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Urianger Augurelt

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Male ♂
Elezen (Wildwood)
Circle of Knowing
The Scions of the Seventh Dawn
Quest NPC
Voiced by (JP)
Kenichirō "KENN" Ōhashi
Voiced by (EN)
Timothy Watson
Gideon Emery (ARR)
Voiced by (FR)
Raphaël Cohen
Voiced by (DE)
Florian Hoffmann

"The survivors gather, and ignite a fiery dawn to burn away the glowering shroud. Ah, but destiny, thou art beautiful..."

An Elezen sage and scholar of prophetic teachings, Urianger was one of the first to draw the attention of Eorzeans to the peril of the Seventh Umbral Era. Formerly of the Circle of Knowing, he is infamous among adventures for the guidance he proffers via his cryptic utterances.

— In-game description

Urianger Augurelt is an Elezen.

Shadowbringers Appearance
Shadowbringers Concept Art

Quests Started

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
Courting Cooperation Main Scenario quest 72 Urianger
A Visit to the Nu Mou Main Scenario quest 73 Urianger
A Resounding Roar Main Scenario quest 73 Urianger
A Little Faith Main Scenario quest 74 Urianger
Into the Dark Main Scenario quest 74 Urianger
Put to the Proof Main Scenario quest 74 Urianger
In Good Faith Main Scenario quest 75 Urianger
A Feast of Lies Main Scenario quest 77 Urianger
The View from Above Main Scenario quest 78 Urianger
To Storm-tossed Seas Main Scenario quest 79 Urianger
A Whale's Tale Main Scenario quest 80 Urianger
Beneath the Surface Main Scenario quest 80 Urianger
Echoes of a Fallen Star Main Scenario quest 80 Urianger
Unto the Morrow Main Scenario quest 80 Urianger
Primal Fear Feature quest 46 Urianger
Primal Nature Feature quest 50 Urianger
Quake Me Up Before You O'Ghomoro Feature quest 50 Urianger
Ifrit Ain't Broke Feature quest 50 Urianger
To Tussle with Gods Feature quest 50 Urianger
The King Lives Feature quest 50 Urianger
Whorl of a Time Feature quest 50 Urianger
Drop Dead Shiva Feature quest 50 Urianger
Primal Awakening Feature quest 50 Urianger
Alisaie's Pledge Feature quest 50 Urianger
Another Turn in the Coil Feature quest 50 Urianger
Fragments of Truth Feature quest 50 Urianger
Into the Firestorm Feature quest 80 Urianger
Setting Things Straight Main Scenario quest 84 Urianger
Wise Guides Main Scenario quest 88 Urianger
Sage Council Main Scenario quest 88 Urianger
Hither and Yarns Main Scenario quest 88 Urianger
On Burdεned ωings Main Scenario quest 89 Urianger
Where Kn∞wledge Leads Main Scenario quest 89 Urianger

Quests Involved In

Quest Type Level Quest Giver
The Price of Principles Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
The Gifted Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
Build on the Stone Main Scenario quest 50 Minfilia Warde
Friends for the Road Main Scenario quest 90 Estinien
A Recurring Problem Feature quest 50 Minfilia Warde
Gale-force Warning Feature quest 50 Vorsaile Heuloix
Primal Focus Repeatable Feature quest 50 Laraina
Judgment Bolts and Lightning Feature quest 50 Scarlet
Alisaie's Path Feature quest 50 Alisaie
Alisaie's Resolve Feature quest 50 Alisaie
All You Wanted to Know about Odin Feature quest 46 Simmie
A General Summons Main Scenario quest 54 Tataru
The First Flight of the Excelsior Main Scenario quest 59 Alphinaud
Two Sides of a Coin Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud
Beneath a Star-filled Sky Main Scenario quest 60 Alphinaud

Additional Information

Urianger is an Archon of twenty-nine winters who presides over the Waking Sands. He has loved tomes since he was a child, and has always been particularly fascinated by prophecies. He sought such verses from all corners of the world, and read as many as he was able. His efforts left him with a poetic style of speech, ofttimes rendering the Elezen isolated from his fellow youths. With Moenbryda's aid, Urianger managed to enter the Studium, and later became a student of Louisoix Leveilleur—the leading Sharlayan authority on prophecy. Indeed, it is thought that Urianger elected to join the Circle of Knowing to learn the truuth of Mezaya Thousand Eyes's Divine Chronicles, a work that hinted at the coming of the Seventh Umbral Calamity.

Amber Carbuncle: By applying knowledge he had obtained at the Studium, Urianger altered the geometry for creating Topaz Carbuncles, allowing instead for the use of amber in the summoning of an arcane familiar. So complex is the process of invocation, however, that only he has ever been capable of reproducing the spell.

Encyclopædia Eorzea vol 1, page 191


Urianger was a member of the Circle of Knowing prior to the Seventh Umbral Calamity. He aided the leaders of the city-states in re-establishing the Grand Companies who fought against the Garlean Empire in the Battle of Carteneau. His words were once heard by detective Hildibrand, who then believed himself to be the greatest hero of the realm, driving him to fight on the frontlines. Following the fall of the lesser moon Dalamud, he assisted in the rebuilding of the city-states and aided in securing supply routes. He joined the Scions of the Seventh Dawn shortly after Louisoix Leveilleur's sacrifice.

Some time later, he was introduced to an adventurer who was blessed with the power of the Echo and assisted them with some of their missions for the Scions while maintaining the Waking Sands. When the adventurer was out battling Titan, the Waking Sands were stormed by a group of Garlean soldiers, led by Livia sas Junius. He and the other Scions were kidnapped or killed, and taken to Castrum Centri in Mor Dhona.

When the adventurer came with the Scions who were not present at the Waking Sands to rescue them, Urianger used his skills as an Arcanist to fight alongside his allies, fending off the Garlean soldiers until Cid nan Garlond arrived in an Airship to fly them out.

While the other Scions relocated to the Rising Stones in Mor Dhona, Urianger remained behind at the Waking Sands, citing that it would be far too much work to transport all the tomes and gathered knowledge on Primals again, and he could work with the Students of Baldesion easier from there. Him remaining in the building also allowed the Scions to maintain ownership of the property should they need to use it again.

Following the operation at the Praetorium and the adventurer being dubbed the Warrior of Light, Urianger worked with them on several investigations into the Beast Tribes and their continual summoning of their gods with such extreme power. He also spoke to them regarding what they discovered working alongside Alisaie Leveilleur regarding the The Coils of Bahamut.

When the Sylphs began summoning their god, Ramuh, Urianger joined the Warrior of Light in the field, wishing to observe the Primal from a distance. Based on what he witnessed there, he concluded that, like a Primal, there may be a method to defeat an Ascian and prevent them from returning. He enlisted the help of his close friend Moenbryda due to her obtaining her Archon mark for her studies in Aether. Working together, they were able to learn that Auracite could contain the abundant aether an Ascian contains, and could be destroyed thereafter.

This theory was put to the test when Nabriales invaded the Rising Stones in an attempt to steal the shards of Tupsimati. He was defeated, but at the cost of Moenbryda's life. This had a profound effect on Urianger, who had come to love his companion. Knowing that in her final moments she had accepted the path her life was on and made peace with herself offered him some comfort.

Following the betrayal of the Crystal Braves, he hid both himself and the Waking Sands with magick, working with the Warrior of Light to unravel what had transpired. He was also approached later by Elidibus, the leader of the Ascians, who introduced him to Unukalhai, a boy from The Void and one of the last surviving people from the Thirteenth shard. He also discussed the "fate of the star" with him. Though he was loath to do so, he kept this meeting from the Warrior of Light, and began working behind the scenes to learn what he could of the Ascians.

Urianger worked to help trace the aether of the missing Scions, following the trail and locating Y'shtola within the Lifestream. With the help of Kan-E-Senna and the Seedseers, Y'shtola was saved. Urianger also aided in the defeat of the Ascians at The Aetherochemical Research Facility by giving the Warrior of Light another piece of White Auracite he supposedly found within Moenbryda's effects.

When Unukalhai approached the Warrior of Light regarding the Warring Triad, Urianger vouched for him, confirming his story to be true and that the boy was "not their enemy". Later, when the Warriors of Darkness appeared, Alisaie showed suspicion of Urianger, having tracked the Warriors and found him consorting with them. Unwilling to fully doubt him however, she tasked him with finding information on the possible existence of other Shards and whether there was any truth to their tale instead of outright interrogating him in front of the other Scions.

When the Warriors of Darkness began to complain that their plans to cause a Rejoining and save their home world, Urianger suggested killing the Warrior of Light, which would cause The Source to surely become unbalanced. He then arranged for the groups to meet at the Bowl of Embers where they clashed, with the Scions unable to truly put down the Warriors of Darkness. At a critical moment before Ardbert was able to finish off the Scions and the Warrior of Light, Urianger intervened, revealing that he had orchestrated these events in the hopes of helping the Warriors of Darkness without destroying their world. When the Warriors of Darkness used their crystals, he implored the Warrior of Light to do the same, bringing everyone before Mothercrystal, where he was able to beseech Minfilia as the Word of the Mother to help stop the Flood on the first. He admitted he was aware this may mean she would never be able to return to the Source, and it would have to be her choice to make. Without hesitation, she agreed, and took the Warriors of Darkness back to their homeland.

When the Scions had returned to the Rising Stones, they asked if he would consider continuing to watch the Ascians, to which he replied he couldn't, as he had already shown his true loyalties and they would most likely not welcome him with open arms, though Thancred pressed him, saying it was Minfilia's last wish, and he agreed to continue his mission.

Urianger also facilitated the reunion of Gosetsu and Yugiri when the former came to Vesper Bay from Doma, hoping to bring her back to their homeland and search for their missing king, Hien Rijin.

Though he did not take part in the war to liberate Ala Mhigo, he did assist them with dealing with the Empire by studying Fordola rem Lupis and her ability to use a simulacrum of the Echo. He learned that she was experimented on and had become a Resonant, and devised a method to counteract her newfound abilities so she could be defeated and captured.

Urianger found himself at the whims of the Crystal Exarch's summoning spell when he had tried to call the Warrior of Light to The First, and instead brought him and his companions by mistake. On the Source his body remained in a catatonic state, alive but essentially an empty shell, while on the First, he learned of The Flood and the plight of the people of Norvrandt and the plague of the Sin Eaters.

With time operating differently there than on the Source, Urianger actually spent a few years living on the First before the Warrior of Light arrived. During that time he became close to the Fae of Il Mheg, to the point where he was allowed to live on their lands. He worked with the Crystal Exarch to determine how they may stop the future he had woken up to. Urianger also studied the fallen kingdom of Voeburt to learn what he could of the inhabitants and the Fae that currently make the castle their home. He helped the Warrior of Light enter into the castle of Titania, the Lightwarden of the area and king of the Fae. He helped dispatch the Eulmorran soldiers and their leader, Ran'jit while the Warrior of Light took care of the Lightwarden, and fought alongside the Fae when Feo Ul became the new King of Fairies.

Urianger joined with the Scions and helped them locate Y'shtola, who seemed hesitant to rejoin them due to issues with trusting Urianger, but does nonetheless. The party defeats the Lightwarden of the Rak'tika Greatwood, and begin hunting the rest. Later, Y'shtola comes to Urianger and she reveals that the Warrior of Light's aether was slowly being warped by all the Light aether they were absorbing.

The Scions continue to hunt and defeat the Lightwardens until they slay Vauthry, the final Lightwarden and the Warrior of Light's body begins to give out and transform from all the light aether. Emet-Selch revealed that it was his plan to turn the Warrior of Light into a Lightwarden and have them destroy the First, but the Warrior wasn't strong enough. He leaves for The Tempest and recreates a simulacrum of Amaurot, where he awaits the final showdown with the Warrior of Light and the Scions. Urianger fought alongside his comrades to defeat Emet-Selch-who had revealed his true form; Hades, and put an end to his plans on the First.

While researching a method to return home, Urianger and Thancred join Ryne on an expedition into The Empty where she detected a mass amount of Light aether similar to a massive Lightwarden. What they find is Eden, the first Lightwarden that caused The Flood.

Urianger assists in the investigation of Eden and helped them slowly restore aether to the small part of the world, returning it to normal, giving hope that the rest of Norvrandt could be saved. He also helped rescue Gaia, the young girl with no memory who turned out to be the human form of Loghrif the Ascian, who made one half of the Ascian Prime made of herself and Mitron, before they were defeated by the First's Warriors of Light. He helped defeat Mitron, who sought to remove Gaia's memories and return her to her Ascian form. With Eden defeated and the aether restored to the land, Gaia was free to live her life as she chose.

Eventually, Urianger was able to return to the Source and back to his body, where he soon learned of Fandaniel and the Telophoroi, and his plan to summon Lunar Primals to bring about the Final Days on the Source and destroy all life. He fought alongside the Scions and the Warrior of Light at Paglth'an and assisted in slaying Lunar Bahamut. Realizing that the Towers that had appeared suddenly all over the planet were tied to an origin tower in Garlemald, he and the other Scions planned to make for Sharlayan to research anything they could possibly find about the Final Days.

While some of the Scions researched in the library at The Studium, Urianger joined Thancred, Estinien and the Warrior of Light on a mission to Radz-at-Han to speak to the Alchemists there in order to learn what they could about aether and the methods available to them to protect themselves from the Tempering effect of the Towers. After overcoming their aether sickness from using an experimental Teleportation method, Urianger met with the Hannish alchemists and aided them in their experiments. Eventually they were able to produce a Warding Talisman, using several aether-imbued gems and a Dragonscale given by Vrtra, the Dragon who made his home in Radz-at-Han millenia before the first settlers appeared and acted as their leader.

With the talisman in hand, the tempering effects of the tower were no longer effective, and could be entered. The Ascian Fandaniel captured Nidhana and trapped her in the tower to power it as punishment. Using the crests, Urianger joined the Warrior of Light and the other Scions on a rescue mission into The Tower of Zot. He helped defeat the Primal versions of The Magus Sisters, and reached the top. After destroying the generator at the top, the tower vanished and everyone imprisoned within was set free.

Following the success at Thavnair, the Eorzean Alliance sought to take the battle straight to the main tower in Garlemald. Their main goal was to destroy the tower and offer humanitarian aid to any trapped civilians. After meeting in Ala Mhigo, delegates from each nation set off for Ilsabard. Urianger joined the Ilsabardian contingent, and took part in the battle against the Ist Legion, eventually clearing the way to Camp Broken Glass.

After aiding any civilian who would accept their help, Urianger, the Scions and the other contingents made for The Tower of Babil. While the soldiers battled against the tempered Garleans, the Warrior of Light, Urianger and the Scions made for the top of the tower and destroyed the Primal Anima, rendering the rest of the towers inert.

At the top of the tower, the Warrior of Light found a teleporter that would take them directly to the Moon where Zodiark was kept prisoner. The Warrior of Light made his way first, followed later by Urianger and the rest of the Scions. By the time Urianger and the others arrived however, Zodiark had been defeated. This led to the Scions interacting with the Loporrits, who had been charged with creating a vessel that would ferry all the people of Etheirys, the true name of the planet, to their new home.

After having a few issues aboard the ship, the leader of the Loporrits reached out to Urianger, who seemed to understand that they were working hard to provide for the people of Etheirys, and was working in secret to help them create a better place for humanity. When the Warrior of Light confronted him about this, he apologized for being so secretive, and lamented that it often seemed to be the way he operated. The Warrior of Light offered him some comfort, stating that everything he did was for the greater good. As they returned to the planet, Urianger stayed behind to work with the Loporrits.

Eventually, he returned to the planet with the Loporrits, as they wished to see the changes society had made for themselves. He took them to various places across the Three Great Continents, and ended up running into the parents of Moenbryda. Initially sheepish, they both embraced him, thankful that he was alright. They knew that she gave her life for something important, and knowing he was with her made them feel better. Having been able to reconcile with Moenbryda's parents, he felt more prepared for the mission ahead.

Urianger joined the Scions and the Warrior of Light on their journey into the Aetherial Sea by way of The Aitiascope, battling through the remaining Aether of their enemies and being blessed by their friends. He remarked feeling the warmth of the blessing Moenbryda endowed, and thanked her for it. He, alongside the Scions, were put to the test by Hydaelyn through battle. Satisfied that they were capable of handling Meteion, she gave them one final blessing and told them where Meteion could be found.

After arriving on Ultima Thule, the group found its numbers being slowly depleted, with each member sacrificing themselves so the rest may move forward to Meteion's nest. Upon interacting with the shades of the Ea, Y'shtola sought to dissipate their Dynamis so the others may continue forward. Wishing to make up for his past "transgressions", he also sacrificed himself, in the hopes that the others would be able to complete their mission.

Urianger was revived by the Warrior of Light, alongside the rest of the Scions, and joined them in journeying through The Dead Ends, facing and defeating Ra-La. However, up against the might of The Endsinger, he was nothing. Before being swept away with the rest of the Scions, the Warrior of Light activated their beacon, which pulled all of the Scions back to the Ragnarok. He was left to wait for the Warrior's return, and celebrated with the others when they finally appeared back on the ship, albeit half alive.

With the planet saved, the Scions became celebrities in their own right, which was rather counterproductive to their mission. Therefore, the Scions of the Seventh Dawn publicly disbanded, but kept to their original creed, to work unhindered by any city-state or leaders. For his part, Urianger joined Thancred on his journey across Eorzea, offering aid to any who needed it.