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An Ending to Mark a New Beginning

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An Ending to Mark a New Beginning

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Quest giver
Southern Thanalan (X:21, Y:21)
Quest line
Experience 5,000
Gil 1,420
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestOne Life for One World
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestTidings from Gyr Abania

Main Scenario Progress: 370 / 853 (43.4%)


Heavensward Progress: 129 / 138 (93.5%)


Alphinaud seems to be at a loss for words.

— In-game description





  • Alphinaud recalls that the Ishgardian crystals are still somewhere within Zahar'ak, prompting Thancred to interject that he will see to their recovery -- alone. Unable to persuade the bard to accept assistance, Alphinaud resolved to go and find Yda and Papalymo, leaving you with a tired Alisaie and a morose Urianger, who are doing their best not to speak to each other.
  • You finally break the silence, giving the others an excuse to speak. Alisaie declares that she wanted to believe Urianger would never betray them, but that some small part of her feared the worst. In response, the Archon once more expresses his sorrow for his deception, though it is plain that he still believes the ends justified the means. Alisaie, however, cannot bring herself to condone his actions. Even so, she allows him to escort her to safety, suggesting that any rift that may have grown between them is already on its way to mending.
  • Having returned to Little Ala Mhigo, you and Alphinaud met with Yda and Papalymo, who are understandably dumbstruck to hear the tale of your visit to the aetherial sea. After a pause, Papalymo declares that it is past time he and Yda rejoined the Scions. A statement of the glaringly obvious, no doubt, but a welcome one nonetheless. As you all prepare to return to the Rising Stones, you are accosted by Gundobald, who is apparently acquainted with both Yda and her father, with whom he fought in the revolution against the King of Ruin twenty years ago. He goes on to recall how Yda once played an active role in the Resistance... until she vanished one day, leaving him fearing the worst. Though plainly startled, Yda musters an apology, explaining that her involvement in the Circle of Knowing and its successor, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn, necessitated absolute secrecy. Suddenly conscious that her friends are waiting for her at the Rising Stones, she runs off, leaving Papalymo to reassure Gundobald that they will both return ere long.
  • With every surviving senior Scion now safely back at the Rising Stones, Alphinaud takes the opportunity to propose that the structure of the organization be revised. Rather than holding to a strict hierarchy, he believes that each member should be allowed to pursue whatever activities they think would best serve to ensure the safety and security of the realm. The others are amenable to this idea in principle -- though in practice, all seem content to carry on with their current activities. With thoughts now turning towards the future, Krile and Alisaie are welcomed as a fully fledged Scions, though the latter accepts the honor with rather less enthusiasm than the former. Still more negative is Urianger, who is plainly haunted by feelings of guilt towards his role in Minfilia's fate -- but after some urging from Thancred, he too agrees to resume his research, thus completing the party -- save, of course, for one. Expectantly, your friends and colleagues turn to you, eager to hear what you intend, and after looking deep within your heart, you know the answer.
  • The people you have met. The moments you have shared. The losses you have suffered. The tragedies you have overcome. All of it has made you and the Scions of the Seventh Dawn who you are today. Where you go from here and what the future holds, only the Twelve know... but Alphinaud knows that you will find out together.