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Flame General
Bull of Ala Mhigo
Male ♂
Hyur (Highlander)
Northern Thanalan (20.9,21.1)
Ala Mhigo
The Immortal Flames
The Syndicate
The Royalists
Ala Mhigan Resistance
Pipin (adoptive son)
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Hiroki Yasumoto
Voiced by (EN)
Jason Miller (ARR),
Nicholas Boulton

Raubahn Aldynn is a Hyur found in Northern Thanalan.

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Ul'dahn Envoy Main Scenario quest 15 Raubahn
The Ultimate Weapon Main Scenario quest 50 Raubahn
Promises to Keep Main Scenario quest 50 Raubahn
Best Served with Cold Steel Main Scenario quest 60 Raubahn
The Fires Fade Main Scenario quest 61 Raubahn
Rhalgr's Beacon Main Scenario quest 67 Raubahn
Raubahn's Invitation Main Scenario quest 69 Raubahn
The Measure of His Reach Main Scenario quest 70 Raubahn
Return of the Bull Main Scenario quest 70 Raubahn

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
A Royal Reception Main Scenario quest 14 Momodi
Hearts on Fire Main Scenario quest 49 Cracked Fist
Rock the Castrum Main Scenario quest 50 Edelstein
Desperate Times Main Scenario quest 50 Alphinaud
Traitor in the Midst Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
The Mother of Exiles Main Scenario quest 50 Thancred
A General Summons Main Scenario quest 54 Tataru
A Spectacle for the Ages Main Scenario quest 60 Lucia
The Far Edge of Fate Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Beyond the Great Wall Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Signed, Sealed, to Be Delivered Main Scenario quest 60 M'naago
Crossing the Velodyna Main Scenario quest 61 Alphinaud
In Crimson It Began Main Scenario quest 61 Pipin
Divide and Conquer Main Scenario quest 61 Conrad
Lies, Damn Lies, and Pirates Main Scenario quest 61 Alisaie
While You Were Away Main Scenario quest 67 Alphinaud
The Fortunes of War Main Scenario quest 67 Conrad
The First of Many Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
Strong and Unified Main Scenario quest 68 M'naago
Heavens Weep Main Scenario quest 68 Alisaie
The Road Home Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
For the Living and the Dead Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
Above the Churning Waters Main Scenario quest 68 Lyse
The Path Forward Main Scenario quest 68 Lyse
With Tired Hands We Toil Main Scenario quest 68 Alphinaud
Where Courage Endures Main Scenario quest 68 Lyse
The Price of Freedom Main Scenario quest 69 Alphinaud
The Legacy of Our Fathers Main Scenario quest 69 Alphinaud
Stormblood Main Scenario quest 70 Pipin
The Butcher's Blood Main Scenario quest 70 Arenvald
Echoes of an Echo Main Scenario quest 70 Lyse
A Blissful Arrival Main Scenario quest 70 Alphinaud
Parley on the Front Lines Main Scenario quest 70 Hien
The Face of War Main Scenario quest 70 Lyse
A Requiem for Heroes Main Scenario quest 70 Resistance Fighter
Futures Rewritten Main Scenario quest 80 Alphinaud


Zone Coordinates Level range
Northern Thanalan (X:20, Y:21)
Northern Thanalan (X:15, Y:16)
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:8, Y:8)
Ul'dah - Steps of Nald (X:8, Y:9)
Ul'dah - Steps of Thal (X:10, Y:12)
Western Thanalan (X:16.0, Y:29.8)
Coerthas Central Highlands (X:20.4, Y:17.3)
Lotus Stand (X:6.1, Y:6.1)
The Fringes (X:9.3, Y:11.3)
Rhalgr's Reach (X:12.6, Y:9.7)
The Peaks (X:32.8, Y:30.1)
The Lochs (X:8.0, Y:21.7)
Eorzean Alliance Headquarters (X:6.1, Y:5.5)


"The line between victory and defeat is drawn by the swift and trod by the dead."

Born in Coldhearth, a destitute hamlet deep within Gyr Abania, Raubahn Aldynn joined the armed forces of his native Ala Mhigo, and did much to defend his nation's borders from Garlean attack. When the Highlander was twenty-five, however, his nation fell. Raubahn escaped with little more than his life, and spent two years as a vagabond before coming to Ul'dah. There, he was mistaken for an imperial spy, and immediately imprisoned. For many years thereafter, Raubahn fought as a gladiator upon the bloodsands of the Coliseum. Wielding the ancient bladedancing techniques of Gyr Abania, he won his freedom, the people's love, and a popular title—the "Bull of Ala Mhigo." By the time of his thirty-seventh nameday, he purchased the Coliseum itself, and by doing so earned himself a place amongst the Syndicate. Now forty-four years of age, some wonder if his hardest battles lie ahead of him as the only member loyal to the sultanate.

Tizona: The Tizona is a sword made of two cursed blades, and was taken from the hands of a former rival in the Coliseum. With a name that roughly translates to "sword of flame," its accursed magicks are so powerful that the weapon will set ablaze all who cannot control it.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume I

“Now is the time that we, the people of Ala Mhigo, must decide what manner of nation we will build for ourselves, and for generations yet unborn.”

Raubahn, a Highlander born in Coldhearth some forty-four winters ago, is known for his deadly weapon, Tizona, and a fondness for the odd bottle of arak. He has proven his tactical acumen time and again, both as the general of the Immortal Flames, and as the leader who coordinated Alliance and Ala Mhigan forces during the war for Ala Mhigo’s liberation. After realizing his lifelong ambition to free his homeland, Raubahn intended to return to Ul’dah, but it was Nanamo, the sultana to whom he had pledged fealty, along with the Warrior of Light, who encouraged his eventual decision to remain in Ala Mhigo. Welcomed with open arms, the former general was ushered into the role of interim head of state, and given command of the nation’s army. His first deed was to proclaim the “Resistance” the official title of the military—an act which ensured that the struggles and sacrifices of his countrymen would never be forgotten.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume II, p. 69

Raubahn Aldynn, also called Flame General Aldynn, is a Highlander Hyur from Ala Mhigo who founded the Immortal Flames of Ul'dah and served as its first Flame General.

Born in the village of Coldhearth in the Peaks of Gyr Abania, Raubahn joined the armed forces of his homeland and helped defend his nation's borders from the Garlean Empire. After his nation fell, a twenty-five year old Raubahn escaped with little more than his life, and spent two years as a vagabond before coming to Thanalan. Mistaken for an imperial spy, he was imprisoned by the Brass Blades. [1]

For many years, Raubahn fought as a gladiator upon the bloodsands of the Coliseum. Wielding the ancient bladedancing techniques of Gyr Abania, he won his freedom, the people's love, and a popular title—the "Bull of Ala Mhigo." In 1570, he purchased the Coliseum and earned himself a place among the Syndicate, the wealthiest patrons of Ul'dah. [1]

Because she spared his life in a rigged gladiatorial bout in 1565, Raubahn is unerringly loyal to Nanamo Ul Namo, and has done much to ensure the Royalists hold power in the city-state. [1]

Following his unprecedented victories in the Coliseum, Raubahn was able to buy himself a seat on The Syndicate. When the Garlean Empire became a threat to Eorzea and began a conquest into the land, he restructured the military into the Immortal Flames, the Grand Company of Ul'dah. He, alongside the Flames, rode against Nael van Darnus and her men, and again during the Battle of Carteneau. Following the Seventh Umbral Calamity, he helped organize a memorial for the fallen of the battle.

Raubahn and the other leaders of the city-states played a great part in the planning of Operation Archon, leading the main force against the gates of Castrum Meridianum while the Warrior of Light disposed of The Ultima Weapon. Raubahn also attempted to aid the Doman refugees when Yugiri Mistwalker arrived in Vesper Bay, but was overruled by the other members of The Syndicate.

When Lady Iceheart's heretics began attacking crystal shipments and seeming to slip past the Immortal Flames, he investigates the supposed traitor amongst them, known only as "The Ivy". He soon discovers it to be his right hand, Eline Roaille, thanks in part to Ilberd Feare, his comrade who had been named the Grand Marshal of the Crystal Braves.

Following the invasion of the Dravanian Horde on Ishgard, the Crystal Braves and a small force of each of the Grand Companies with the Warrior of Light drove them back at The Steps of Faith. Raubahn assisted in handling the Dravanians that attacked the bridge, while the Warrior of Light took out Vishap. Upon returning to Ul'dah, the Sultana hosts a celebration in their honor. It is here however that he, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn and the Warrior of Light are all accused of regicide when the Sultana is poisoned. Barely hiding his contempt, Teledji Adeledji gloats that he is glad she has died, not bothering to hide the fact he had a hand in her death. In a fit of blinding rage, Raubahn executes Teledji on the spot, and turns his anger onto Lolorito, but is soon deflected and dismembered by Ilberd, turned traitor for the funds the Monetarists funneled to him in order to aid in liberating Ala Mhigo. With a single stroke, Raubahn loses his arm and falls to his knees, where he is apprehended for murdering Teledji. He is taken to a cell deep in Halatali to await sentencing.

After some time, the Warrior of Light, the Scions and Pipin break into the prison to free Raunahn once they learn that his sentence is death. Upon freeing him, he learns that Nanamo Ul Namo is yet still alive, saved by the actions of none other than Lolorito, who swapped the vials her handmaiden used with a far less potent sleeping draught. Lolorito gave him the antidote, and Raubahn thanked him, albeit begrudgingly. He returned to the palace and revived the Sultana.

When the Dragonsong War was brought to a close following the death of both Nidhogg and King Thordan, Ishgard hosted a Grand Melee, which the Grand Companies took part in. Raubahn took to the field, proving his still immeasurable strength, even holding his own against the Warrior of Light. He does this yet again at Baelsar's Wall: during the operation to stop the Griffin and the rebels of Ala Mhigo, he led the charge against the Garleans there. When he found Ilberd's shattered body following his sacrifice to summon a Primal, he redoubled his promise to liberate their homeland.

When operations begin to finally free Ala Mhigo, Raubahn led the operations against several Garlean fortresses, and helped fight off Zenos yae Galvus and his men when they ambushed the Warrior of Light.

When they enter the area, Raubahn brings the Warrior of Light and Lyse Hext to Coldheart, where he reminisces on his youth and when he joined the resistance. This prompts the Echo to show the Warrior of Light this exact moment in Raubahn's past. Before the final battle for Ala Mhigo, he bequeaths one of his twin blades to his son Pipin, and the two lead the charge into the city.

Following the defeat of Zenos'and the true liberation of Ala Mhigo, Nanamo dismisses him from both the Immortal Flames and the Syndicate, knowing his heart lies with his homeland. With this, Lyse places him in command of the Ala Mhigan military. He also joined the other leaders and the representatives of the Beast Tribes, and offered Ala Mhigo's hand to join the Grand Company of Eorzea.

Later, when the Garlean Empire began an assault from The Ghimlyt Dark, Raubahn and the Ala Mhigan resistance came to the aid of the Eorzean Alliance and helped hold their armies back.


Raubahn is featured in several combat duties.

During Main Scenario QuestKeeping the Flame Alive. the player must protect Raubahn, who is unjustly awaiting execution in Halatali by the Crystal Braves, following his killing of Teledji Adeledji.

During Main Scenario QuestA Spectacle for the Ages, the player fights Raubahn in a solo battle as the finale of a friendly contest between Ishgard and the other Eorzean city-states to boost Ishgardian morale.

During Main Scenario QuestStormblood, Raubahn is a Duty Support NPC for the dungeon Dungeon Ala Mhigo where he assists the player in reclaiming Ala Mhigo from the Garlean Empire. Raubahn is available as the DPS role "Champion Gladiator."

Raubahn can use the "Immortal Flame" action:

By releasing the aether stored within Tizona, the wielder can cause grasping claws of flame to burst forth from the earth. To maintain control in the midst of an inferno which scorches one's enemy and self alike requires an equally fiery conviction—a spirit that never gutters nor dies.

— Encyclopaedia Eorzea Volume III, p. 150



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