribes of the Vanu Vanu, whose villages are scattered throughout the Sea of Clouds.

— In-game description

The Sea of Clouds is a zone in Abalathia's Spine. Access is via either the Airship Ticketer, who will take you to Cloudtop, or the NPC L'khonebb nearby, who will take you to The Blue Window (requires level 57 Heavensward MSQ Main Scenario QuestFamiliar Faces).


Area Points of Interest
Landmark (map icon).png
The Protector
Landmark (map icon).png
The Rosehouse
Settlement icon.png
Camp Cloudtop
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Camp Cloudtop
Chocobokeep (map icon).png
Chocobo Porter
Last Step
Landmark (map icon).png
Ok' Gundu
The Blue Window
Landmark (map icon).png
The Morrowmotes
Landmark (map icon).png
Ok' Gundu Nakki
Ok' Zundu
Aetheryte (map icon).png
Ok' Zundu
Chocobokeep (map icon).png
Summoning Stone
Voor Sian Siran
Landmark (map icon).png
The Nidifice
Ok' Vundu
Landmark (map icon).png
Ok' Vundu Mok
Landmark (map icon).png
Hall of the Fallen Plume
Landmark (map icon).png
Ok' Vundu Vana
Landmark (map icon).png
Vundu Ok' Bendu
Wisent Herd
The Gauntlet
Landmark (map icon).png
The Shattered Back
Landmark (map icon).png
Hengr's Crucible
Landmark (map icon).png
Landmark (map icon).png
Mok Oogl Island
Landmark (map icon).png
Dungeon (map icon).png
Raid (map icon).png
The Void Ark


The Sea of Clouds Sidequests

The Sea of Clouds FATEs

Vanu Vanu Daily Quests

Shops & Services

Merchant Name Merchant Location
Luna Vanu
(X:7, Y:14.3)
Peddler of Wonders
(X:9.5, Y:33)
Zundu Sell-it
(X:11.3, Y:13.8)

Aether Currents


Coordinates Description Number
(x7.6, y25.8, z1.8) after Main Scenario QuestFamiliar Faces, right when you get off the airship on the main quest
(x7.3, y20.3, z2.3) after Main Scenario QuestFamiliar Faces, right before the entrance to Ok' Zundu
(x18.9, y11.6, z2.2) after Main Scenario QuestFamiliar Faces, next to Cid's Airship
(x11.2, y15.2, z2.0) after Main Scenario QuestFamiliar Faces, up the stairs behind Vanu chieftain Sonu Vanu, and in the back
A map showing the locations of aether currents in The Sea of Clouds


Quest Level Coordinates Additional Information
Feature QuestClipped Wings 50 (x17, y37) Unlocks after completing Heavensward MSQ Main Scenario QuestDisclosure
Feature QuestHonoring the Past 56 The Pillars (x11.5, y10.9) Unlocks after completing Heavensward MSQ Main Scenario QuestHe Who Would Not Be Denied
Feature QuestSleepless in Ok' Zundu 57 (x9.6, y14.2, z1.8) Unlocks after completing Heavensward MSQ Main Scenario QuestBlack and the White
Feature QuestFlying the Nest 57 (x10.6, y14.8, z1.8) Unlocks after completing Heavensward MSQ Main Scenario QuestBlack and the White
Main Scenario QuestBolt, Chain, and Island 57 (x11, y14) Heavensward MSQ

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B Rank

A Rank

S Rank


See also: Sightseeing Log

Players can unlock Heavensward sightseeing logs by speaking to Kester Ironheart in The Dravanian Forelands (X:31.1, Y:22.2). Players must be a Disciple of War or Disciple of Magic level 50 or higher to obtain credit for these sightseeing logs. Vistas are small blue glowing orbs at which players need to /lookout or use another emote. While players need to have flying unlocked, there are no time or weather requirements.

# Name Zone Coordinate Emote Comment
22 Camp Cloudtop The Sea of Clouds (X:15.2, Y:37.7, Z:1.0) Lookout.png  Lookout On the tarp in the treehouse (The Rosehouse) (Requires Flying)
23 The Nidifice The Sea of Clouds (X:37.2, Y:40.1, Z:1.6) Doze.png  Doze Inside the left tree nest (looks like floating egg prison) south of The Nidifice (Requires Flying)
24 Voor Sian Siran The Sea of Clouds (X:39.9, Y:21.9, Z:2.8) Lookout.png  Lookout On a lone floating island tree, north-east of "Vundu Ok' Bendu" (Requires Flying)
25 Mok Oogl Island The Sea of Clouds (X:13.0, Y:9.0, Z:2.1) Lookout.png  Lookout On a small island between "Morrowmotes" and "Mok Oogi Island" (Requires Flying)
26 Hall of the Fallen Plume The Sea of Clouds (X:18.5, Y:27.0, Z:5.5) Lookout.png  Lookout On top of the "Hall of the Fallen Plume" (Requires Flying)
27 Ok' Vundu Vana The Sea of Clouds (X:25.0, Y:23.9, Z:0.7) Lookout.png  Lookout Southwest of "Ok' Vundu Vana" on a small ledge below the main island. (Requires Flying)
28 Hengr's Crucible The Sea of Clouds (X:38.1, Y:11.7, Z:2.0) Lookout.png  Lookout Tip of protrusion on the north end of "Hengr's Crucible" (Requires Flying)
54 Coldwind The Sea of Clouds (X:6.4, Y:6.0, Z:1.5) Lookout.png  Lookout On the floating Island "Coldwind" Near the Redbill Standard. (Requires Flying)
55 The Shattered Back The Sea of Clouds (X:26.7, Y:6.9, Z:2.2) Lookout.png  Lookout At the root of the tree, west of "The Shattered Back" (Requires Flying)
56 Provenance The Sea of Clouds (X:9.9, Y:28.7, Z:0.7) Lookout.png  Lookout Northside of the tree at the root Overlooking the heart shaped floating rock. South of "Provenance" and north of "Camp Cloudtop" (Requires Flying)


This zone is associated with the following achievements:

Name Points Task Reward Patch
Mapping the realm sea of clouds icon1.png  Mapping the Realm: Sea of Clouds 10 Discover every location in the Sea of Clouds. - 3.0
Freebird sea of clouds icon1.png  Freebird: Sea of Clouds 5 Attune with all the aether currents in the Sea of Clouds. - 3.0




Temple Knights are not renowned for their creativity. When they first arrived in the Sea of Clouds and their commander, gazing upon the skies below the floating crags, commented that it was as if they were walking atop the clouds, his subordinates knew at once how to christen their base camp.

The Protector

Built by the engineers of the Skysteel Manufactory, the Protector was to be the crown jewel of Ishgard’s fleet, designed to rain down destruction from on high. Unfortunately, several critical systems have suffered repeated failures, and as a result it has been grounded indefinitely for repairs.

Camp Cloudtop

Camp Cloudtop is an outpost manned by the Rose Knights of House Haillenarte, who stand watch against Dravanian incursions from atop the floating islets in the sky. The site boasts the Protector, a mighty airship that would avail the Ishgardians greatly in their battle against the Horde were it ever repaired to full strength.

The Rosehouse

The Rosehouse is the headquarters of the Rose Knights, who are currently commanded by Lady Laniaitte de Haillenarte. In addition to ensuring the security of Camp Cloudtop, she oversees all military operations in the Sea of Clouds.

Last step

A series of unfortunate accidents led to the naming of this knoll as a warning, that misplaced footing on its uneven territory would result in “the last step you ever take,” sending a clumsy man tumbling through the clouds below.

Ok’ Gundu

These ruins of the Gundu village are yet another testament to the might of the Vundu, which brought the Gundu to heel and claimed the tribe’s lands as its own. Recently, a handful of Gundu have resisted their subjugation, splintering off to found a new independent roost, Ok’ Gundu Nakki.

The blue window

The highest point in the Sea of Clouds, the vegetation which grows on this floating isle is noticeably different from that found in lower altitudes.

Ok’ Zundu

Ok Zundu is home to the hearty Zundu tribe, which is only allowed to maintain independence because of the tribute they tithe to the dominant Vundu.

The Morrowmotes

A number of Vanu Vanu shamans chose to roost here for the proximity to the white, floating puffs of which they breathe deep to see visions of the future. Botanists theorize that the plants which produce them are related to the cloud mallow of the Churning Mists.

Voor sian siran

A spring formed from moisture in the skies accumulated and solidified by the power of water crystals. It is said that the knight who first discovered these ethereal waters shared the story with a wandering minstrel, who declared it to be the legendary paradise of Voor Sian Siran. However, this claim has been met with some skepticism, given the minstrel’s penchant for embellishment.

The Nidifice

A nest of great migratory birds that travel with the seasons from the Near East to Eorzea and back again in search of warmer climes. It is here that they lay their eggs, preparing for the journey soon.

Ok’ vundu

Abundant are the lands controlled by the expansionist Vundu tribe, spanning myriad islets and multiple altitudes.

Ok’ Vundu Mok

A wide plain containing a number of nesting homes of the Vundu, the tribe often boasts Ok’ Vundu Mok as a symbol of their power and influence.

Hall of the Fallen Plume

Among the most sacred locations of the Vanu Vanu, this is said to be the spot where a single feather from Bismarck, ruler of the clouds, fell to the surface. In recent years, the elder of the violent Vundu tribe has claimed it as his seat of power, from which he rules with an iron claw.

Ok’ Vundu Vana

Roughly translating as “high home of the Vundu,” this village is home to the Vanu Vanu’s aggressive Vundu tribe. Exceedingly proud, the Vundu believe that the voices of those who live highest in the skies will be heard loud and clear by the ruler of the clouds.

Vundu Ok’ Bendu

These ruins are all that remain of the village of the eloquent Bendu tribe, who bitterly opposed Vundu subjugation and were ultimately slaughtered in reprisal. In the Vanu tongue, Vundu Ok’ Bendu means “Bendu Under Vundu,” serving both as an indication that the territory has been annexed by the Vundu and as a lasting declaration of their superiority over the extinct tribe.

Wisent herd

This grazing ground is the legacy of an attempt to domesticate the wisent of the Sea of Clouds, that the knights might have a self-sustaining supply of meat, milk, and hides. However, the pasture was neglected due to lack of resources, and the beasts turned feral whilst growing in number.

The gauntlet

This chain of northern isles is used by young Vanu Vanu warriors as a training ground for their rites of passage, prompting the knights of Cloudtop to give it the name the “Gauntlet.”

The Shattered Back

The strong seasonal winds from the north have carved the crags of this floating isle into their unique shapes. The knights of Ishgard called it the Shattered Back for its ominous resemblance to the gnarled rib bones of a great beast.

Hengy’s Crucible

This oddly shaped isle, floating in the eastern reaches of the Sea of Clouds, is named for the witch Hengr, a figure of Coerthan faerie tales whose cauldron its shape is said to resemble. In recent years, it has become a gathering place for the notoriously territorial toco tocos.


When the Rose Knights first came to the Sea of Clouds and treated with the Zundu, they asked the chieftain what he called this islet floating northwest of Ok’ Zundu, to which he responded “small island beneath which cold winds of Coerthas ever blow.” For the sake of brevity, the knights simply called it Coldwind.

Mok Oogl Island

An island whose name, in the tongue of the Vanu Vanu, translates to “a noise heard on high.” On the island stands a monument engraved with a mark of moogle design, but no sign of the creatures themselves, leaving its origins clouded in mystery.


When Ser Marielle was appointed to the Rose Knights of Camp Cloudtop, she spotted this heart-shaped island atop the deck of her airship bound for post. It reminded the knight of a place of provenance where two lovers would begin their journey together, and the island was named thus. [1]


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