The Syndicate

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Following the razing of Sil'dih, Ul'dah began to truly flourish. The city established itself as a mercantile power, hiring sailors and purchasing ships to further extend their reach, opening trade with Radz-at-Han and the Near East. As the city's wealth began to grow, the second Ul Dynasty worked hard to increase commerce, giving more and more power to the merchants.

This policy slowly but surely shifted the power and control of Ul'dah into the laps of those who brought the most wealth into the city-state, while draining the Sultanate of its power in equal measure. In 1401, the Syndicate was officially formed, crowning six merchants as advisors based on how much wealth they added to the city. Though the Sultanate acts as the face of Ul'dah, the true ruling power is the Syndicate.

Currently the Monetarists are the ruling faction of the Syndicate. Their current goal is to establish self-governance, much against the will of the Sultanate. With the power afforded to the Syndicate, it is a constant battle to gain a seat.

Syndicate Members