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Urianger Augurelt


Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)
The Waking Sands (6.0,4.9)
Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Quest NPC

"The survivors gather, and ignite a fiery dawn to burn away the glowering shroud. Ah, but destiny, thou art beautiful..."

Urianger is an Archon of twenty-nine winters who presides over the Waking Sands. He has loved tomes since he was a child, and has always been particularly fascinated by prophecies. He sought such verses from all corners of the world, and read as many as he was able. His efforts left him with a poetic style of speech, ofttimes rendering the Elezen isolated from his fellow youths. With Moenbryda's aid, Urianger managed to enter the Studium, and later became a student of Louisoix Leveilleur—the leading Sharlayan authority on prophecy. Indeed, it is thought that Urianger elected to join the Circle of Knowing to learn the truuth of Mezaya Thousand Eyes's Divine Chronicles, a work that hinted at the coming of the Seventh Umbral Calamity. Amber Carbuncle: By applying knowledge he had obtained at the Studium, Urianger alerted the geometry for creating Topaz Carbuncles, allowing instead for the use of amber in the summoning of an arcane familiar. So complex is the process of invocation, however, that only he has ever been capable of reproducing the spell.

— In-game description

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Primal Nature Feature quest 50 Urianger
Quake Me Up Before You O'Ghomoro Feature quest 50 Urianger
Ifrit Ain't Broke Feature quest 50 Urianger
To Tussle with Gods Feature quest 50 Urianger
The King Lives Feature quest 50 Urianger
Whorl of a Time Feature quest 50 Urianger
Drop Dead Shiva Feature quest 50 Urianger
Primal Awakening Feature quest 50 Urianger
Alisaie's Pledge Feature quest 50 Urianger
Another Turn in the Coil Feature quest 50 Urianger
Fragments of Truth Feature quest 50 Urianger
Primal Fear Feature quest 46 Urianger

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Price of Principles Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
The Gifted Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
Build on the Stone Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
A General Summons Main Scenario quest 54 Tataru
The First Flight of the Excelsior Main Scenario quest 59 Alphinaud
Two Sides of a Coin Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Beneath a Star-filled Sky Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
A Recurring Problem Feature quest 50 Minfilia Warde
Gale-force Warning Feature quest 50 Vorsaile Heuloix
Primal Focus Repeatable Feature quest 50 Laraina
Judgment Bolts and Lightning Feature quest 50 Scarlet
Alisaie's Resolve Feature quest 50 Alisaie
All You Wanted to Know about Odin Feature quest 46 Simmie

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