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The Word of the Mother

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The Word of the Mother

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Quest giver
The Rising Stones (X:6, Y:5)
Quest line
Dragonsong Main Scenario Quests
Experience 5,000
Gil 4,500
Previous quest
Main Scenario QuestAs It Once Was
Next quest
Main Scenario QuestThis War of Ours

Main Scenario Progress: 345 / 853 (40.4%)


Heavensward Progress: 104 / 138 (75.4%)


Alphinaud is eager to return to the search for Minfilia.

— In-game description





  • It would seem that Krile and Thancred's foray into Castrum Meridianum was a success. According to Alphinaud, the pair have called a meeting in Idyllshire, where they will share their findings. But what could they have learned, and how might it lead you to the Antecedent?
  • You learn that after concluding their investigation in the Praetorium, Krile and Thancred journeyed to the Sil'dih Aqueducts, where Minfilia was last seen. Apparently, the readings from these two locations yielded a unique aetheric signature—one which was also detected at the Isle of Val, where Krile claims she was shielded by the Blessing of Light. The conclusion is clear: Hydaelyn's intercessions can be measured and traced. Furthermore, Krile states that not two but three people were caught in Y'shtola's Flow. Unlike the Archons, however, the third individual appears to have vanished without a trace. Though it is something of a logical leap, Krile surmises that Hydaelyn—who has a demonstrated capacity to summon the consciousness of those blessed with the Echo to Her realm—may have guided Minfilia into the teleportation magick's compass, and thence summoned her, body and soul, unto the aetherial sea. Should this be the case, then the search must continue in that near-mythical place. Fortunately, it would seem that the Sharlayans built a structure to study the aetherial sea, and that its custodian yet remains, in defiance of the exodus...
  • All things come at a price, and Matoya's permission is no different. Although she grants your company access to the Antitower, she demands that Krile stays behind to help her restore the ward over the door, while you are to tend to any unruly familiars you encounter. Knowing better than to argue the terms, you quietly prepare to sally forth into the Sharlayan structure.
    • ※Challenge the Antitower with other players via the Duty Finder, or with a party of NPCs via Duty Support. Both systems are accessible from the main menu as well as the dungeon's entrance point.
  • As you drive back the last of the tower's magical guardians and silence descends, you take in your surroundings. What was it you thought to find here, in this forgotten place, left to molder until the end of time? And then, on the edge of hearing, a voice. “Hear... Feel... Think...”
  • Once more, you bask in the light of the crystal, in the midst of the aetherial sea. A voice, familiar yet strange, welcomes you; Minfilia's at times, but at others... She calls herself the Word of the Mother, and with one will do they tell you a tale of the beginning—of when Light and Dark dwelt as one, before Zodiark's covetousness forced Hydaelyn to banish Him to the distant heavens. Not only was the star sundered in so doing, but the barriers between realities as well, giving birth to reflections of the source, wherein shards of light and dark were scattered. To restore Zodiark to His former glory do the Ascians ever labor, and each Calamity marks a Rejoining—the obliteration of a reflection, and a triumph of the Dark. Alas, before she can say more, the Word cries out in pain, and the Mothercrystal shudders. Your Crystal of Light, whose power she drew upon, is all but spent, and she has no choice but to return you to the tower. With a final desperate plea, the Word bids you farewell, before shattering into a thousand thousand pieces.

    Upon returning to Matoya's cave, your fellow Scions listen in silence as you tell of your meeting with Minfilia, and of her transformation into the Word of the Mother. Alphinaud, at last realizing the implications of your encounter, cries out in despair for the loss of your leader, prompting Master Matoya to scold him for his childish naivety. She reminds him that wars are not won without sacrifice—that Minfilia made her choice, and that the Scions must move forward without her. Unimpressed by her lecture, Y'shtola leaves with Krile in tow, while Thancred storms out without uttering a word, leaving you alone with Alphinaud and Matoya.

  • Though he does his best to accept that Minfilia made her choice, and that you must carry on without her, Alphinaud cannot help but wonder if there was not another way. Loss after loss, sacrifice upon sacrifice... Your victories have ever come at a price—one which Alphinaud seems increasingly unwilling to pay.


Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: Thancred and Krile contacted us a short while ago. It would seem that their foray into Castrum Meridianum bore fruit. They ask that we rendezvous with them and Y'shtola in Idyllshire, where they will share their findings. Rude though it is to depart without speaking to the guest of honor, I expect she will forgive me if I return with her daughter.

Rendezvous with Krile in Idyllshire

Alphinaud: My apologies, I see I am the last to arrive. So - what news have you for us? 
Krile: Well, as we postulated, there were indeed what appeared to be the remnants of an unexplained disturbance in the aether at the scene of the Ultima Weapon's destruction. A ripple at odds with the presiding pattern. Though faint, the waveforms bore a strong resemblance to those observed following the destruction of the Isle of Val - when I believe Hydaelyn shielded me with the blessing of Light. 
Thancred: To confirm our findings, we paid a visit to the Sil'dih Aquaducts. There we detected the same waveform, but orders of magnitude larger...as one would expect of a more recent disturbance. 
Y'shtola: Hydaelyn. There is no other explanation. 
Krile: But there is more. When I studied the site where Y'shtola used flow, it appeared that not two but three beings had been affected. Yet unlike Y'shtola and Thancred, there was no trail to follow. Our unknown third party was simply there...and then not there. Now, recall your visions of a vast crystal floating in a sea of aether. Though this too is but a theory, studies of gifted objects suggest that, when communing with Hydaelyn, we briefly leave our bodies behind. So, let us consider the facts. One - Hydaelyn interceded. Two - a third being was caught in Y'shtola's Flow and vanished without a trace. And three - Hydaelyn may have the capacity to summon the consciousness of gifted individuals to Her side. 
Y'shtola: You are implying, I take it, that Hydaelyn guided Minfilia into the compass of my magick...that She might summon her, body and soul, unto the aetherial sea? In which case, we must needs continue our search there. For a blessing, the means to do so already exists. I speak of the Antitower - a Sharlayan construction conceived to provide scholars a vantage point over the aetherial sea. Though I know not where its entrance lies, we need only ask its last custodian - a contrary old crone who, for another blessing, refused to join the exodus. 
Alphinaud: Master Matoya was the keeper of the Antitower!? I had no idea... Then our course is clear. We must petition her aid once again. 

Speak with Matoya

Matoya: Oh, what a surprise? Well? What secrets have you come to extract from me this time? 
Alphinaud: Ah. Though it pains me to admit it, your words strike close to the mark. We humbly ask that you grant us entry to the Antitower, that we might use it to seek a friend who we believe has been transported to the aetherial sea. 
Matoya: And who told you I could do such a thing, I wonder. The tower was abandoned to its magical keepers fifteen years ago. They have the run of the place now. If that is no deterrent to you,t hen by all means. 
Y'shtola: Is that all? I felt sure you would seek to dissuade us from our course, given your role as custodian. 
Matoya: Role? Hardly. The Forum foisted the title on me. During the exodus, every entrance to the Antitower was sealed save one. My role consists of making sure no one with ill intent sneaks through it. Such was the Forum's final "order" to me.  Well? I can remove the wards right now. Will you be going or not? 
Krile: We will, Master Matoya. We will do whatever it takes to find Minfilia! 
Matoya: ...We'll see about that. You, Baldesion girl - you're staying here with me. I need your help to restore the wards to their original state. The rest of you can go - on the condition that you clean up the mess in the tower. If you encounter any unruly familiars, you're to tend to them. Those are my terms, and I'll hear no argument. 
Thancred: Well, it appears the mistress has spoken. Lead the way, Small. 

After defeating Calcabrina


Warrior of Light with Hydaelyn

???: Through time and space hast thou journeyed unto me...as I knew thou wouldst.
The Word of the Mother: We are the Word of the Mother. We who were once called "Minfilia." Much time hath passed for thee, since the bloody banquet. Since...since I hearkened to Her word. Mother... Hydaelyn guided me...towards Y'shtola and Thancred, that I might be swept up in their Flow...and delivered unto the aetherial sea... There, adrift and alone, Her voice silent once more, I prayed... For those who have lost. For those we can yet save. To Her I would make an offering.... We speak now with one Voice. One Will. One Word. Unto thee we bequeath the most precious of gifts: the truth which lieth at the heart of this world. Thus do we beseech thee once more... Hear...Feel...Think...
The word of the Mother: Before there was life, in the depths of the aetherial sea, Light and Dark did once dwell as one. But the Darkness coveted power, and the balance was broken. Thus was I forced to banish Him unto the distant heavens, to forever remain apart. A moon bound. In sundering the star did we cry out, and the barriers 'twixt planes chance to falter. Across ten and three were we then divided. Reflections of the Source, each possessed of a shard. Zodiark longeth to be made whole. For His restoration, for His resurrection, His servants labor without cease.  They seek to tear down the barriers which surround the Source. Thus to they rejoice in their Ardor - in your calamities - for each marks a Rejoining. Seven times have they succeeded. Seven times has the Darkness grown stronger. Seven times have I failed. The Ascians cannot be suffered to continue. This...this is my final...The Crystal's power is all but spent. With what remains, I will return you to the shore of the aetherial sea. Blessed children, go forth and seek...seek.... (Minfilia's body shatters)

Return to present

Alphinaud: You've had another vision, haven't you? (warrior of light nods). Let us return to Master Matoya's cave. Everyone will wish to hear what you saw. 

Matoya's Cave

Matoya: Still in one piece, are we? Well? Did you learn anything? (Warrior of Light motions)
Alphinaud: The Word of the Mother...? I am not sure I understand. 
Y'shtola: Nor am I. Krile? 
Krile: As unbelievable as it sounds, I see no reason to doubt her - the Word's tale. No one was more sensitive to the will of Hydaelyn than Minfilia. And if Hydaelyn has grown so weak that She can barely make Herself heard, it is not hard to see why Minfilia, having joined with Her, might struggle to maintain her own form. 
Alphinaud: What? Why would you need to "maintain her own form"? Are you saying - Are you saying she's gone? But that cannot be! Not now, not after all we have accomplished! We were meant to usher in the dawn's light together! 
Matoya: She threw herself on the fire to fuel your "dawn's light," boy. You'll just have to usher it in on your own. 
Y'shtola: Must you be so ungentle!? 
Matoya: Tell me about the Scions, boy. 
Alphinaud: The...the Scions of the Seventh Dawn labor for Eorzea's salvation.  Whenever the realm is threatened, be it by primal, Ascian, Garlean, or any other, we take up arms in her defense, that all in Eorzea may live to see a brighter tomorrow. 
Matoya: And that's very noble of you. But in chasing after these lofty goals of yours, you seem to have lost sight of some basic truths. To win a war, you must be willing to do whatever it takes. To fight, to kill, and, if necessary, to die. The path you've chosen is paved witih the dead. Walk it with your eyes open, or not at all. 
Y'shtola: I know the truth of which you speak, and have from the first. If the Ascians will go to any lengths to resurrect their god, then we must needs be as committed to our cause - to unmask them and their schemes, and to crush them both utterly. Come. There is much to be done. 
Krile: Y-Yes, of course.
Alphinaud: Thancred, wait! No...No, this is all wrong. 

Speak with Alphinaud

Alphinaud: She...she's not coming back, is she. 
Warrior of Light: (She did what she thought was best./...What now?/...) -> "She did what she thought was best."
Alphinaud: I know that, I do. To give all for her beliefs was ever her way. So will we, as we must. What greater calling could there be than to stand against the Dark as defenders of the Light? And yet...where does it end? The sacrifice, the loss....