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Beneath a Star-filled Sky

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Beneath a Star-filled Sky

Quest giver
Outer La Noscea (X:20.6, Y:16.9)
Quest line

Experience 16,740
Gil 1,670
Previous quest
The Beast That Mourned at the Heart of the Mountain
Next quest
When We Were Free

Alphinaud would rather not worry about what may or may not come to pass.

— In-game description



  • Disinclined to dwell on the unpleasant question of Ga Bu's fate, Alphinaud bids you apprise the Maelstrom of your victory over Titan. Yet as pleased as Commander Bloeidin will be to hear the news, he will inevitably demand that a decision be made...
  • Commander Bloeidin is greatly relieved to hear that you have spared him the burden of sending good men to their deaths. In a show of gratitude, he invites you to stay the night and celebrate with the Maelstrom forces, and you accept -- yet as the evening wears on, you become aware that Alisaie is nowhere to be seen. You find her outside the camp enjoying a moment of quiet solitude with Ga Bu, and after joining her, she tells you of her struggle to understand her grandfather's motivations and to find her own path having parted ways with her brother. The story of her journey seems more than a little familiar, as does the answer she found at the end of it: that in a world where high-minded ideals and earnest efforts all too often fall short, where the good suffer and the evil prosper, one must nevertheless aspire to a higher ideal. Her heart thus unburdened, Alisaie bids you share some tales of your time in the north, and you duly recount an adventure near and dear to your heart. Looking up into the starry night, you reflect on your own journey and what drives you to carry on...
  • In the morning, you find Alphinaud packed and ready to depart. He reveals that he has been in contact with Thancred and Y'shtola, both of whom have apparently discovered crates bearing defaced Ishgardian seals during the course of their investigations. Armed with this information, Alphinaud thinks it prudent to consult with Urianger once more, and is eager to take to the road. Alisaie, however, is nowhere to be found -- and neither, you realize, is Ga Bu.
  • No child should be forced to confront death firsthand, much less that of a parent. Though she knows she can never truly understand the depths of his despair, Alisaie takes a moment to comfort Ga Bu one final time. Having given up hope of eliciting a response, she surrenders him into Commander Bloeidin's care, entreating him to show the young kobold every kindness. But in that instant, the child breaks his silence, thanking Alisaie for everything she has done. All is not lost -- Ga Bu may one day recover from his trauma. With hope in your hearts, you set forth for Thanalan.
  • Back at the Waking Sands, Urianger shares his latest findings. Per Alisaie's request, he has studied The Gerun Oracles and discovered a passage which suggests that a Rejoining would result in the deaths of all those living upon a reflection of the Source. Yet in death there is seemingly life as their souls would then be returned to the Source, where they might be reborn anew. Drastic as it sounds, Urianger speculates this may yet be preferable to the alternative, for it is possible that a world which falls to transcendent Light or Dark may ultimately be transformed into an unfathomable void.
  • Even as you pause to contemplate the implications of these theories, Urianger reveals that the Ishgardian smugglers supplying the beast tribes with crystals have been identified as remnants of the criminal network established by Eline Roaille -- the infamous Garlean spymaster, the Ivy. What is more, the group has recently supplied crystals to another party: refugees devoted to the cause of Ala Mhigan liberation. Wasting no time, Alphinaud bids you and Alisaie accompany him to Little Ala Mhigo to track down the shipment's recipients and find out what they intend.
  • As you round the corner and head for the exit, you and the twins are contacted via linkpearl by Thancred, who proudly informs you of the latest developments in Ishgard. When he subsequently hears that you have obtained the same information, however, his disappointment is palpable. A troubled Alisaie then confirms that the raid on the smugglers' hideout was conducted less than an hour before, and that only a select few should know the group's true identity, and the destination of their final shipment...
  • Alphinaud is unsure what to make of his sister's recent behavior towards Urianger, the two of them having always been quite close. As one of Louisoix's most dedicated pupils, Urianger was practically a member of the family. Yet her treatment of the Archon during your past several visits has suggested nothing of the sort. On the contrary, her words and actions seem to indicate a deep-seated suspicion. But why?
  • Having spent the journey to Little Ala Mhigo turning the mystery over and over in your mind, you press Alisaie for an explanation, but find her reluctant to say anything more than that she is prepared “to do what must be done.” Whatever has passed between her and Urianger remains unclear for now, but you sense it will not be long before the truth comes out -- for better or for worse.