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Players can travel between the 3 major cities, Gridania, Limsa Lominsa and Ul'dah by using the airship. Airship costs less gil than teleport but it is slower.

Exploratory Missions


Airships are miracles of the Eorzean skyscape—flying vessels born from the ingenuity and ambition behind the Garlean Empire's most advanced technologies. The airships of the realm's free nations most commonly achieve flight by either one of two means—large balloons of hide and cloth filled with gases less dense than the surrounding air, or wings of magitek making, made to beat by powerful ceruleum-burning engines. Despite whatever technological simliarities they may share, however, the realm's vessels are easily distinguishable on sight from the enormous and sinister juggernauts of Garlemald—armored monstrosities designed for the sole purpose of destruction.

By pioneering the sky routes between the realm's major cities and establishing regular flights along them, Highwind Skyways, an institution founded by the exorbitantly wealthy aristocrat and adventurer Tatanora, is now slowly but surely making commercial flight an ordinary aspect of everyday life in Eorzea. Even so, only a few airships are permitted to take flight at any given time, for the Garlean Empire is always watching, ready to strike at the first sight of an enemy vessel.[1]